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Tink Try Me (Remix) Comments
  1. Noah Culp

    Need more females like this. Real not plastic.

  2. Itz Tooniez

    Doin all that dick ridin you, still drivin that Honda.

  3. Elexus Sessom

    Doing all of that stick riding you still driving that hummer 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😂😂

  4. Realmoney Quan317

    Aye i swear her shit will put a nigga in their feelings rs

  5. Cathy G

    My shit

  6. Cathy G

    May giv em a taste my like Muhammad,he say it's the bomb but I'm not Islamic.

  7. Munya Fashu-Kanu

    she did it better than the original.

    L Young

    On Jesus 💯

  8. Ashanti Mac

    love your music

  9. sabrina sollazzo

    beast remix tink

  10. Emmanuel Martin

    Hey Tink I like your song

  11. kiara williams

    Boi She Killed This Shit😈💕💯

    Kisses by K

    she killed that