Tippin, Aaron - Working Man's Ph.D. Lyrics

You get up every morning 'fore the sun comes up
Toss a lunchbox into a pickup truck
A long, hard day sure ain't much fun
But you've gotta get it started if you wanna get it done
You set your mind and roll up your sleeves
You're workin' on a working man's Ph.D.

With your heart in your hands and the sweat on your brow
You build the things that really make the world go around
If it works, if it runs, if it lasts for years
You bet your bottom dollar it was made right here
With pride, honor and dignity
From a man with a working man's Ph.D.

Now there ain't no shame in a job well done
From driving a nail to driving a truck
As a matter of fact I'd like to set things straight
A few more people should be pullin' their weight
If you wanna cram course in reality
You get yourself a working man's Ph.D.

When the quittin' whistle blows and the dust settles down
There ain't no trophies or cheering crowds
You'll face yourself at the end of the day
And be damn proud of whatever you've made
Can't hang it on the wall for the world to see
But you've got yourself a working man's Ph.D.

Now there ain't no shame in a job well done
From driving a nail to driving a truck
As a matter of fact I'd like to set things straight
A few more people should be pullin' their weight
If you wanna cram course in reality
You get yourself a working man's Ph.D.

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Tippin, Aaron Working Man's Ph.D. Comments
  1. T J


  2. Stillborn Soul

    LOL this guy is cool. How did I not know about him?

  3. Corey Purcell

    60 to 65 hours a week, outside in the Texas heat, you will understand

  4. Light Worker

    Sorry but working at Starbucks does not qualify. Move on snowflakes.

  5. Jake Robinson

    but all u young kids theres no shame in working but get ur education i no with out it ur lifes hard i hate seeing people walk in my shoes u can still have a hood life but theres alot of hard times

  6. Jake Robinson

    i got one lol wish i woulda got my ged or diploma my gfs gmhave all asked me u got ur education.lol i say i got a working mans phd lol

  7. Celtic Hero

    This guys a sell out. Total disgraceful.

  8. David R. Davidson

    Love Mr. Aaron Tippin and his music! Good people. Shalom Y'all from Kentucky!

  9. Joe R

    I'd like to dedicate this to my ex's husband whom over the past 10 years I've known him has probably only worked a total of maybe 3 years. Lazy fat good for nothing piece of shit. Good luck in having a life. Yes I may work ,60-80 hours a week but guess what I'm 39 now and I'll be retired at age 50.

  10. 12dollarsand78cents

    *No, none of you got any Ph.D. working hard!*
    You got real skills that got shit done.
    *Unlike this fake guitar player and singer in this corporate produced, buzzword, fake shit, "country" song, that tricks fools!*

  11. 12dollarsand78cents

    *Aaron guitar Trippin, isn't just bad at "playing" air guitar, he's bad at lip syncing too.*
    I didn't fucking come here for fake shit, god damnit!

  12. LR 26

    Trump 2020!

  13. Jade Zen

    Not only is he awesome, he is HOT af

  14. Garrett David

    Texas h.v.a.c. here, definitely a working man PhD.

  15. Deborah crew

    My family lived in a trailer like that one a tornado took it no one was in it at the time🥇

  16. Daisytown !

    Aaron, hot ♥️👍👍

  17. David Fisher

    I have a disability in my arms, it's not easy but I am a truck driver!! I got my PhD too. Makes you feel good when given such an opportunity and are very professional at it.

  18. Ryan Jeanes

    Is that really Aaron Tippin? I didn't know he was that jacked!

  19. jim johnson

    yep i got one too,,

  20. Cameron Bachman

    You're telling me this isn't the guy from Primus

  21. the32712

    Earned one of 'em. Work 40 to 50 hours a week salaried, then come home and work on the farm till dusk.

  22. mac423

    Aaron is the type of man every man would buy a beer for. Legitimate and authentic.

  23. Randy Nyberg

    Working man ga ha ga ha

  24. andrei tarkovsky

    WOW hes HOTTT!

  25. James Jones

    If our president wants to use a Aaron Tippin song for his next election the need better get his approval real quick.

  26. Kim t.

    Seen him with sammy Kershaw, ray collin, an justin moore back in may at bbt arena in ky.... he sung this song !! Wasnt a person sitting he had everybody on their feet !! He can still rock it out being as old as he is ... love him an His music ...

  27. George Washington

    Any other diesel mechanics out there's?

  28. Pamela Doyle

    We need more working men in the US of A. 👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🤩🤩

  29. marty huggins

    who else is ready for some man-slammin action

  30. Andy 1988

    Man...for some reason, I can CLEARLY remember this video from when I was just 6 years old. While momma cleaned the house, she always had CMT on TV playing all the new videos, lol.

