Toby Keith - Note To Self Lyrics

Note to self
Better call
She'll be mad as hell
If I know her at all
Cuz today's her birthday
And I almost forgot
Note to self
I better not

Note to self
On my way home
Don't forget the roses
and Dom Perignon
You know how she loves a
Great big suprise
Note to self
You're skating on thin ice

Hmm I ain't gonna screw it up this time
Hmmm I'm gonna really make her proud she's mine

Note to self
Remember when
You use to light her up
When you walked in
And she stole your breath away
That's the way it was
Everytime you kissed her
And she still does

Hmm I ain't gonna mess it up this time
Hmmmmmmm I'm gonna really make her proud she's mine

Turning down the street
I'm pulling in the drive
Door ain't lock
So I step inside
She ain't here to greet me
So what's goin on?
Note self
She's already gone

Hmmmm gone
Hmmmmmmmm gone

Hmmmmmm I guess I really messed it up this time...

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Toby Keith Note To Self Comments
  1. graham bull

    I’m picturing Glen,Linda and the cats....grinning from ear to ear!

  2. Glen Yates

    Oh yeah buddy friend channel owner Brent e toby Keith thank you very much and nice talking to you on phone toby Keith is what he is a damn good singer and a okie and loves ou and vertans and men and women soliders and praying for you my friend winner Brent e hope to hear from you my friend winner Brent e 1 fan friend friendship favorite listener Glenn Yates in pretty water sapulpa creek county Oklahoma u s a Linda cats says hi and praying for you too thanks again for toby Keith and send more toby Keith when you can friend brent e winner