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Toad The Wet Sprocket All Things In Time Comments
  1. Mike Hanley

    Listened to this song last June (2018) on my late night flight from El Paso to Sacramento on my way to spend my father's last hours with him just before he passed. On the leg from LA to Sacramento, there were only a handful of people on the flight and SW kept the cabin dark since it was late at night. Heard this song and began to bawl like a baby as the lyrics reminded me of what I what say to my dad, in that when he died, I would be proud to carry on the family (his) name and linage. To this day, every time I hear this song (like now), I still remember that flight and him and tear up when I hear. What a great song!

  2. Taylor Holloway

    really really glad that this one did not end up on “Dulcinea” like intended because it fits Coil beautifully.

  3. kevinjames

    such a great song--lov that toad

  4. xB-DeathKnell

    OMG. Listened to this album over and over and over at one stage. This song though. Wow.

  5. Jeffrey Lange

    These guys are absolutely amazing love toad

  6. tim sears

    Toad is primarily an overlooked band...their crafty , yet sparsely arrangements are perfect....

  7. tim sears

    I never tire of this it....

  8. hateyousobad

    one of my favorite Toad songs. i never get tired of this band.

  9. Calcutta151

    call me up when you need
    strangers often deceive
    and there's something so freeing
    to call out a name
    and someone's believing

    I've been changing my mind
    through with looking behind
    it's a crash course in life
    the best you can do is get by
    no getting out alive
    i'll hold a light for you to see
    all things in time, all you'll ever need

    something i can't explain
    keeps me running, afraid
    and every day..
    Looks me in the face and says
    "who'd you think you were, anyway?"
    If you'll hold a light for me to see
    All things in time, all we'll ever need
    Well, you told me so
    That we'd done this all before
    So what is it that keeps us coming back for more?
    I'll hold a light for you to see
    All things in time, all you'll ever need
    All things in time, all we'll ever need.

  10. mpetuous1

    lyrics, please.  it's a simply beautiful song.

    Taylor Holloway

    in the CD booklet

  11. tyranist

    The guitar arrangements for Toad are so underrated imo

  12. toriboy25

    Oh for sure! He could sing "goobalie doo wa gah" and I would feel something

  13. toriboy25

    Do you have Desire?

  14. tyranist

    Just want to thank all of you for your kind comments.

  15. stephen puleo

    one of the greatest singers ever

  16. dancub1

    Brilliant song! Could only be bettered if Darius Rucker was singing it!

    Taylor Holloway

    eww. fuck Darius Rucker. Glen tennis in circles around that douche bag. Plus Glen is a super nice guy and Darius is known to be a ridiculous asshole to folks.

  17. tyranist

    No problem at all.. werent enough good quality versions on youtube.. nice to find someone else who appreciates it.. : )

  18. billsm22

    Thanks for putting this up, beautiful song.