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Tink M.E.N. Comments
  1. Dion Hill

    So underrated

  2. Constence Jones

    2K20 🎉🎊😍

  3. tia jones

    She sounds like Rihanna a little bit

  4. free netflix

    Still bumping thissssssss daily

  5. Sabrina Christian

    2019 🔥🥰

  6. Alisha Croft

    Will this ever be on Spotify!

  7. Alexander martinezAlexanderMartinez


  8. brown gyal

    So mf underrated for no reason 🥺

  9. Setareh

    Can someone PLEASE add this on Spotify

  10. Miss Dee

    No the name should of been boys daydream of being Man. Pont blank.

  11. XVII. VXI

    Kendall Jenner brought me here

  12. sheyy turner

    2019 baby

  13. Kyle Williams

    These fcking lyrics tho!

  14. Gina Ballantyne

    😰😰Why ain't this On ITUNES ?!?! Srsly ???😵😵

  15. Guy Armel Jeune

    The first song I ever heard from her back in 2014 ...anyone ????

  16. Jasmine Nicole

    half yall lying yall aint been fw tink frfr 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  17. Deja Franklin

    Still listening to this in 2019 💕🔥

  18. Nomi Treasure

    This was my jam.

  19. Rk2109

    here cuz of kendall lmao u dont get a medal for being here not bc of here k thanks x

  20. Jose Corrales

    Damn. This is a DOPE TRACK.🚀✨

  21. abena cook

    Pls is there an instrumental of this??!

  22. ✨SadCat✨

    Does she still rap ?

  23. Island Neni

    Where are the lyrics...? 😐

    Moon Rise

    It's in the descriptions.

  24. Danielle Kennel

    Kinda sound like Rihanna

  25. Jade Shepherd

    Here from a kpop reaction channel XD

  26. Billie-Jean Williams

    Still listening to this song in 2019, I've been playing this song since 2013🙌 never get sick of the beat

  27. Tanya Gudger

    2019 still listening, fan for life

  28. sevoy duncan

    Trying to get through to a person who can’t feel what you feel 😐

  29. suhas saroya


  30. Kellie Gordon

    Still my jam from 2014 to 2019

  31. Tamala King

    Nobody bought me here I just love tink 💙💙💜

  32. Tiara Devaughn

    Yes she did her thang she his dope love her she speak from every point of few

  33. So Walters

    Underrated artist

  34. Kid Rauhl

    Still in love with this song

  35. Ebony Dior

    man she's good she can rap she can actually SING not that nicki Minaj oh I can hold a note like she's hot its sad when real talent gets swept under the wrong but hey u can't buy morals

  36. galhagalgal

    if kendel jenner brought you here GO AWAY

  37. 0nly.k_ !

    True DAT

  38. 0nly.k_ !

    I love this song

  39. Forever ‘ Yanee ;

    The realist .

  40. Carlos Harris

    Who is listening in 2018 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  41. MyBecca World

    Le son et boooon

  42. Tay P

    Underrated 😩

  43. Taylor Davis

    Radio brought me here

  44. Maliyah Mcqueen

    Here because it’s 2018 and tink still and always was the $h!t!!!!

  45. Matthew Torres

    kylie brought me here

  46. Nathalie Sillanpa

    He doesn't understand the meaning of providing I'm in this alone he doesn't want a future he will never understand love this song I fully get it tell me what I wanna hear but won't act

  47. Aaron Enoch

    Lovely song

  48. halloWie haissenSie

    Years and I just realized its says "cant explain it" instead of "can I blame men" this hit me hard someway

  49. Princess De’Ariel

    love this 💗

  50. Alexander martinezAlexanderMartinez

    Understand all way seems like for others?? ~§&% lol

  51. Laesha M

    And what’s hurts the most is you don’t want my love .. ‼️

  52. prudence the burning bush

    Y I'm scrolling to find lyrics n y'all tlkin bout Kylie n Kendall n shit I'm here for th song n lyrics to it not them bitches 😧😒

  53. butera's sunflower

    sweet kenny j. brought me here

  54. LaToya Hicks

    Sounds like Rihanna on the hook, I know she’s not but still lol

  55. Edwin Torres

    Can we take a moment2 discuss how unfair n bias the game is that the powers that b keep forcing cardi, iggy, cash-me-outside girl n dreamdoll down our throats instead of giving us GREATNESS like Tink?


    Blood Sweat Tears lyric "This industry so f×××in fake!"

