Toby Keith - High Maintenance Woman Lyrics

[Verse 1]

I see her layin' by the poolside every day
She ain't got a lot on
She ain't got a lot to say

[Verse 2]

She wouldn't look my way
But buddy, what do you expect
I'm just the fix-it-up boy at the apartment complex

[Pre Chorus]

And she'll go out dancin' 'bout 7:15
Climb into the back of a long limosine
I know where she's goin'
She's goin' downtown
I'm goin' downtown, too, and take a look around


See my baby doll
She's my beauty queen
She's my movie star
Best I ever seen
I ain't hooked it up yet
But I'm tryin' hard as I can
It's just a high maintenance woman
Don't want no maintenance man

[Verse 3]

I'm just sittin' 'round waitin' on a telephone call
After water pipe exploded in the living room wall
If your washer and dryer in need of repair
You know the handyman's waitin'
And he'll be right there

[Pre Chorus]

Twenty-four hours
Seven days a week
If it's gettin' clogged up or maybe startin' to leak
Just ring up my number, baby, give me a try
You know I got all the tools
And I can satisfy

[Chorus 2]

See my baby doll
She's my beauty queen
She's my movie star
Best I ever seen
I ain't asked her out yet
'Cause I don't know if I can
You see a high maintenance woman
Don't want no maintenance

[Tag Chorus]

See my baby doll
She's my beauty queen
She's my movie star
Best I ever seen
I ain't hooked it up yet
But I'm tryin' hard as I can
It's just a high maintenance woman
Don't want no maintenance man
Ain't no high maintenance woman
Gonna fall for a maintenance

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Toby Keith High Maintenance Woman Comments
  1. William Martin

    Toby Keith is 💩

  2. Daniel Beckstead

    Unfortunately their all high maintenance= (disrespectful lazy ignorant psychotic tramps)these days...

  3. BigDonnyDeee

    Still bumpin' December 2019 🔥

  4. Kenshin Himura

    So he’s singing about a stalker???? Or is it just me???

  5. Mr Wilfred Myers

  6. Jennifer Delay

    Now what is keeping him up alnight

  7. Fat Free Fast and Forever

    Bare helt hærlig

  8. 2GuysView

    I liked this song when it came out, but this video tarnishes it I think.  It's obvious that maybe she just doesn't want THAT maintenance man, who seems to be a pervy stalker and a panty thief.  If the guy was normal looking, not a fashion stud or pervy unwashed stalker, it's more of an indictment on how superficial hot chicks are....that they'll turn down a good, hard working man because of his class status or occupation.

  9. joy Tkaczyk

    I like both song. This song is pretty kool

  10. Alexandra Murray 99

    This is creepy as fuck like he pulled out the keys and panties so like did he unlock her apartment and steal her panties? Haha yeah so cute and funny. NOT. Respect women Toby

  11. Tyler Gavin

    I remember when this song came out

  12. seth woodrow

    Wow this did not age well hahahha

  13. Chuck Singer

    Lmao good one brother!

  14. Linda Thetford

    This video was hilarious lol

  15. Tom

    I'm a maintenance man and I would rather be alone than with a high maintenance woman.

  16. joey reamer

    This hits home. I am a Maintenance man. I love this song.


    Whiskey Yes Beer No Beer = extrogen/
    In fact, I need Whiskey today, American or Canadian,
    maybe some Vodka later on

  18. Jennifer Delay

    But doesnt understand a women toppless in her own house

  19. John Kenny

    What is it about old Toby always puts a smile on your face and makes you forget your troubles?


    One Cool Maintenance Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

  21. Richard Webb

    Loved it....lololol

  22. Mario The Bandicoot

    Disagree all you want but this is better than Rascal Flats, Kenny Chesney, and Zac Brown

  23. Park Ave Princess

    Toby can get away with singing anything....

  24. Mr. Wizard

    gotta go check my steaks

  25. elizabeth taylor

    Team that guy up with Scuzz Twittly !

  26. Lucas Rackley

    This is like the Country version of Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl.

  27. Karen Murphy

    It don't get any better than Toby Keith!! That man can sing!!

  28. Peggy Haven

    Love this video. U go Toby. Love you Toby funny as hell. (Dolphin girl)

  29. Frank Rizzo

    Women have delusions that they are all princesses, bums really

  30. SKYRULE-49

    #MGTOW Approved.

  31. Tigerfire75

    This is a dark song about stalking.

  32. Teresa Dressel

    josh is right big boy does have the moves. reminds me of the late chris Farley on snl. how did he get this job-answer a casting call for a big fat slob? all of tobys videos are funny this one of his best

  33. William Nelson

    Ok....that blonde was smoking hot, but when the maintenance guy lost his shirt I rubbed glass in my eyes to get that vision out.

  34. Walter Shumate

    High maintainence chicks want Mr.Money... until that doesn't afford happiness. By the time they hit 45 or 50, or so, they just want a man with a pick-up truck who is resourcefull, capable, and has the tools for most everything. You see, when you have to hand out all the money, then you don't get to keep it!! You can only spend it once. Even guys with a BA, and a Masters STILL CALL ME when it has to be fixed, and fixed right !!

  35. Trent Wickham

    They through multiple dogs

  36. Harlow Stone

    Robert Lynn Virgilio is accused of Sexual Assault!

  37. Jennifer Delay

    Ill take ur balls

  38. Jennifer Delay

    Thats my kid

  39. Anna Vajda

    I woke up like this I'm not high maintenance.

