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Tink Litty Again (Thoughts) Comments
  1. realdealdread

    This song came on when me and bae were....never mind...this is one of our playlist songs now!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. iyanna Stokes


  3. LEONARD Evans

    Play this everyday !!

  4. JTashã

    I got that shit he was missing ain’t nobody gonna do you better than me.... He ain’t from Jamaica but he like swim and he like the Caribbean Sea. 🙃

  5. Ashley Brown

    I love this songgg

  6. Nicole Personal email

    I lovveee her

  7. Marona Winston


  8. Darius Knight

    Still my shit going on 2020

  9. Nakeyia Lucas

    I love this bitch 🥴😩🔥


    My favorite! A banger Tink did that!! People are sleeping on Tink I knew when misdemeanor Elliott and Timberland signed her she did Million!!

    Team TINK make'em THINK😵🍰🥇

  11. 75 subs with no vids

    Tink give all the vibes and they still sleep on her. It's okay though they'll wake up eventually

  12. Latoya LatoyaWilliams

    Wait a min what ... Toes in the air like a united flight 😳🎇🎆😂😂💎

  13. Shatoria Richardson

    I love her

  14. J. Carson

    Anyone know who produced this?

  15. Nikki nikki Johnson

    Wen i first started listening to her i couldn't stop.. I can definitely relate to sum of her music 💜

  16. Bionca Johnson

    Tink is that b*🥰😍🔥

  17. Carter Nisha

    🔥🔥🔥🔥😘😘 #teamtink...yesss

  18. Dion Wilburn

    I😘love tink

  19. Chelsea Holt

    I love all of her music....2019

  20. Edwin Torres

    So many talented darkskin female rappers who are way more talented than who this colorist music industry keep trying force feed us.... Tink Dreezy Lady Lashurr Ms Banks Nadia Rose Jungle-Pussy Khia Kandi aka Jay Will Tierra Whack❤️🖤💚💯

  21. Mz.Gorgeous Stacey


  22. Shidarika Mays

    My girl bumping frfr 💕

  23. Karri Baby

    Yall request this song on the radio!!!

  24. goldcoco


  25. Make Me Pretty Reese

    I fucking love Tink!!! She so slept on. Her music is original and she be speaking facts! 💯🚫🧢

  26. lovelyme83 !


  27. Toussantlbisso


  28. brontan Isom

    Whole ep 🔥!!!

  29. Bianco Gardner


  30. Tammarra Starling

    I'm hella addicted to this song!!

  31. Jonathan Samudio-Facyson

    Good club song

  32. Shabrika Rouland

    R&b is tink real rap shit is Megan the stallion.. My 2 favorite in the game. 1 r&b 1real rap🔥🖤

  33. Chauncy Sway

    One) Breakin' you down in the crib
    (Two) Throwin' you right on the bed
    (Three) Huggin' you tight in my arms
    Wrappin' you up while you holdin' my legs
    (Four) Givin' you sex in a ride, (Five) you better hurry and slide
    I lay awake in the dark
    And these are the thoughts that's all on my mind
    (One) Breakin' you down in the crib
    (Two) Throwin' you right on the bed
    (Three) Huggin' you tight in my arms
    Wrappin' you up while you holdin' my legs
    (Four) Givin' you sex in a ride, (Five) you better hurry and slide
    I lay awake in the dark
    And these are the thoughts that's all on my mind

  34. Corey Lucas

    Jammin to this while looking at the Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer. Snap, it fits like a GLOVE.

  35. Amirah

    Sooo underrated!!!

  36. Ashley Itty Ricardson

    Yes sir

  37. Kimora Johnson

    Yass Tink, Bitch you riding in the car !

