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Tink Wet Dollars Comments
  1. Trudy-Ann Whyte

    Still my fav

  2. cassidy_72

    this track DESERVEDDD more

  3. John Wilkie

    And the disappointing video of the year award goes to...
    Couldn't find anyone who can dance?

  4. Nuzhat Tasnim

    Lohan beach club brought me here

  5. XIII

    It's better I heard last time

  6. victor schaeffer

    real music.........

  7. Top Tube

    Welcome 2 my playlist.

  8. Paulo Neto

    Omg a long time im searching for this song.

  9. gristy1984uk

    Ah man, this song is the shit!

  10. idilya

    Stap comparing her to Azealia omfg

  11. Cesar Galindo

    What is the language? 8(

  12. Kelly Jass

    why is everyone in this sooo sexy

  13. Kitsune Nana

    Does anyone know who the dude at 1:57 is?

  14. IheartMariah

    Defjay Brought me here Last year

  15. Daniel Yohan

    that song is amazing! it should get more attention

  16. Airborn Martin

    shoulda kept it instrumental ma negga

  17. Sione Tupou

    anyone know the guy at 0:52? 😍

  18. Freddie

    Her and Nadia rose 😮😆

  19. adrian48315

    Am I the only one here who don't know who Naomi Smalls is?

  20. Rosa McMahon

    She looks like that gal from Gogglebox

  21. Sunny

    absolutely love this tune and video

  22. missy18251

    Second verse is the sickest flow I've heard in a looooong time

  23. Sterling Silver

    Can you please give Missy her Style and music back please thanks lol

  24. Berkay Bark

    Melodiden geldim bitbaks yapmcam abi

  25. Anya Murphy !

    suscribe to me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Anya Murphy !

    my best friend is called niamh !!!!

  27. Domz Zolanski

    naomi brought me here.

  28. Lewis_Savage

    this is shit

  29. F34R

    The fuck is Naomi Smalls

  30. SpaceWitchPop


  31. Jakub Páv

    Tohle někdo poslouchá? To je hrozná sračka.

  32. Emiliano Rocha

    Naomi Smalls led me here

  33. david dias

    naomi smalls!

  34. 50k

    this beat is ILL!

  35. Rafael F.

    Quem é esse dançarino de azul? #MortaComTantaBeleza

  36. Sailor Gun

    wanna know dancers names pls

  37. Alejandro Toro


  38. Lisa Conrad

    She gives me azealia banks vibe but with talent and hopefully a nice personality lol

  39. Lisa Conrad

    You should thank Naomi Smalls! I'm here because of that fierce bitch!!! lol

  40. David Williams

    Thank you Naomi for introducing me to this song ♥

    Rafael F.

    +William Williams Lindoooo

  41. Matheus Matos

    Uma musica para você ouvir no fone quando esta a caminho de uma padaria .. haha ♥

  42. Andrew Blush

    ¿Como se llama este genero de musica?

  43. Andrew Blush


  44. Bennyrhys

    Naomi Smalls is everything.

  45. META

    2:08 - yummy

  46. Gabriel Folena

    naomi smalls brought meee

  47. Ryan De Leon

    Naomi yasssssss

  48. Davo Zuniga

    naomi smalls me trajo acá

    Juan Cabarcas

    +Davo Zuniga a mi tambien saludos desde colombia

    Davo Zuniga

    Saludos Juan.

  49. Kevin Lopez

    NAOMI SMALLS!!! brought me here lol


    YAAAASSS! Naomi, girl, you worked this tune like the rent is due tomorrow!

    Michael Rooney

    Kevin Lopez same 😂😂😂😂😂

    Victoria Oyewale

    Kevin Lopez me tooo


    Sis, same

    Lindi Loo

    me too!! lmao

  50. Ahmed TALAB


  51. Manuel Desant

    NAOMI SMALLS! damn she has great taste!

  52. Izzy Froggatt

    someone needs to do a proper lyric vid for this! it would be amazing to be able to rap this!

  53. Freddie

    This is so dope I love this so much

  54. Vinay Patel

    What a fucking tune!

  55. Swaghetti Yolonese

    this shit bangs

  56. classede8

    finally the real one 0~0

  57. Jeroen

    that male dancer though......


    +jeroendekangeroen he's "kidjongo" on instagram


    +haffbam OMG thanks, hes beautiful :)

  58. Jamie Christie

    anybody know the names of any of the dancers in this vid? in particular the asian dude?

