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Toad The Wet Sprocket Hobbit On The Rocks Comments
  1. Fantomas Fanto

    very pretty ☺️glen you should’ve been on hobbit soundtrack 😭😭😭😭

  2. Glenn Griffon

    Reading the insert in the jewel case the band states clearly this is a nonsense song. They just threw it together to have some fun and goof off. And since they were all geeky young adults they wrote about a hobbit.

    My favorite piece from that insert was Glenn saying some people listen to Good Intentions and instead of the line "Give us reprieve" he said someone heard "Burrito supreme".
    I still chuckle when i hear that song.

    There's little relief
    Burrito Supreme. OH!

  3. Annette Myers

    Hadn't heard this since the 90s but remembered every word. Whole album is great!

  4. Bob theCamper

    Probably my favorite Toad song :)  And for what it's worth, everyone quotes it as "insulated dwarf" but I think it's actually "insulated wharf".  It makes a bit more sense in context anyway.

    Stephen Edward Waterstram

    @BobTheCamper I think the twist was intentional it goes with the Tolkien theme.

    Astro Nomenov

    He says DWARF. Listening on very high end cans and equipment


    I think its Dwarf.. insulated being drunk :)

  5. J K

    favorite band ever. was so lucky to see them last week live. met Glen and he was so wonderful! 


    I saw them live on a small tour with Hootie & Blowfish opening.. what a great great show..Cracked Rear View had not yet become a massive album. I met and chatted with all the Hootie guys... very nice people... then as I was leaving Glen walked out of a room into a hallway right in front of me.. so I got to chat with him a bit as well... Over the years I have had several deep discussions with him... a truly brilliant man and every bit the wonderful human being you might think he is :) <3

  6. goliath ganador

    inlove with toad forever!...