Tisdale, Ashley - E.V.I.L. B.O.Y.S. Lyrics

Those boys are always up to something,
And it's bringing me to tears,
Cause just before you get home
It always just magically disappears!
Those boys are evil!
But before you get home they somehow always clean up the mess!
[Vivian:] (Testify Candace, Testify!)
[Candace:] Those boys are evil!
Let me spell it out for you mom
E-V-I-L B-O-Y-S!

They built a roller coaster,
And a beach in the backyard!
Drove cattle through the city,
And messed up the boulevard!
They took me back in time,
When we went to that museum!
They built fifty foot tree-house robots,
But still you didn't see them!

Those boys are evil!
Their crazy shenanigans cause me all kind of distress!
Those boys are evil!
Sing it with me!
E-V-I-L B-O-Y-S!

I know you think they're saints!
But mom I'm here to tell,
Those B-O-Y-S they're just E-V-I-L!
Those boys are evil!
They're making me feel like my head's in the hydraulic press!
And that don't feel too good!
Those boys are evil!
E-V-I-L B-O-Y-S!
That's what I'm talking about!
E-V-I-L B-O-Y-S!
That's right those boys are
Evil little boys!

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Tisdale, Ashley E.V.I.L. B.O.Y.S. Comments
  1. Yohiname

    Internet learns Onision he is a child predetor;

  2. Perma Evil

    Is the person who voices Vanessa also do Marcy from adventure time?

  3. Anabelle Perez

    Bro! I remember watching this scene on Disney when they were still out

  4. Springtrap1zk00L1235

    doofenshmirtz + candaces mum = phineas

  5. Mary Cabrera

    What episode is the song on

  6. Nigel Reynolds

    Okay who else can see Ariana Grande & Liz Gillies covering this song? (Ariana as Candace & Liz as Vanessa)

  7. John Fetting

    I thought it said all 3 versions its actually 2

  8. Leah

    Why does Vanessa remind me of Jade from Victorious?

  9. Leah

    Im pretty sure the two of them being together was the only part of the show I could stay awake for as a child except for isabella and Phineas scenes. I literally just wanted these two girls and isabella and phineas to date. Thats it. Thats all I ever wanted when I was awake and it was on

  10. un original

    Two airpods singing

  11. Yee_haw_buster

    The entire internet @ onion boy

  12. Vanessa Kay

    Still a fav❤️

  13. fprosk

    what a bop

  14. ღKonariTheEspeonღ

    r/quityourbullshit in a nutshell

  15. Annabel Muir


    Rey Beast

    I think a episode from phineas and ferb

  16. Za’Ryah Santos

    Who’s here in December 2019 for no reason

  17. Dylan Barnes

    6ix9ine's song

  18. Chloe Is Kween

    this was my top song on spotify in 2019. and i’ll just say that im not mad about it :)

  19. Sniddhia

    Vanessa's voice is too sexy lol

  20. I step on lego Ow

    *class snitch and six nine pop out*

  21. FutiabaDantieDragon

    This is so good

  22. Carlos EOT

    Vanessa and Candace with those hips movements and those cops hats made me feel stuff as a kid. Boy oh boy

  23. Guido Mista

    Oh no! Vanessa and Candace are going to say a *B-WORD*

  24. Peter Ragni

    Does anyone else feel that part in the pit of their soul or is that just me

  25. Zuikerou

    Nobody USA and USSR in ww2

  26. Alexis Moore

    Cant belive a couple of years ago i was sitting in front my tv with my bratz dolls trying to record the song on my flip phone lol

  27. Nur Azida Alyssa Azmi

    am i actually retarded? how did i not know ashley played candace

  28. and alex got better but his mother went quick


  29. Anna

    vanessa was one of the only characters that looked like a normal person

  30. Copper Kid

    What about rusted
    In the wizard of odd??

  31. Aziz Dastgirkarimi

    i like vanessa

  32. Roselyn Sackey

    All sing when I am about to bust my younger brothers

  33. Joseph Shaulov

    The absolute snitch anthem

  34. Brianna Lewis

    This is like one of those songs if u have seen this episode just can't get it out of your head but still Candice has a kind of addition to busting her bothers like girl get a life

  35. driplordhinata _

    She sounds a bit like Marceline

  36. Mordecai Couch

    Bruh Vanessa thicc

  37. Ari Gato

    Vanessa is gonna turn me straight. damn.


    Hold up...

  38. Arashi The Pichu

    Why does it feel like Candace has gotten more relatable

  39. Autismo the Autistic

    Oddly sexual... but catchy


    Not odd at all.

  40. Miraculous: Tales of Moonbeam and Phoenix series

    My sister: *Does literally nothing*

  41. Karma

    6ix9ine be like

  42. Spirit GD

    0:27 is what your here for

  43. Pink&Blue Icon

    This song is the best animated song of this series as so ive seen

  44. Ethan Vo




    Head to the stars
    Goin by candy bar’s
    Lives a kid with a knack with invention

  46. Miguel Sanchez

    Ferb sure got taste

  47. The Biggest Gay

    Why am I just realizing vanessa shares the same voice as marceline? Maybe that's why both of them are my favorite.

