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  1. supa coolin


  2. teo flores

    TINK,the melody of Your songs is Wonderful !! I'm in love with Your music....(Teo/ITALY)

  3. Alexis L

    Geminis always known for fire sex and absolutely nothing else but negative shit. 😂😂 got damn

  4. Luna Chan

    My sister's post bought me here. I'm an ♈ boi I'm stubborn ass female to .

  5. Kezzy Mo

    Love this song. Also, we have more than just sun signs in our charts. She may be speaking on sun signs but moon and rising signs may have played a huge part in the behaviors in the people she has experienced. Capricorns are planners; don't take decisions lightly and like be sure about what's happening next but other area's of our charts can put us in a confused state of mind. You have to take your whole astrological chart into consideration. Keep making musis, tink!

  6. h t

    okay the sign shoutouts are cool or whatever..... but I'd like to know WHO TF produced this record?? 🤯🎨

  7. Wave

    I ain't selfish...I'm Taurus

  8. Zyliaha Jackson

    We’re is Pisces but I love the song❤️

  9. 1988ladyv


  10. Kianna x

    I love the concept of the song and it’s really good but the description of each sign doesn’t match for example “stubborn like an Aries “ it would have been better if it was “stubborn like a Taurus and “ lie like a Scorpio “ should be swapped with Gemini because scorpios are the most sexual sign and Gemini’s have two sides so it would make sense if they lie ... I still love the song her voice is amazing 😍😩

  11. OyoHerbalsCEO KingJuiceGod

    Tink u need to quit playin and come holla at cha boy 😏❤💦

  12. Datss Miahh



    Forgot the realest of them all #Aquarius <3

  14. Keisha Dobbins

    Taurus are not selfish LOL we are stubborn

  15. Jashara Grady

    Cancers are bad for you 😂 we lie , we are manipulators and cry our hearts out and will do dirt

  16. Flawless Queen

    Gemini baby ♊️

  17. Danyelle G

    I like this song but "Lies to me like a Scorpio?"Lol I think she got Geminis and Scorpios confused.

    Shanetta Hodge

    Danyelle G naw she right we fuck good yall do to tho lol

  18. Jacqueline Frost

    Tink be a whole mood 😊

  19. Bvlgari Mosa

    Only one tink🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👑👑👑✨❤️❤️

  20. MissNextUp

    Dang man why ppl do the Scorpios like that!? Lol SMH we're the most loyal, most real! We don't take no type of ish and if we get the notion that ur playing THEN IT IS WHAT IT IS,THEN! we'll give you a taste of what that sting feels like...Tink you're my girl nah but c'mon!!! Lol love and kisses Queen Melanin😉😘😘😘

  21. Elaine Elaine


  22. Cheri Perez

    Libraa! Freaks all day

  23. nina

    Aries🤘♈shoutout to my stubborn babies😭❤

    Luna Chan

    Yeah!!! 🤞🏾💖♈

  24. Davon Sumpter


  25. Moe Moet

    Lol she had to of been with a Gemini to know that 💯

  26. Tamara Washington

    Be my wife

  27. Lisa Strong

    Yessss!!! Tink!!!

  28. Alexis Harvey

    Gemini 😏

  29. kay kay

    I saw the signs and ran away

  30. illiana ramirez

    Scorpio GAAANG 😂🤔♏

  31. Tyonna Taylor


  32. Alillia Fisher

    That first "ooooohhhh " you feel yo heart crying before the song even start 😭😭😭 I give up on love for a lil while GETTING MY LIFE TOGETHER ALL 2018

  33. jasmine johnson

    please keep make good music like this

  34. James Kelly

    my birthday is January 9th

  35. Annastasia Portis


  36. Jahnetta Cleveland

    I love this song but tbh ima Capricorn and we are stubborn not confused but you right, Taurus's are selfish

  37. Qveen Shae

    Aries !

  38. Lexi B

    I'm an Aries and I approve the stubbornness👌😂😂😂

  39. Niyah Marie

    lol you didn't mention my sign.. safe 2 say Pisces do NOT break heart PERIOODDTTT

    Luna Chan

    My boyfriend's a ♓ thank God he's loyal four years strong him and I


    Gemini sign...reverbnation.com/ fuschiatwinz

  41. raven robinson

    Taurus and Aires should have switched but good song lol

  42. Janina Gray

    Cancer gang ♋

  43. Nicole Walton

    On Repeat 😩

  44. Edwin Torres

    Capricorn the G.O.A.T👑!

  45. Faith Walker

    Scorpio's are highly faithful loyalty is everything to us, me my dad and my sister are scorpios and we don't play about Loyalty....


