Todd Rundgren - Blue Orpheus Lyrics

If you want to cry
You can always find something to cry about
It's so easy to be wise
Over someone else's tears
But you have a gift
That the rest of us just can't live without
And it's something in your voice
When you tell us how you feel

'cause we've all loved something and lost it
And it's burning my heart
I can't open my mouth and just let it out

But when I hear my blue orpheus sing
I know that life is a wonderful thing
Somewhere there's love and perpetual spring
I know life is a wonderful thing

Seems so long ago
The sound of your joy filled the atmosphere
We can make it on our own

But the road is so rocky and steep
And when you feel lost
No one tells you what you need to hear
And the only dream you have
Is the one that's in your sleep

'cause we soon forget what we're here for
I need someone to say he's got dreams of his own
I'll know I'm not alone

I want to hear my blue orpheus sing
I'll know that life is a wonderful thing
Somewhere there's love and perpetual spring
I'll know life is a wonderful thing

You will one day be together again
Though you can not see her
She is somewhere in the world

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Todd Rundgren Blue Orpheus Comments
  1. Jeff Baker

    I first discovered Todd in 1984 when I was 14 in 1984 because of his band Utopia. I bought a few Utopia cassettes and became obsessed even though everybody my age was into Quiet Riot, Prince, Thompson Twins, Madonna, Bon Jovi, etc, etc..I then found out a member of Utopia named Todd was noted for his solo career. I then started digging though the bins finding "Hermit of Mink Hollow", "Ever Popular Tortured Artist...", " A Wizard..." and felt like I was getting educated. I then bought Acapella when I was 15 at the beginning of my sophomore year in high school. My stomach got so tied in knots with this music. I was so captivated. I could feel my blood pressure rise with "Blue Orpheus". So excited. I didn't care about Prince. I didn't care about Cyndi Lauper, I didn't care about Guns'n'Roses, Duran Duran, Ozzy Osbourne, etc....It was all Todd for me regardless that my schoolmates and others my age didn't understand. I could actually FEEL emotions with his music....It continues to this day.

  2. Kevin McGiffin

    Leave it to todd to make an album with just his voice and sound machines. SHEER GENIOUS !!😊😊😊😊😊😊 LOVE THIS !

  3. ian - イアン

    This album is so ahead of its time. Todd is a true innovator. We're lucky that he's been so prolific over the years. A constant stream of music genius.