  48. Charles Brown, Jr

    Just looking at Vanessa next to Candace tells u how things get better over time

    They made Candace and were like "wait, that's too much neck, gotta make the next one sexier"

  49. Z z .レイシニー

    I’m just here going down memory lane :3

  50. Sans the Skeleton

    I got a six letter word for you two

    sTaRtS wItH a B


    yOu ArE bItChY

  51. April Jacobson

    Who's better?
    Like for Candace
    Comment for Vanessa

    Edgy Child

    April Jacobson Vanessa is lit

  52. 6t76t

    Funimation after being caught with audio leaks.

  53. capncr0nch

    *this was my gay awakening*

  54. Amy Snodgrass

    how old where you when you realized that this is actually about finding your best friends man cheating

  55. Naomi Joseph

    Did anyone have a crush on vanessa

  56. Egg Guy

    I’m sorry to ruin this but I just realise they got 4 fingers 😂😂

  57. Cartier's Ravioli

    Snitch Anthem

  58. DSW

    Lol seeing Candace and Vanessa side by side is hilarious.


    I listen tothis when im playing roblox jailbrake as a cop

  60. Tanya S

    When me and my sister hear this song we sing the song Acapella and it's amazing and I love it so much!!(we also sound pretty good together too!) 😄👌

  61. lindiana

    I’m going to get a Vanessa poster so every time I get confused and think I’m straight, I can just look at her.

  62. BlxckFaIcon

    Is it just me or does this have a kind of Madonna and rock vibe

  63. Arrow 33155

    Not gonna lie Vanessa was kinda hot


    "kinda" ? Dude, she was an entire fucking meal.

  64. Cat Valentine

    this was a jam when i was a kid and i miss it

  65. marella;

    when you catch your homie lying

  66. Alyssa Grinnell

    why is this such a bop though lmao

  67. Aquarmarin Blue

    Honestly looking bad at my girl crush on Vanessa and Shego (from Kim Possible) I'm not anymore surprised I came out bi...

  68. Star-storm Animations

    I like how Candace spends a full summer failing to rat out her brothers' scheming which somehow goes completely unnoticed, and the few times she actually thought rationally and just took a picture, she either got her phone stolen by a bird or ended up doin mad flips with a friggin porpoise.

  69. Justin Berman

    Pause at 0:29 😂

  70. Booga04 Minecraft

    The fact that I'm watching this unironically makes me angry

  71. Leydwolf _papersoul

    Everyone had got a crush on vanessa

  72. J Z

    Boy culture was having a crush on either Isabella or Vanessa. 🤷‍♂️

  73. Felipe Gredson

    *yOu'rE bAstARd*

  74. christmemea

    This song does *NOT* need to go this hard

  75. Marshmeow Cactus

    Id let Vanessa punch me in the throat

  76. Marshmeow Cactus

    I have an unhealthy obsession with this song

  77. Betsy Mills

    I hate how addictive this is

  78. Owen Swain

    I'v got a six letter word for ya!

  79. Luke Millner

    This unironically slaps

  80. Phoebe O

    It was only last year that I figured out Ashley tisdale was Candace

  81. Lillyee Land!

    This is what happens when Adventure Time and High School Music mix. Also


  82. fake smile subs

    all the dislikes are the siblings who got busted

  83. Unoriginal Name

    I just realized we’ve all been ignoring Candace’s receding hairline, and she’s like 16.

  84. Moldy Tea

    Vanessa is the one who made me figure out I liked girls

  85. Toru

    I had huge crush on Vanessa, tbh I had crush on most of "goth/bad girls" in cartoons lmao
    shout out to all the lesbians who had crush on her too<3

  86. Little band Vicky,Bella, Harrison,sarina

    Love this song

  87. grace avila

    Music peaked with Phineas and Ferb and that's a FACT

  88. Zack Xeno

    You know you'd figure by the 4th or 5th time Candace would learn to provide evidence like I dunno, TAKING PICTURES

  89. Ribboneels

    Nicki Minaj who?

  90. Sour Lemon

    Why is my laptop der?

  91. Sour Lemon


  92. Mia Brunette


  93. afdal lai

    Childhood disney cartoon and still using this song on friend when they get busted when still my art 😂

  94. ForeverSugarCane :3

    i was brushing my teeth how did i get here
    ok i don't care how i'm just glad i'm here

  95. ImKrowe

    why is this every song in 2009 though

  96. Kimbit Yes I am

    The teachers pet when a kid is misbehaving the slightest

  97. Darth Enrique

    For those asking about Rusted it is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYv4p3NVSHE

    PinkWarrior 0653

    Darth Enrique why are there there versions?



    Lizzie McCarthy

    1:47 I'll get ya! (yeah) I'll get ya!

    Mickey 1029

    Darth Enrique ?