  56. jessicagr2005

    Anyone know where i can download this song? I am unable to find it on spotify or Itunes. thank you :)

  57. Nerissa Dorris

    I'll be happy when they let us dark skin women shine. She is a better artist and song writer than nikki & cardi b would ever be

  58. Sabrina


  59. Porsha Marie

    i’ve played this song everyday since 2014 😭💖

  60. April Love Olandag

    Talk to me mentally, wise from a symphony
    Cuz' you can’t hear and I can’t stand with all this arguing
    Tried to connect with me, I found the epiphany
    Like a mystery, you don’t seem to be
    Who you were back then, now you’re just giving up
    Now I’m swerving, thoughts start turning
    I gave you all the signs and you still ignore it
    So what the fuck am I to do? Just get me to an empty room
    No signal on this road we’re going down

    Shut up, by now you have it
    Can't fix one thing in silence
    You say you care but you don't care like how I care
    And that's fucked up
    And what hurts the most is you don't want my love
    My love, no, can't explain it

    [Chorus X2:]
    Say what you wanna hear, they will
    You’ll never understand how it feels, no
    Trying to get through to a person
    Who can't, who can't, who can't
    Feel what you feel

    [Verse 2:]
    I wanna feel deep with your actions
    I wanna feel more than attraction
    I wanna get deeper then deep
    If it’s not what I think then I think you should be more clear
    Tell me you was down for the ride
    I guess now the rules don’t apply for a nigga
    And if we can’t draw close, baby, you’ll never get that picture
    So talk to me but mentally, I wanna feel that chemistry
    That we both had, we both had
    My heart’s in between my mind
    I love you but love is blind
    It’s clear to see we’re going down

    Shut up, by now you have it
    Can't fix one thing in silence
    You say you care but you don't care like how I care
    And that's fucked up
    And what hurts the most is you don't want my love
    My love, no, can't explain it

  61. ashley rebecca

    YAAASSSSSS bitch werrrrkkk

  62. Hazwani Qaisarah

    why is this not on apple music

  63. Double Vee

    Heard this on Soundcloud so lovely

  64. Chuntney King

    My shit

  65. Pye Pye


  66. Phelicia Pruden

    I knew this song before Kendall did omg 😫😫 jk lol

  67. K Mille

    I heard this song once...and I had to replay it two three times...thats a good song...Love you Tink!!!

  68. Felipe Lima

    The beat is the best thing of this song

  69. E P

    Never get sick of this song, need more like this

  70. yousifine uch

    Why are you guys makings comments about who brought who here? Why not comment about how great this song is?

    Randy Brown

    yousifine uch lol

  71. Maria Maria

    i went to college with dj dahi, we in the same theatre troupe fam hey

  72. Nicole Jenkins

    Tink SoundCloud ✨🤦🏽‍♀️ I've known these songs for yearrrrrrrsssss and they still gets me 😭😍

  73. Mariam Azouz

    Where the lyrics at tho

  74. O Dinero

    Tink baught me here cuz she lit af and love her voice...love her and sashagohard💯💯💯👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    Randy Brown

    O Dinero maybe i didn't listen to that women songs enough. Because i did download a mixtape o'm going to go back through.

  75. kissmypixels

    why isnt this on itunes?

  76. Zebonia Arshell

    Fantasy life reloaded brought me here 👐🏽

  77. Aly Nett

    I fucking love this song 💓

  78. Kayla Ray

    yo i hate those comments that are like "the only reason your here is because of kendalls snap" like bruh. does it even matter tbh? like we obviously came cuz we loved the song and want to hear more from her. like you sound stupid😂

    Randy Brown

    Kayla Ray lol

  79. Nicole Westcoast

    i use to listen to this when i was with my x now im free and single lol ❤💋

  80. Deezy Baby

    say all u haterz need to eat a dicc

  81. lmay04

    3:03-3:34 = rockie fresh tell me

  82. Kela

    I love Tink.....Day One fan #1 ''Outta Line and Modern Wave''' are good songs too

    Randy Brown

    Kela yea she killin shit.

  83. L. Rockett

    yes, yes,yes

  84. Terry King

    I'm in love with this song Tink Tink gurl you're blasting boo

  85. ebony Mitchell

    I'm soo sorry you guys are just discovering this beautiful talented young lady but Tink has been doing her thing for a minute, she is just as talented as any mainstream artist today but given she's of dark complexion she isn't displayed like the light-skinned and white artist

  86. Sherelle Willis

    I love Tink she is so talented and beautiful her music is so dope

    Randy Brown

    Sherelle Willis agreed.

  87. Nikitia Rocquemore

    Love this song

  88. C C

    I'm sure it's been pointed out but some of the lyrics are wrong

    Isreal Pettaway

    Jasmine Hyman please explain

  89. Andrea Smith

    Yall, tink still dealing with boys ??? Wrong song title