  40. Michael Gwinn

    Upitty bitches lol

  41. Dakota Rogers

    i hope the dogs are fake and what did i just see

  42. Von Guertin

    Mom and dad do the job for you

  43. Pat Harney

    the maintenance guy looks like a creep

  44. Jacob Oakland

    I'm a matinance man but I'll I seem to get are women who are high matinance 😂

  45. Mike Claywell

    Maybe the maintenance man don't want to have maintenance woman... I don't get in the anorexic women in high maintenance women other than that I like all your music ... I dislike this song...I totally like thick women

  46. Mitchell Hubert

    That big boy makes me laugh

  47. Shannon & Lucas Turner

    This hurts my ears

  48. Katelyn Edwards

    You can tell that all of the dogs are fake except for the girl in the silver dress

  49. Felipe Ramirez

    Is no one going to bring up they through the poor puppies 😂

  50. Michael BUCHANAN

    20 Navy, 14 Rescue Squad and Fire Department. Wrecked/Rollover a Fire Truck. 7 weeks Coma Slow Starting But Steady Running Country Boy

  51. Benito JR

    Ford trucks

  52. Brown Sugar

    Get 'er done!!

  53. Ricky Davis

    06 back when Obama not our president yet lol

  54. Ignacious Hofhine

    Casual song about stalking. Btw I really love it.

  55. Rican Marrero

    Ahhhhoooo love this is y I am single ahhhooo

  56. Karen Fay

    1st time I've seen this. now its on my favorites

  57. Michael BUCHANAN

    20 Navy,14 Volunteered Rescue Squad and Fire Department, wrecked a Fire truck. 7 weeks in a Coma Slow Starting but Steady Running Country Boy

  58. Henry Robinson

    A fat man dancing is really a trip! Too bad strip clubs don't recognize this and every few sets have a fat maintenance man dance with the ladies! Toby Keith is a genuis

  59. Michael BUCHANAN

    After20 inNavy,14 in Rescue Squad [medic] and Fire department,wrecked/rollover a fire truck 7 weeks in Coma. Slow starting but steady running country boy

  60. Michael BUCHANAN

    After 20 in Navy then 14 Rescue (medic) and fire department wreck-rolledover a firetruck on a call 7 weeks in Coma in May 2012 I walk, Talk, balance check book but they won't answer me about driving WHY can’t I retest to drive WHY i am slow Starting but steady running


    what a great guitar ,all that sound and you hardly have to touch it

  62. Louis Hibbs

    nothing the gym and the dentist's chair can't fix..

  63. Patsy Viars

    Don't much like this song, but you sure look good Toby!

  64. Scott

    Song and video rock!!!

  65. Scott

    Lol funny!! The maintenance man can dance though !!!

  66. Vince Black

    She is freakin fine as hell wow

  67. linda zimmerman

    Fishing 0 bs love

  68. linda zimmerman

    Why I love Toby 100 percent

  69. Piano Fry

    Toby Keith Makes the best music videos

  70. Ruth Boykin

    Woohoo, not all maintenance men look like that and hey he looks like fun instead of a stuffed shirt! Love the song and the video..all fun!

  71. Michael Covey

    Kind of an ugly guitar...Good song tho

  72. Matt Aquino

    Jrotc niggas

  73. Orathai Freby

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  74. renzo stellini

    Ciao a te TOBY KEITH mi piace assolutamente questo video e anche troppo forte questo video perché ci sono alcuni oggetti che mi piacciono tanto e io ho messo il pollice in su che vuol dire che questo video mi piace tantissimo io mi sogno di giorno e anche alla notte a vedere questo meraviglioso e stupendo questo video ciao da RENZO STELLINI

  75. Suphian Rawahneh

    Love the blonde

  76. Suphian Rawahneh

    Toby Keith one of greats

  77. Christopher Perry

    Bite your own tounge, and let the phone ring twice.

  78. Blue_E.G.O.

    Sums up high school for me

  79. Dakota Flores

    It’s sucks about what happened with him and the Dixie Chicks. I love both their music, grew up with ‘em.

  80. 1besieged

    The maintenance man has METH mouth rotten teeth !

  81. Mary Jablonski

    I love me some Toby Keith.

  82. Black shark swimmer

    Alan Jackson and him should make a song together

  83. KEEEMY59

    oh gosh i havent said shit on toby's line, but we have same bd but oh u send me tickets to winstock in mini soda ill be there yah? meet up! ok? bacardi pepsi! jus a hug n happy bd to each other ok!!!!! yayyyyyyyy! i love u voice!!!!

  84. Paul Smith

    You’ll always be called back for maintenance toby,even if ain’t fixed’ll make it look good .just like your music videos ,well done.


    My love life summed up

  86. Firefighter Rob

    Great video - Cannot get too much of it - Been playing it for 3 years - never fails to impress!

  87. John Faber

    Coming from a maintenance man.. but did you really have to make the maintenance man look like a tool..

    Lynda Carter

    John Faber if he had hair he’d be really cute.

  88. Nintendo Born

    Sometimes you gotta take a dive and ask, and if they say no, well you tried and they’ll be one for you one day

  89. Will Croston

    Big dude has some moves haha

  90. Dick Johnson

    this music video is totally false. i've seen plenty of videos where the maintenance man gets all kinds of ass.


    I hate greedy bitches

  92. Muddy Boots32

    This maintenance man doesn't want to maintain a high maintenance woman anyways.

  93. Jared Hempfield

    I'm a maintenance man and look nothing like this fatty. I take care of myself, eat organic, avoid fluoride and other depopulating devices as much as possible and can fix anything I apply myself to. It's not about the image or your occupation, women are gold diggers by nature. You could be a saint and fix all the worlds problems and still make time for a family, yet bitches just want nice things and a new face. Fuck em.

  94. Chaplain Strunk

    Men should just be themselves, perhaps that is what any decent woman would want.

  95. Christopher Perry

    She's been leaning over my neighbour's chair!

  96. F Huber

    No smart man wants a high maintenance woman.