Tisdale, Ashley - Do Nothing Day Lyrics

[Jeremy:] Slow down and look around you!
[Candace:] All around!
[Jeremy:] Throw your to do list away!
[Jeremy:] The clouds look like sheep and vice versa!
[Jeremy:] On our do-nothing day!
[Candace:] On our do-nothing day!
[Both:] On our do-nothing day!

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Tisdale, Ashley Do Nothing Day Comments
  1. Barbara Negrao

    i miss when life was this simple.

  2. memelordisme

    I won't let you tell me that this was in 2010. I won't believe it

  3. Catherine Mcgoldrick

    This song all about me lol 😝

  4. 민준

    My heart goes out to this song ^^

  5. Ziggir

    The Tao

  6. Cruz G

    My friends Nick Pennachini Charlie Iseman Scott Masters
    Cody Howard Tyler Cleaver Chris Amaral Chris Hennessey
    Jamie Laliberty Derek Drennan Joseph Larue Mitchell Spaulding
    Charlie Morris and Eddie Petley wrote this song from Phineas and Ferb for their CD album The Sunshine boys

  7. kingcurt b

    This makes me wanna drink a Coke and chill in my backyard on a summer day

  8. silly bunny

    2017 and still watching :'( aaah time passed so fast


    silly bunny i’n here from 2020 man i miss my childhood

  9. Patrick Barrett

    my 2nd most favorite phineas and ferb song

  10. FMJ Raven

    i love this song

  11. elsayed1963

    I hate this I disliked it


    Then why waste your time telling everyone?

  12. Zou Zou #

    <3 jadoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3

  13. Ihazbestplan

    my favorite song to relax to.

  14. wing betty蔡宜臻

    Good show! Jolly good show!

  15. Teodora Todorovic

    I fainted when he said "Oh you know"

  16. Lara Chan

    Omg this song makes me feel inlove !!!! 3 weird ?!

  17. Juliet A


  18. Kayla Bennett

    looks like four people dont like happiness

  19. Jen Kilburne

    Because the check was probably FAT.

  20. Shequena Canales

    awww i love jeremy/mitchel musso's voice!!

  21. Piper Swan

    I find it's cute, though :3

  22. Sleepycoaster / Origami Unicorn

    Waiting for the death metal version.

  23. TheInfernityZero

    Let's hope Mitchell Musso's DUI didn't make Disney write him off of this show too.

  24. _callmejaayy

    Luv this song

  25. VioletDiamond42

    I can't stop laughing!!! XDDD

  26. OkAmburrr


  27. Little Mx. Pidgeon


  28. msnoahxlukefan

    mitchel musso <3<3<3<3

  29. herozhunter

    I'd sin the chorus instead

  30. KitsuneYandereGirl

    This so is so cute and so stupid at the same time. I love this song so much.

  31. TheBombCatcher

    I only liked the chorus. :))

  32. crazywriter14

    This had to be soawkward for mitchal musso

  33. Kiana Lian

    Jeremy:micthel musso

  34. TheKronos16

    I think they wrote such a cute song to contrast it with the ugly one Jeremy suddenly sings in "The best lazy day ever" episode xDD

  35. maleksons

    @armbarfreak101 i know but it sounds like he was gay as in happy when he sang this...actually they paid him to sing it hahah but it was still maybe alittle awk in the recording studio hahahah

  36. Mduduzi Mhlanga

    @wazzup1212121212 any real guy would think someone that would sing a song like this is just to impress girls or their gay but mitchell isnt gay

  37. DAGTM

    This song is super cloying and super catchy, but I love it :)

  38. Pauline Macario

    wee this is so relaxinG!! i love his voice!! >.<

  39. BlueMouse97

    Out of ALL the Phineas and Ferb songs, this is one of my favorites :)

  40. Clown_the_Third

    @shirra101 I think i read somewhere that he said it's the most embarrassing song he has on his ipod. Think i'd be a bit embarrassed as well

  41. Nashirra Best

    i bet you anything that mitchel musso was anoyyed when he had to sing this...ROTFL

  42. Elizabeth Rockhill

    I don't know why bit when he said "safety laughter and skip to and fro I started laughing soooooo hard!

  43. Ihazbestplan

    now this is a song for summer.

  44. Ginno Menguito

    this song makes me want to do the same

    do nothing today

  45. Soph knaus

    slow down and look around you :)

  46. Floris Castermans

    Amazing song!

  47. maleksons

    lol the lyrics are funny sounding for a guy hah