    6/8/12 Ft Tink Loyalty www.youtube.com/watch?v=iw4r8A8Lc3k

    Baby Dimeee

    EXACTLYYYYYYYY, we are loyallllllllllllllllll and ik ur house lit with all those scorpios in there

  46. Black lives matter 94

    She got out the jam ! No more Chicago for her.

  47. Dannie Brazile

    Yess Tink! Gave Me Life Honey! 💕 This Whole Song Helped Me Peep Out This Situation I’ve Been Going Through. 🙌🏽

  48. Unique Long

    Im a Capricorn and I be confused asf ! Lmao but I love this song!!! Yes Tink! 😍💕👏🏾🙌🏾

  49. Elario young

    nice Beyonce quote˜

  50. Roman Fulton

    I see the signs, I see the signs ♈♉♊♋♌♍♎♏♐♑♒♓⛎💞💕💖💗

  51. Shae Russell

    Ahhh shit 😭😭 I'm bout to cry , happy tears

  52. MissRhane

    I love this song.. She said lies like a scorpiooo LORD'T

  53. Shanita Williams


  54. 2Short 2x's


  55. Pimpcxsstt


  56. Dametrious Scaife

    Fuck u right like a gemini ♊♊♊♊

  57. Kristian Ayana

    I love you think but I think your sign interpretations are kind of off lmao

  58. Lashay Mccoy

    Yes baby come thru 🔥✔
    #Capricorn ♑

  59. india porter

    what about the Virgos

  60. MissDAdolph

    Damn I was hoping she didn't say Gemini but I wasn't too mad. I knoooow about us too!

  61. Yolanda Freeman

    she mention signs that he has and they not good for her

  62. Angel

    I love this, its on repeat !

  63. Elizabeth Braxton

    where's leo? :(:::::

    Kyla Shepherd

    Elizabeth Braxton. She is a leo she not gonna talk about her self😂😂😂

    Deandre Floyd

    Kyla Shepherd tink is a Pisces

  64. Rosey Clutz

    I have loved every song!

  65. Sarah Ameera

    Lyrics for those of y'all who curious:


    [Verse 1]
    A dove has no aim, thrown off my game, we were supposed to
    Last for a while, walk down that aisle, just to say “I do”
    You’re the picture perfect boy, I kept it ten times ten, went against my own friends
    I must been outta my mind, why didn't I peep all the signs, signs

    You lie to me like a Scorpio, stubborn as an Aries
    Confused like a Capricorn and that's the reason that I'm also torn
    Your bad for me like a Cancer, selfish like a Taurus
    My mind's telling me to leave tonight but you fuck me good just like a Gemini, oh

    Body won't let me see, how bad you are for me
    I see things now, see clearly how
    I'm seeing the signs, I'm seeing the signs
    Had me fooled from the start, you didn't want my heart
    I see things now, so clearly how
    I'm seeing the signs, I see the signs, the signs
    Peepin' the signs, peepin' the signs
    Peepin' the signs, peepin' the signs

    [Verse 2]
    I knew what you were, you were twisting your words
    Say you love me, say you love me
    I'm not sure you do, it's too much to lose
    Whoever cannot get right get left in the dust
    And I gotta dead it tonight, I'ma be tough

    You lie to me like a Scorpio, stubborn as an Aries
    Confused like a Capricorn and that's the reason that I'm also torn
    Your bad for me like a Cancer, selfish like a Taurus
    My mind's telling me to leave tonight but you fuck me good like a Gemini

    Body won't let me see, how bad you are for me
    I see things now, so clearly how
    I'm seeing the signs, I'm seeing the signs
    Had me fooled from the start, you didn't want my heart
    I see things now, so clearly how
    I'm seeing the signs, I see the signs
    Peepin' the signs, peepin' the signs
    Peepin' the signs, peepin' the signs

    Every time I call I can't get an answer, taking everything I gave you for granted
    You only come around when you need something, I'm peepin' the signs, I'm peepin' the signs
    If he tellin' you one thing and showin' another then (runaway)
    If he never got time to be bothered wit you (runaway)
    If he can't return your love (runaway)
    You see the signs, you see the signs


    Sarah Ameera “Love Has No Aim”

    Christopher Robinson

    "I gotta dead it tonight ONLY BECAUSE "

    J Simon

    oh i felt that when she said he coming around when he need something and not returning the love you peeping the signs you see the signs us aa women when want it so bad n ignore the signs and wonder why we get hurt we have to do better ladies ive done it n woke up!!

    Christopher Robinson

    "Love has no aim..thrown off my game"

  66. Moonlight Jordan

    Where libra ??


    Pisces always get left out .

    Julia Ragin

    GLAMCOUPXO She a pisces though, so we not left out, consider a pisces herself made the song.😊😊

    Wynter White

    Leo's too

  68. Zhaaa Valentinooo

    She didn’t say my sign Virgo .. 😂

    Hasani Coward

    Mixed Island Boyy #TEAMVIRGO

  69. Mrs. Franklin

    Bad for me like a Cancer. Yesss that's me lol but she was spot on with these signs ❤

  70. Kimberly Harris

    She never disappoints 😫❤️‼️

  71. Stacia R

    Gemini is dangerous. Their mind and heart aint into you but that DICK IS. 😒😒😒😒😒


    Pepsi R girl, my baby daddy a Gemini and I couldn't let him go for shit. Dick game was a fucking drug.


    Stacia R truuueeee lol

    Kara Amos

    Girllllllllllllllllllll tell me about it😩🙄

  72. arkeshia washington

    Love you Tink. I see you kept us Virgos in the safe zone🤗🤗🤗

  73. Draya M.


  74. Jessica Denae

    Love this tink!

  75. Ke'manii

    ♋♋♋♋♋ Cancer ♋♋♋♋

  76. Ambro Gabriel Delpino

    Tf pisces?? She sleep 😴😴😴

    Syria riasha

    Ambro Gabriel Delpino she is a Pisces..

    Ambro Gabriel Delpino

    syria kemp ohhh ok lmao that explains alot too

  77. KeepYourJHopesUp - me

    she gotta be an Aquarius the way she described the signs

    Markus Cooke

    Lil’K Of Sunshine totally Agreed. I was just thinking this!!


    She’s a Pisces .


    March 18th her Jordan year !

  78. KeepYourJHopesUp - me


    Resse Bishop

    July 10


    July 18th 😍

    Kay b

    July 17th.

  79. K’Dione

    Us taureans are not selfish lol

    Delores Oppong

    Kate yes df y’all are lol.


    Delores Oppong nah we’ll give our last.. just to get shitted on 😭😭

    Diamond Jay

    Kate Exactly yooo ♉️

  80. haha haha

    Niceeeeeeeee album <3

  81. Zion Chavis

    Sooo just fuck Leo’s huh?

  82. Kathrine Bearden


  83. Jeremy Allen

    What about Sagittarius we are the best sign of all

    Yolanda McCrary

    Jeremy Allen FACTS!

    Jayda McNeary

    tink is a pisces

    Kiana Kash

    why forget the best sign 🤦🏾‍♀️sagittarius should’ve been first tbhhhhh

    Erin Hopkins


    Denise Williams

    Deon Green £0

  84. Monika cervantes ladyru

    Yessss Capricorn ☆☆☆☆☆☆

  85. Melissa Smith

    This entire album is fucking 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #tinkfan

  86. kennedy Lake


  87. Kayla

    Every time I call I can't get an answer " Run Away" Taking Every thing i gave you for Granted "Run Away" You only come around when need something "Run Away" If he telling you one thing and showing another then "Run Away" If he never got time to be bothered with you "Run Away" If he cant return your LOVE "Run Away" <------ You see the signs #FACTS

  88. AjayyyMua

    She got one sign wrong 😂😂 scorpios don’t lie and we are the sex sign 😂😂 We hate lies ....but i fuck with this song tho

    Miracle Johnson

    Just Aj the guys are liars 😩

    Jarica Davis

    Just Aj she definitely meant libras with the lying 😂😂 and I can speak on it I'm a Libra dating a Libra

    Latricia Simmons

    Exactly 👏🏾👏🏾


    Taurus isn’t selfish we stubborn 😦 but I love Tink so she get a pass lol

    Carnisha C.

    Righttt 😣

  89. Tarareyon Sanders

    It doesn't matter what she makes. IT BE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  90. Tymari Fulgham

    What about Virgo the best of em all 😂

    Jalisa Falana

    Tymari Fulgham We are angels ok! There is nothing to say about us! ♍️😌

    Crystal Adkins

    Yea lol my BD is a virgo his ass drives me crazy !!!!! Lmao gotta love em tho.

  91. sherelle willis

    I love Tink this is a great EP she needs to do more R and B music that speaks to the soul

  92. naudeah stevens


    naudeah stevens


    Jade Flowers

    naudeah stevens heeeeyyyy them fire ass june baby's!!!! WE are the shit period and we can FUCK! a lil hint of crazy but we are great ppl nuff said..🔥💯👅😎

    naudeah stevens


    mekaylah johnson

    And we lie and cheat💯♊ but it ain't right

  93. happy bee

    What i saw everyone releasing new music and the little voice in the back of my head said... "Check on tink" its been 3 months into 2018 nows the best time to make a move man year of women!