Tisdale, Ashley - My Boi And Me Lyrics

When the sign of the time
Is the time when are extremely tough


When you look at the World and The World that you see is

Yes Ruff

When you feel like a long lost pup and you need some cheering up

Sit back relax
And watch us do our stuff


We're gonna sit and shake your hand that how it's starts

We're gonna nose our nosey way into your hearts
We're gonna sing and dance and bark in two-part harmony

Your gonna love us that's our guarantee

We'll bow together on the count of three

Me and my boi
My boi and me

We make the perfect pair
We even got that special flare

Me and my boi
Me and my boi
Me and my boi

My boi and me

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Tisdale, Ashley My Boi And Me Comments
  1. Lorena Noemi Velasquez Reyes

    Ola en verdad yo no habló inglés pero quisiera darle un gran saludo y un abrazo muy grande

  2. Marissa Amora


  3. Cecília J. Daood

    This song is so good! It's such a shame that it's just a disney movie song about a dog...

  4. Dương Dương


  5. Joy Gutierrez

    I love u Ashley i want to be u 😰 im jelas

  6. Barbara Laviolette

    Hi liked your videos and pictures

  7. noelia alvarez pita

    I love the music

  8. yasalex yasmin

    hello hola

  9. CanieshaWorldLyrics

    Thank you :3

  10. CanieshaWorldLyrics

    Thanks (: