TisaKorean - Preball & Club Dumb Dawg Lyrics

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TisaKorean Preball & Club Dumb Dawg Comments
  1. Kris & Dre Tv

    I put on captions on it and it said Japanese

  2. hi my name is

    1:33 im dead 😭

  3. Tory Williams

    Nigga sustained a brain injury in the second half 🤣

  4. Rage

    who else NOT here from uzi ig ?

  5. The Third Hokanye

    This shit bump so hard in the whip

  6. FinesseWitVari

    1:00 bruh wtf 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Playdo In me panties

    It’ll blow up give my man some time

    marshall acosta

    Playdo In me panties no it won’t

  8. Luffy SkyWalker

    Wtf is dis ASMR rap? 😂😂

  9. YSK Prodigy

    the club got a 1.6, the club DUMB dawg

  10. nbavon 45

    1:00 when everybody around keep talking around you

  11. ThatKiddMari YT


  12. barbiegang gang18

    i know you vegan but i'm gonna feed you meat 😎🗣️🗣️

  13. 40kdixon

    Just came back

  14. Auguste Piccard


  15. nbavon 45

    1:03 when u bout to get jumped for no reason

  16. d1.dizzle *

    asmr flow was hot😂😂😂😂

  17. Dashon Spriggs

    The ad-libs got me on the floor 😭

    HeartBreak Cherry

    Dashon Spriggs oooooOw!!

  18. Obito aka TRXSH FLEX

    Pussy wet suddenly I got a appletite

    The funniest lyric of lunch time

  19. Fight Riffs

    Deadass asmr with headphones on


    This that 06-07 Soulja boy flow mixed with some lil b influence

  21. Patch My Kombozz

    This sound like a song that would be in the purge

  22. Patch My Kombozz

    This sounds like something people that are about to purge would play

  23. Kawaiin Galaxy

    Man I got high by just watching this shit lol 😂

  24. Mr Dripster

    this some fire ASMR 0:00

  25. 40kdixon


  26. Don Clutch

    Sound like it’s from Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition Remix

  27. Scellie_

    Screwston Niggas goofy asf. It's fire.

  28. YP Kartier

    When u on lsd in your bedroom 😭 DONT DO DRUGS

  29. Omar BMX

    mumble rap and asmr


    Are saying Franklin im his son

  31. Pxptxrtpxssy

    The “deeeeeee” scared me

  32. iAmJays

    He recorded this will trying to sneak into the kitchen late night

  33. Letme. _be

    Bruh y is he whispering ? 😂 but the song is fire no kap 🔥🤣

  34. Clinton 1x

    Lol 😂 WTF

  35. moneybagg2k_

    Autism flow😂😂😂😂

  36. moneybagg2k_

    This nigga mad wierd

  37. Prime W

    Uzi made dis sound so much better

  38. Jordan

    How this song autistic but also a banger at the same time

  39. ByronBeatz

    We need Loveliveserve to make a video for this 😂🚫🧢

  40. Toni Ojo

    imagine this playing in a club

  41. Glendon Morris


  42. Jabbe Jab

    This really amazing

  43. XMr Mike


  44. Dark Knight

    Why are you whispering you autist

  45. MA LIK

    This a asmr

  46. Shiro San

    This the best song to woah to

  47. everything guala

    Whats the song that go hit da club watch me shoulder shrug

    everything guala

    Not out yet ? I need dat lol

  48. Lorenzo Orozco

    I just want the first half 😂😂

  49. Gucci Sxcks

    Whisper wap

  50. Blaze the original


  51. cac jac

    this song so trash but the beat so fire


    Lil uzi

  53. ITSLëLë -

    Wtf is this is, is this a joke

  54. L Govan35

    Dese niggas really hittin the joc 😭😂

  55. Unsatisfied xo

    So when the beat gonna drop

  56. ByronBeatz

    I was here 5 days before Uzi gimme credit

  57. xDragonKing007 `

    I swear bruh all his songs make me smile like fuq😂

  58. Kodak

    Wtf but fire 🔥

  59. Richard Diaz

    He had to sell his soul to get famous off this😂😂👎

    The Third Hokanye

    If you don't know how to do the Whoa or if you just cant dance in general, obviously his music ain't for you lol

  60. Richard Diaz

    This shits straight trash bro.....who tf would bump this??!!

  61. Kween Cartii

    idk why i like this song so much


    showed this to my pregnant wife, now my son got birthed w down syndrome

  63. shane almodovar

    Straight fire still a waiting on that shit with kodie

  64. YNG Test

    Imagine uzi remix on preball

  65. j squad


  66. AlmaInfinium

    this is dummy good omg.

  67. Tyrone Smith

    Bruh this shit evolutionary 🔥🔥🔥

  68. acid/swim

    Club dumb dawgg

  69. Rap Music

    Who here from lil Uzi?

  70. Ill Thirst

    This only fire cus you can tell bro having fun n dont give a fuck what ppl think!

  71. Growjojoejo

    Check our my fuckin Page yo growin weed n shit frfr.

  72. Greg JC

    I’m still waiting for the beat to drop like 🥵this shit would of been so good 😫 if ...

  73. CookieXGachaTuber

    His face so shiney at 1:35. to 1:37 😂😂😂😂😂

  74. Pro Habits

    Uzi put me on

  75. Vlone WAY

    This shit ass

  76. Email 2

    engineer: yo tisa how much compression do u want on the vocals in the 2nd half?
    tisa: yes

  77. Dj Evens

    Sooo... Nobody's gonna talk about 1:29???

  78. phonexcoghxy7 fvk

    CADÊ OS BR????? slatt woah 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔌

  79. SHAWHP

    Y’all chill with This Uzi Stuff y’all came here for Tisa He made the song damn 🧼😹

  80. Blackedy *lil black*

    Lil uzi instagram

  81. Toxic

    Uzi brought me here

  82. 347 MLUE

    Lean, dip .....

  83. iAmJays

    Here because of uzi’s post

  84. Taco Meat

    You should’ve just kept whispering my nigga

  85. Meejee Meejee

    Idc what nobody say this the wave 2019 energy #WORKKKKK

  86. eddizon martinez

    Low key Only like the first half

  87. itssupreme Kai

    Lil uzi brought me here 🔥🔥🔥

  88. eddizon martinez

    Her because uzi

  89. Myles 32k

    I don’t even know what he sayin but this shiii go soooo hard 😂🥵

  90. Kel24k

    Go Crazy 1:00
    Go Stupid 1:00
    Go Crazy 1:00
    Go Stupid 1:00

  91. livethreefortyfive

    This dude sounds like he has autism

  92. Lil Tank

    Uzi did not send me here🤥

  93. _КаНаМаш_ :з

    с лил узи

  94. thaGOAT

    “I hit the club cause I’m looking for a freak.”

  95. Donald Willis

    Da club dumb dawg😂

  96. Jay WTS

    I had to find this song after seeing my dads IG🤣🤣