Todd Rundgren - Hurting For You Lyrics

I just saw the one you left behind, yesterday
I could tell that he was hurting for you
Sad, but he can't deny it
There was nothing else he could do
He was one of the many struck by it

Hurting for you
Finish before it started
It's the only thing left to do
'cause the last of the broken-hearted
Is hurting for you

Day to day

That's how you should learn
To live your life, day to day
Put aside those dreams that keep hurting for you
Don't let the pain remind you
There is nothing else you can do
Better not ever let the day find you

I don't want to sound like what I feel
Seems like pity at all
But in the great design of life
We are all so pitifully small

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Todd Rundgren Hurting For You Comments
  1. ceasar springwood

    The bridge is off the charts good

  2. Kevin McGiffin

    Looking out my window on a snowy evening wondering what you are doing now. 😔

  3. bodeswell35

    Yet, another Todd song that SHOULD HAVE BEEN a massive hit. ***sigh***

  4. john surabian

    Me To! ;-))!!

  5. walkerbrothersmusic

    He is on tour right now with a show to coincide with his new autobiography "The Individualist". He is playing all the hits and
    songs from 1968-1998 which is the time period covered in the book. Great show with a 6 piece band.

    Janice Marie

    I saw it 4 times already, Doing 2 more shows

  6. Keith Kresin

    Love the guitar solo in this tune. It does sound like it crying out. Yeaaahhhh.......with a touch of the sax in there too. I'm happy that people are still listening to REAL music.

  7. Eileen Potocnak Arnold

    This song just punched me in the stomach about 9 months after this album came out. I'd just broken up with someone I'd been with for three years...

  8. Kevin McGiffin

    Todd please make a new solo that sounds like these songs did.

    Kevin McGiffin

    TrueWizard we all know this idea was a one time deal.

  9. Blitztim

    Damn. That solo!

    Tom Villano

    great solo- soaring!

    Keith Kresin

    No lie....

  10. Sean Lane

    Those harmony vocals. DAMN!!!

  11. Shane O'Sullivan

    Spent 3 days with Todd just last week in! Just amazing 3 days on Cockatoo Island and then 3 shows in Sydney. Love this song

  12. chris barlow

    Thank you Todd

  13. Darren Bethell

    Todd is godd

  14. Quentin Nussbaumer

    wow.... at 0.19 when the voice enters, it beautifully takes you aback, breaks expectation in such a blissful way... I am so fan of his music.... Hurray!

  15. Darren Bethell

    Todd is godd

  16. Darren Bethell

    Love you this song

  17. Jim Marillo

    just saw Todd and Band in Niagara Falls N.Y. 3 Miles From our house .3 weeks Ago.My Wife of 9 years Likes Todd Now.I dragged her to at least 10 shows plus Ringo Starr!!!LOL..Me I've Been Todd since 75..But (Hurting for You) and many other Kind Loving Songs Help me as I Travel Through Life....Thanks Todd Xmass EVE 2017

    True Wizard

    Todd is part of your life. That's awesome.

  18. Zeta

    Genio, Todd!

    True Wizard

    También está en el top, don't worry!


    Espero que en un buen puesto, de hecho, ya quiero ver ese top.

  19. Donovan Braithwaite

    America's David Bowie but twice as as good and twice the amount if not even more with the long albums and Utopia ones

    jamie wesson

    maybe as good as bowie but better are you serious


    I love them both. I like Todd a bit more, but not twice as much.

  20. Jeffrey Nelson

    I love Todd rundgren