Todd Rundgren - The Verb "To Love" Lyrics

Sum people tell me that love is a feeling
Oar a possession
Somehow it seams sew cold
End when they say love is sweet,
Does it mean that ewe eat it?
Maybe ewe drink it,
Does it fill up an empty whole?

I'm lookin' four a love end eye may not fined it
Ewe no it doesn't mean a thing
Without sum action behind it

Pleas cum home
Eye can here them calling
Pleas cum home
Pleas don't leave us all alone
Yore mama end yore papa are crying all alone
Ewe better let it magnetize, learn two sacrifice
'til we get the true version of
The meaning of the verb 'two love'
What does it mean two love?

End when somebody kneads love,
Dew they spend sum money?
Say something funny,
Ask four sum tenderness?
End when ewe wanna touch of love,
Dew ewe lay on yore back?
Stand on yore head,
How dew ewe feel it best?

I'm looking four a love with know strings attached

Two take me like eye am, that's the only catch

Pleas cum home
Eye can here them calling
Pleas cum home
Pleas don't leave us all alone
Yore wife end yore lover are crying all alone
Ewe better let it magnetize, learn two sacrifice
'til we learn the true version of
The meaning of the verb 'two love'

Does it mean any more,
The more ewe talk about it
Is it anymore reel
If ewe jump around end shout it
I'm sic end tired of hearing
'bout everyone without it end
Two much talkin' sends me walkin'
Night is falling end everybody's calling four love

Everybody's lookin' four they're won end only
Its only just a game 'cause their scared two bee lonely

Pleas cum home
Eye can here them calling
Pleas cum home
Pleas don't leave us all alone
Yore brothers end yore sisters are crying all alone
Ewe got two let it magnetize, learn to sacrifice
'til we get the true version of
The meaning of the verb 'two love'
What does it mean two love?

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Todd Rundgren The Verb "To Love" Comments
  1. Margi Culhane

    Thank you for sharing this gem...nice way to begin 2020!

  2. charles mann

    Utopia , todd and the Band are so together in this as ONE!

  3. James Priest

    Playing with Todd is the RR hall of fame.. fuck that tourist nothing good has has ever stayed in Cleveland, well maybe that one super good piss I took at the fantasy in 75

    James Priest

    Oops tourist trap .. I'm old forgive me or not..and Michael Stanley stayed and he's pretty gd good.

  4. Tiago Rabelo

    Unbeliveable !

  5. S.& S. At Home

    Love this. The man knows how to breathe.

  6. beardyfreak

    Todd the God!

  7. Adonis Sesson

    It's 2019 and Todd's music is needed more than ever. Timeless.

  8. sara cheri

    Those keyboards were great too. luv it

  9. Erin Wolfe Doyle

    Oh, that hair!

  10. Melissa Schroeter

    love decides to see...... a one tha t feels as they do ... not owned ... by either one...... not controlled ..... shared ..... love.... that become a love for each one ... to be who they are ....... listened to .... tried to be understood... respected ..... knowing we will be for each other .........always.....

  11. Repsychler 808

    Look up the word ‘innovation’ you’ll find the name Todd Rundgren. Noone does it better. Love this master man.

  12. gravano2

    Sounds perfect live , great vocals all around .

  13. Adonis Sesson

    Rush doesn't compare and wasn't a big fan of them. Todd should have been in the Hall of Fame in the early 90s in my opinion.

  14. elegant所属artist Satoshi hatano

    great song!

  15. Veronica Lake

    Todd Rundgren is WONDERFUL at His Making songs & Getting His Music Out to The public.! 🇺🇸😊👍🏼

    Adonis Sesson

    Many are missing out

  16. Melissa Schroeter

    it is the one that is looking that decides.... if love is cold or a one needing to find a dream..... of where love will take you...... to find you.... a warm heart finding ... no tricks.... in a love that wants to be seen....... as a one that will love you...... an active love...... is that verb enough.... a center of a predicate and expresses an act ... occurrence ... or mode of being... a grammatical word... as in I love...... a one ... that could be you..... the technical way to love defined in the Dictionary........ but is love more ... that is felt ..... and held ...... listened to and heard that makes the heart feel and see a one they are attracted to ...... is that love ... or a definition in a book....... in other words the one that turns you ... on .... that is love ....... that will make us love ...... and be an attraction to someone .... wanting us to make love with can be scientific ...... or passion....... you decide the love you want to be in love with ..... hope you find the passion of love ...... that makes you scientific....... education we find the scientist we make passionate love with ....... will he get it ..... the love part ??

  17. birage

    Hall and Oates got nothin' on them!! LOL!!

  18. paul calderone

    Simply amazing.

  19. Laura Hause-Funner

    I love Todd Rundgren

    Adonis Sesson

    You have great taste and I love you

  20. Kim Jasso

    3:30 Pure Heaven.

  21. Eastman D

    Todd's voice here is so strong...absolute control. The band so tight and on top of it. Two of the biggest exclusions from the R and R Hall of Fame are Rush and this guy. Rush has been taken care it's Todd's turn. Absolutely absurd given his writing, playing, singing and record production abilities. Multi-talented is a term too often used without actually having merit...not this guy...rock and roll hasn't made many at all like Todd Rundgren.

    Gene Ford

    Todd's been on record several times, he would not accept.

    Lisa Perciavalle

    Todd is unique! The Hall are idiots and prove it over and over again by their ignorance.


    Todd's too good for that phony institution. He doesn't need their validation. He is loved by his true fans and that's all we need. The ❤

    kevin kline

    The rock n roll hall of fame should be converted into a Taco Bell.

    beth leinicke

    Todd has the devotion, admiration & unconditional love of the Rundgrenites. The Hall of Fame-as Todd said last month in a Q & a response to a question posed at one of his last Individualist shows-can go fuck themselves! I second THAT emotion!

  22. Flynn Taylor

    I hear a little Daryl hall in there. Always thought Todd had a lot of soul in his delivery too.

    Kim Jasso

    It's that Philly sound.

  23. Craig Casserlie

    Put Tod in the R+R Hall of Fame already! What the he'll are you waiting on?

    Caswallon and Flur

    R+R hall of fame is a total waste of time . It don't count for shit

  24. Hamberder King

    Loved his latest song Tinfoil hat lol

    sara cheri

    lol it had be said.

  25. bostonlucy

    This song is on my phone. Love love love!

  26. DizziNY1

    Too bad Tood got materialistic. Sad

  27. Edward Thomas

    Timeless. I listened to Todd back in the day. Still top shelf to this day.

  28. DanstykMusic

    Thanks Harry.

  29. Michelle R Jackson

    Came across this posting..randomly certain Todd's song come to mind..Haven't heard this one in awhile.All the best, and Thanks!

  30. Joel West

    I can't help it to think that Prince found his sound when he heard Todd's

    Adonis Sesson

    I believe you are correct

  31. DizziNY1

    Love Utopia

  32. Bruce McFarland

    WOW, this song still sends chills down my spine!!! (40 years later!!) Loved Todd since his RUNT days and Faithful is still one of my favorites of his, solo or with the boys! Gotta say as a singer and musician myself, (And a Todd Freak), THEY ALL FREAKIN "NAILED IT" HERE ON THIS ONE!! Musically AND vocally!! (And all live too!) LOVE ME SOME TODD!! Thanks Dan for all of these spectacular posts!! Brings back so many heart felt memories for me! I STILL remember my first Todd concert at the "old" Chicago Theater back in '76! Tickets were $6.50 & $7.50, sure wish I could go back in time and live it all over again!! Thanks again Dan, you da man!!

    Adonis Sesson

    Well said...

  33. JennaP46

    I'm sure we are all still here listening to Todd :))

  34. Michelle R Jackson

    TR looks great with light hair color,no? lov this upload..Saw Utopia at Indiana Univ. with tje Tubes..that "all she wrote".(obsessed) since then..

  35. JennaP46

    Todd is so incredibly awesome, always has been,and still is..:) I fell in love with his music 1972,and I cannot forget him.

  36. Scott Hirschler

    I want more!!!!  Hate to be greedy but I NEED more.  One of the nicest postings ever,  thanks!!!

    HarryRunt danu

    This entire channel is ALL Todd, greed works for me, heh


    +HarryRunt danu I'm late but I truly am grateful for your posts and Todd Rundgren greatest from so long ago :)))

    Mary Gleason


  37. Clayton139

    Timeless Music!

  38. Ben Culture

    That's some good live singing. The harmonies may have an off-key moment once in a while, but it's real -- just a few guys singing, not 24 tracks of the same guy singing in unison and harmony with himself. Not to knock what Todd does in the studio, of course, he has to do what he hears in his head -- but it's damn near impossible to replicate onstage with just a few guys. Utopia do a damn fine job here.

    John Caldwell

    Todd would probably be the first to tell you he doesn't have a great voice but he knows how to work it. It may not be perfect but he has this sweetness in his voice that you want only the best for him.

    Jennifer Puhl

    Moogie on the keyboards!!

  39. Ben Culture

    Somehow I just woke up at my computer (I own a VERY comfortable chair), and listening to/watching this clip is officially the very first thing I did today!
    This perfomance amazes me. I've listened to the album Faithful about, oh, I dunno, maybe forty (40) times, and it seems like the kind of song that wouldn't necessarily be TOO hard to record in the studio  with the right kind of musicians, but to pull it all together live would seem to be a much different proposition!

  40. lemmno

    close your eyes then, but remember to open your ears & heart. Peace

  41. T S

    Prefer album cut rather than see them in their clowns outfits

    Mary Gleason

    seriously? get a clue.....

    Mark Priester

    those outfits are from that period

    Jet Earlewood

    Gesus. 1977/78. RA TOUR.

  42. janis crutchfield


  43. BungalowMo

    I have always loved this song. The words are truely a mile apart from anyone elses idea of "love". So real & so deep.

  44. Edward Jordan

    Sends chills down my spine.....Rundgren is the greatest

  45. Art Helms

    harry thank you god bless .art

  46. HarryRunt danu

    I swing a Big Bat...heh...THX mikera

  47. 1mikera

    You hit another one out the park Harry

  48. Clayton139

    I like it !

  49. BK Fulkerson

    Wow - this takes me back. So good - just soooo good.