    Jamie Christie

    +TVGeekOnFleek noooo don't think that's him? i just think that it's odd that none of the dancers are credited or any of the production team


    +Jamie Christie Actually, the asian guy's instagram is: jimmy_poon

    Jamie Christie

    thanks boo!

  59. carl broughton

    #PureDeepHouse4 its sick!

  60. Feelin' The Vibe


  61. Blind Tube Mare

    Amazing, just own it girl!!!


    Love this song 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  63. Shastica

    Notorious Big Nasty Girl!

  64. Emma Little

    I gotta watch this video, listen to the song & dance to it at least once a day😂 ITS TOO GOOOD😍👌


    lol me too

  65. 葬儀屋

    (✿ ◕ᗜ◕)━♫.*・。゚ Fantasticooooooo

    MUSIC IS :
    Da Wet Dollars ლ༼ ▀̿ Ĺ̯ ▀̿ ლ༽ , ᕕ(⌐■_■)ᕗ ♪♬, ᕦ⁞ ✿ ᵒ̌ ᴥ ᵒ̌ ✿ ⁞ᕤ

  66. RidgeTown Music

    If she didn't curse this song would be amazing.

  67. Tshidi Fanie

    BEEF:Tink Vs Azealia Banks

  68. Tshidi Fanie

    Azealia Banks & Tink are AMAZING!! 💛💙💕💜💚💝💖💘💘💘✨⭐☀⭐💚💜WE NEED A COLLABO! BRUHH

  69. Juan Manuel miniño martinez

    Love it ❤️

  70. Jamie Lucas

    For those of you that don't know this type of Genre of Music, if you drop the vocals that's Gangster House down to the ground. Also known as G-House its affiliated popularly with Amine Edge & Dance and their record label CUFF. This song is also sampled from the Notorious B.I.G. - Nasty Girl for some of you who haven't noticed. Amine Edge cover several remix's from a lot of old school rap artists as Biggie and Mobb deep etc...

  71. john king

    I,m proud to be an us artist online everyday of my life


    is this deep house

  73. Elven Bright

    zeds dead remix is awesome!

  74. beepz

    This video is worth endless hits. The funny this is the people who don't rate this video are all unimportant lol

  75. Average Perch

    OMG this beat was ''bad ass'' Thanks :)

  76. Matt Soper

    Worked so well as the song for showboat on soccer am

  77. M4DE IN W4LE5


  78. Jasmine Bankin

    Like when I talk to him rude Like when I have a few shots cause I give him attitude! #TellEmTink

  79. Chanti B

    Absolute banger!! I just replayed this for about an hour straight... to iTunes I go.

    Love some Tink just wish her music would release in the UK same time as it does in the US.

  80. zzzonezzz

    I just came for Tink, I love her skin ! SHE'S HOT ! ♥

  81. Rei:Sxlva

    This song is always on the radio


    In the UK. Well at least in England where I live in.


    +HollandandJasper BBC radio 1

  82. shumirai takawira

    Her lips popping 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿❤️❤️❤️😌😌😌😃😃😃😃

  83. Esteban Vewi

    Zeds Dead Remix brought me here

  84. Luka Jones

    idk who these first 2 guys are but theyre hoooooot

  85. Simo Odisla

    Bathing ape___Jordan 9 cool grey is a Champion

  86. Elizabeth Martin

    Im Playing this at the strip club I DJ at. Fn GREAT song!

  87. Bring Me More Booze

    This shit is so fire, it melted my fucking laptop.

    Alex Awwesome

    +Caleb Donovan Put it in a fridge — get more bass as a bonus!

  88. Jinx

    where the fuck is zeds dead remix to this song e.e

  89. Non Ofyourbusiness

    Weird move from Tink this... Not sure why someone in her position would want to jump on a house beat when it was obvious she was gonna get compared to Azealia straight away. Make you're own lane Tink you're killin em.

    Shouts to Tazer I'm happy for you though!

  90. Calan

    black and gold hoodie???? name plz



  92. Josh L

    this reminds me of when i went to london, it has that london vibe too with the tubes n all

  93. Ray Bishop

    Love this.

  94. AmeliaSoapFan

    heard this on the radio before and i could have sworn it was azalea banks!

  95. Bino Stakkz

    bitch better open my door, tell him if he want my ass then he gotta kiss more! my favorite line!! #teamTINK