  31. Brian Rorem

    I just want to build shit and sweat

  32. redneck racing

    All I seen him do is tote some rope

  33. Carla SuAnne Lockett


  34. Chris McCurdy

    This song is one of my favorite song and this song is about the working man and what a lot of need to do.

  35. Me You

    I remember this song back when I was working a home maker in Athens TN for 4.75 an hour God bless the working man and women 😊🍻🍺🍺

  36. Dwarven warrior

    not even in high school and i am already getting mine
    i work for my step dad plumbing electricity and other things for a house some days not always

  37. Tina Holman

    He was sure good looking .

  38. Lyric Gibson

    You leave alone stay Busisse. Ok my ex

  39. Lyric Gibson

    The phone was to catch Greg going to stop right back

  40. Lyric Gibson

    Good country without my ex can the go to jail

  41. Lyric Gibson

    More fat Mexican my ex boyfriend Greg and Rodrick you can't get a job on his to have a job coach how sad is that

  42. Lyric Gibson

    No one cares Greg get off my YouTube channel before I give you a blackeye.

  43. ltn97

    Pure SAVAGE!!!

  44. Kevin sa

    That turtle is alive i bet still

  45. Phoenix

    Thank you Arron, people complain about working at an amazon warehouse.. well let me tell you brother, i got one of those phd's you speak of.. was very hard work and not for everyone.. but i loved every moment of it, because it meant i worked for somethin.. that somethin'? the American People .. and I am damn proud I was able to give the best of me to them.. anyone one who bitches about the hard work.. come talk to me.. cause you are nothin but sissies... and babies..


    the people who shop at Amazon, know how hard we work and are very grateful, I love the people who shop at amazon.. I will had always shared the great reviews we got with my crew in order to keep them motivated for who they worked for, they work for the people.. I love them all.. however i also recently worked for walmart.. let me tell you that company is the most ungrateful to both its workers and its shoppers.. the bottom line for them is money.. for amazon it is also money. give you that.. but amazon appreicates its people and they work hard for it.. and walmart does not apprecieate its people and so they dont work as hard for the publics suppor.t.. the workin mans pay goes to Amazon.. the appreciation will show in the service you recieve.. Workin mans PHD? yea.. i got that.. :* love you Arron..

  46. Chris Fowles Iverson

    Aaron Tippin is jacked...

  47. Derek Stewart

    They took 'er jobs! Dey terk 'er jobs! If you don't like America, why don't you get out?

  48. Chris R

    Everyday after work I play this. Electrician here y’all

  49. Shifty__

    No shame here

  50. michael dell

    I'll never forget years ago when I was working for Western Salvage and the local radio station sent this out to us while we were working. Rocking song.

  51. jetclntn

    Aaron is ones bad ass mfer . He makes great videos with a strong positive message. He sure did it right and good, just the way God wanted

  52. brent lesser

    Check out his third eye

  53. brent lesser

    Trailer park living working at fraenkel company

    Olive branch miss

  54. Johnny LAW

    534 soyboys watched this ,for all milliniels this is what a real man looks ,sounds and talks like


    This younger generation is gender confused. They've literally bought into their teachers and professors progressive bullshit hook, line and sinker.

  55. Bustin Nuts Daily

    The 532 that disliked this don't even have their GED.

  56. Don Foley

    All 529 thumbs down are probably from people on welfare and food stamps.

    Joe Efird

    😂you got that right.

    Light Worker

    Hahaha that's real as hell😂

    Kountry Proud

    U mean liberals

  57. ursuperman200917

    When america was great and everyone was trying to work and make a dollar

  58. Matthew Steadman

    I meant literally a disgrace to real country music. Stupid autocorrect lol

  59. Matthew Steadman

    This is a true country song, a real country song. Unlike that bullshit they play on the radio, these days. The music played nowdays is little a disgrace to real country music

  60. Strings 1043

    I'm okay with just working 8 hrs. I've worked at a big company making more money and I was miserable. It was such a mindless job. What I've learned was that money doesn't mean shit if you're miserable at your job. I work in a small shop now and it's laid back and I love it.

  61. luke nickell

    You gotta get it started if you want to get it done.

  62. Eugene Johnson

    Dear Aaron, if you read this please start making music again, and go to the CMA's and beat the shit out of Jason Aldean, and Luke Bryan on stage live!

  63. redneck racing

    My man and yours charla lol yours truly I jusss like dem tunes

  64. Charles Stull

    Aaron tipping is one of the best ever I would love to him him live. He is a man's man

  65. Therious

    505 foreigners were invaded;[-

  66. Anthony Garcia

    I love how true this song is now and days.... Alot people need to get off their ass and work for what they want or what they need... Not just be handed it..

  67. Matthew Moses

    A workin mans mustache!

  68. Sable Burden

    As much as I love this man and the song. Sadly this isn't real anymore.

