To Kill A King - Let It Die Lyrics

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To Kill A King Let It Die Comments
  1. Lady Natascha

    Wonderful! <3

  2. Eve Fellows

    Dreamy, heavy hearted, and just the way my soul needed to hear this song today. So beautifully bittersweet. Thank you.

  3. rana ali

    Wow loved this cover

  4. Samron

    Where can I buy the mp3??

    Joyann Ainley

    I think you can get the EP for free on amazon.

  5. leo hu


  6. Izzy Bloomfield

    I love to kill a king. They're insane live <3

  7. sergeytry

    I liked it! really well done!

  8. Dave Alt

    8 months ago I was taken by this cover. Listening to it once more, and I'm still feeling the magic....!!!

  9. Juli Ann Sibi

    I love you guys.

  10. Lauren Quilton

    Still loving you guys! Stay beautiful :D

  11. Slick1119

    This is the best thing I have heard in a long time.

  12. Dave Alt

    FUCK ME. My goodness this was BRILLIANT!! The suspenseful stone in the beginning then a climax. Just beautiful!! I'm quivering.

  13. Caoilfhionn Rose

    i love this song, great job!

  14. MrWaffman

    Beautiful harmonies boys!

  15. Dexter Dextrous

    Dude, that"s the prettiest thing I've heard all week. Commanding lead vocals and beautiful backing, and I'm a sucker for the harmonics. Super tasty x

  16. Ina Kleemann

    it's different, i like it a lot!