Todd Rundgren - Tin Soldier Lyrics

I am a little tin soldier
That wants to jump into your fire
You, are a look in your eye
A dream passing by in the sky

But I don't understand
And all I need is treat me like a man
'cause I ain't no child
Take me like I am

I got the love that belongs to you
Do anything that you want me to
Sing any song that you want me to
Sing to you

I don't need no aggravation
Listen, I just got to make you

I just got to make you
I just got to make you understand

All I need is your whispered hello
Smiles melting the snow with one word
Your eyes, they are deeper than time
Say love that won't die without words

So now I've lost my way
I need help to show me things to say
So give me your love
Before I fade away

I just want some reaction
Something to give me satisfaction
(...) to be with you
'cause I love you

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Todd Rundgren Tin Soldier Comments
  1. blavery

    Todd Rundgren bangs the drums (and all the instruments) on this faithful Small Faces cover. It is such a perfect match for him that I suspect some might not realize that it is not his composition without the liner notes...remember those?

  2. Scott Sheppard

    There are different lyrics at

  3. Andrew Tutty

    This is a good stab at the Small Faces classic!


    Almost a copy, but how far can you change it?

    S.A. Hogan

    AT: I agree.

  4. terri369

    Can't say how much I love Todd.