    Man Texas

    Sable Burden my crew works 30 days straight, 10-14 hours a day. Definitely up before the sun and no room for people who don't pull weight.

  69. Jordan Jenkins

    This song is a Freight Railroader like me's theme song!! Definitely have a working man's PHD

    Jordan Jenkins

    Let's not forget Merchant Sailors, Longshoremen, Truckers, Roughnecks and oil rig hands, welders, saturation divers, and construction crews

  70. Stella's Gymnastics

    This song is awesome. I grew up working in chicken houses in East Texas. Been at the Houston Fire Department since I was 24 and don't plan on stopping until 54.

  71. Martin K. Schröder

    This is the song for anyone who believes in perfection through practice. Like Johnny Cash put it: every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better. Way to live, way to die.

  72. Eddie Allen

    Actually as a man who has spent my entire life playing by the rules, going to school, serving in the military, going to college et.. et.. et.. I have a Luv-Hate relationship with this video. Though I have been an Aaron Tippin fan for over 20 years he gets the issue only half right. All people need to pull their weight but so did the slaves of Egypt. He seems to have no problem pointing out the people that don't work (They cant find a damn job) while making excuses for his slave masters exploiting their labor & counting their shekels who also never worked an honest day in their lives either. Honest mans working PHD, stop judging others by their wealth & the lack of it.. Simple fact is "Aaron" maybe more people would be "Pulling their weight" if we hang more 'Bankers".. How about making these paper pushing billionaires get a real job.. There is an Idea pal..


    You feel better now...? It's a song, well written and sung...Not history lesson or a politician asking for a vote....try enjoying the song :)

    Eddie Allen

    @MaxGidi People listen to or like & relate to songs for personal reasons otherwise they would not listen to the lyrics in the first place. You also know for a fact that songs are often written to support political or religious ideology including his songs of "Patriotism".. For you to say songs are not "History" or "Political" is pure hyprocracy. Yes I do feel better & I stand by my opinion


    @Eddie Allen I have said no such thing ... You say I said " I said the songs are not ""History"" and you included ""Political"" as well.... Read again if you think otherwise... If you wish to talk of how the CIA along with this Bought out government is now doing the will of the Oligarchy and "We The People" are no longer a voice wherein your voter nor mine count, Perhaps I would entertain you line of thought... Irregardless "It's a damn well sung song by damn good Country singer who I can assure you "paid his dues to" enjoy the song :)

  73. Heather Steward

    For all you pisswillies that want the pay but not work the hours

    Heather Steward

    Got my PhD at age 18

  74. emma duncan

    his overbite and gay porn star 'stashe, rivals Freddie Mercury's!

  75. emma duncan

    Aaron Tippin, leading his truckload of models, to pitch a tent!

  76. David Guymon

    A lesson iGen could learn.

  77. Anita Acker

    Why don't more men look like this? Dayum, son! LOLOLOLOL

  78. Hello it's, Andie

    Mad Max Vibes

  79. Nick Swing

    489...that seems small a number for all the lazy liberals who hate this song. Soon...its almost time.

  80. Stephon Duncan

    Ik how this song feels

  81. eaglessj

    Where did country like this disappear to? Nashville executives should be ashamed of themselves!

  82. Sezrekahn Eldar

    I got a working man's Ph.D. then I got my academic Ph.D. Body, Mind, and spirit! #MAGA

  83. Marco Lessard

    Great song! In a time without tattoos!


    Except Aaron Tippin, who clearly has a tattoo on his right bicep.

  84. Travis Carr

    Another day working on my doctrine of hard knocks labor.


    those who bust our asses understand this song

  86. BSNFabricating

    This song came out around the time I was getting my welding business going, and it's kinda been my theme song ever since.

  87. Silver Scorpio

    459 people don't work hard enough.

  88. Darin Weter

    I work two jobs ain't got much family time but we survive I reckon

  89. Knuckles Orlovsky

    He was in pretty awesome shape...but I bet he didn't do it working construction

  90. Ubtrapper

    Started working in the tobacco and hay fields at age ten. Age 19 I started working for a company that I still work for today, 31 years later. I got my PHD Lol

  91. Daniel and Gavin tnt show harsh and jenson

    I got my working man phd when i was 11 doing carpentry building a house

  92. RC Addix Inc

    This is hate speech to a millennial snowflake liberal

  93. MadCowProductions

    I used to listen to this everyday before work on my cassette player.

  94. Mark Snider

    Work hard" " Baby" inn Jesus. SON ♡

  95. odinmage

    1:20 - 1:22

    PETA would be outraged.

  96. Southerngurl68


  97. Indy Debauchery

    I like how everybody in this video is working, but the person who is actually singing about work.

  98. william brown

    I think that he looked like the G I Joe of country music. and a awesome singer. Kool man!

  99. Terri avk Mudd deV6ries Badd Kree