  38. Cheena Lockhart

    Damm this shit hard ok 💥💥

  39. Chill Cutt

    Tink..... baby girl you got old school🔥🔥🔥🔥SHIT

  40. DreamerFinesse

    i love & fuck with all her albums & EP'S

  41. andrea summers


  42. Quitta Jean


  43. Raven Davis

    Been waiting for her album for the longest 😄🤗😍

  44. miss Bemo

    She never let's me down

  45. Jared Honus Ankrom

    this is mixed so nice her voice sounds like icey diamonds

  46. Jasemine Knowles

    Been on repeat. Tink’s songs always align with the ish I be going through.💋🙌🏾

  47. Cherry M


  48. Dreá M


  49. Jose Corrales


  50. Anrena Underwood

    Yes she should be number one ☝️ I love me some Tink Tink 🥰

  51. Danielle Wood

    Exactly how I feel rn💦👅

  52. Kyri Kelly

    Classic hits

  53. A1is Dope


  54. Carla Richards

    Lord she bout to make me call up my ex

    Mike Spector

    I'm right here baby. 🤔😎🤣😂

  55. Marshanna Oliver

    rode the beat

  56. Dashana Curry

    I love you TINK 😍❤️🥰

  57. Bionca Johnson

    Favorite song on here other than “different”

  58. Christopher Robinson

    Whole mixtape is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    I agree 💯! Is a product for sale on apple & google play still called a mixtape?

    Christopher Robinson

    @Toussantlbisso Yes. That's what she called it on her Instagram.


    @Christopher Robinson Mixing her Lyrics w Other songs ! Great R&B anyway.

  59. Angelee Holbrook

    I fuck with Tink love her. I don't think theres a song i Don't like can't say that about a lot of artist.

  60. Brittney Marie

    Golden and gifted 🙌

  61. Ashley Itty Ricardson

    I love her😘😍😍😍

  62. Dro Gotti

    I'm getting diamonds dancing vibes

    Marco Martin

    Pete Sustaita this would be a great Strip Club song for strippers to dance too lol

  63. Shameika Smith

    Damn she's bomb...Where's her recognition..

  64. Lemond Makaveli

    It’s crazy I fell in love with “I neee ur love” then “Ride it”, but once I heard this track, it was over. I’m pretty sure my neighbors know the song by heart. I can’t take it off repeat to even listen to the rest of the songs smh 😩


    Tink G 🎼! FOR Ever 🏆!

    Pepe L'Alesi

    Omg yes ‼‼‼‼‼

  65. Sasha Steave

    Tink you showing out!

  66. Alexis L

    This the best song on the mixtape

    Lei W

    Alexis L yo this is mixtape. Dang!

  67. Latisha Miller

    can't nobody fuck with tink period💯🔥🔥🔥

  68. Lovely Ari

    Tink is golden this album is 💯🔆🔥🔥❤️❤️

  69. Jasmine Twyman

    This that one

  70. La'Tasha Marie


  71. Erika Jefferson

    my new shit

  72. Praying Hands26

    No fr every since this came out🌷❤️😠❤️😠❤️🌷🌷shot need to go platinum period beat bang words freaked dropped period boss shit 💪💪💪💪❤️❤️❤️to the dislikes stop hating u have to be a clear hater..we need them too.

  73. Tribal Native

    ugh, my motherfuckin shit

  74. Daniel R.

    yoo this song slapz so hardd 💯 str8 🔥🔥

  75. latrece taylor

    Favorite song on the album 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  76. Shabrika Rouland


  77. Praying Hands26

    Love shot I can bang in My ride🌷❤️👍

  78. Praying Hands26

    Fire ❤️👍👍 👍👍 👍🔥🔥 🍸🌷 🍸👍🌷❤️❤️🌷 🌷🍸 I'm so geeked 🤣😊🤣

  79. BlondeBomb Shell


  80. BlondeBomb Shell


  81. ddkisses1

    "CmTHR 👌😎

  82. 90s lover

    Love this song one of my favorites but the whole album is great

  83. TheeinfamousTuki

    The whole project is amazing 😍 im rooting for TINK!

  84. April Martian

    I'm feeling thisTink 🎶😍 Girl you Betta sing!!! 💞💖

  85. Babii Doll

    So why isn't she just as big as cardi b?


    Tink G not created/owned by 🎼industry 💯!

    Angel Peoples

    Babii Doll independent artist


    Cardio b lightskin

  86. Marie 93

    Nicki and Cardi B WHO !?

    Terri Belford

    Marie 93 facts! And let’s not forget city girls. City girls who????

    launae bowling

    Marie 93 cardi b forsure

    Sam Skroolz


  87. Mike Evans

    I believe dudes can listen/play songs that were made by women....like Anita Baker or Sade that being said the intro is what grabbed me....was high with eyes closed when it came on..felt Relaxed. