Todd Rundgren - Johnee Jingo Lyrics

He was just fifteen, he was a new trainee
He lied about it for the opportunity
To defend the border his life was sworn
Though not a generation was native born

Johnee jingo
Johnee jingo

He had lost the battle but won the war
When the generals said he couldn't fight no more
He was proud and bitter at what he'd done
So he passed it off to his favorite son

Johnee jingo

Johnee jingo
Jingo don't you fight for me
Jingo don't you speak for me

To the man who owns the land
We're all the same
But when his grip begins to slip
Then he'll be calling out your name
Johnee jingo

And the throne, the pulpit, and the politician
Create a thirst for power in the common man
It's a taste for blood passed off as bravery
Or just patriotism hiding bigotry

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Todd Rundgren Johnee Jingo Comments
  1. Antonio Fongaro

    Todd son of Godd.... A real understated pioneer

  2. steve k

    Great harmonic singing.

  3. Kaizer.Beatz

    this shit slaps like some old 00s Timbo or Neptunes beats lmao.

  4. stefan pietrzak

    Even more relevant today...

  5. Lars Grin

    Jingo, don't ya speak for me.

  6. Craig Hindman

    For all the loyal and blind Trump following.

    Kurt Leach

    Think you have missed the point of the song completely. Still never mind. When you grow out of student politics and learn to think for yourself it will all become clear. Fashionable it may be to dislike certain politicians but you don't have to follow the crowd. Be yourself and learn to enjoy what there is out there and don't be told what to do and obey without question. You'll live a much better life - honestly!

    ian - イアン

    Kurt - If you were truly a neutral observer, the tone of your reply would have been different.


    I wasn't thinking that when I first head it today, but I can't help but see what you mean man.

    stefan pietrzak

    @Kurt Leach do you ever look in the dictionary?

  7. Moses Bentley

    Got to love this song, Todd is an amazing artist