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To Kill A King School Yard Rumours Comments
  1. Samuel Johnson

    I don't know of you guys read these comments, but I need yall to know something.

    I had never heard of you until June 2016. I know that date doesnt mean anything to you, but it's a big fucking deal to me. I was getting deployed, and we flew over on a civilian plane. This song was "Track 2" on whatever playlist I was listening to.

    I had a fantastic deployment. I made some great friends and had a great time with these guys. Like, so great of a deployment I remember it in a weirdly fond manner. This song brings me back to that time, and whenever I'm feeling down I listen to this and it helps me remember that time.

    Most of the guys I deployed with either got out of the military or are no longer in my unit. Your song brings them back in to my mind's eye, and I fucking love you for that.

    PS I played Life is Strange during my time overseas and this song sounds like it totally belongs with that soundtrack. Double the excellence.

    Thank you.

  2. traci02128

    so fantastic

  3. solianikus

    Love it!!!

  4. Todd Oliver


  5. paddlepop77

    You lads need better management. You deserve more recognition.

  6. thomas wolday

    yes more music, I like the echo for this one 

  7. Nika Scheepers

    Aaww yeaahh! 🙌

  8. Josh Earl

    this album just keeps getting better and better :D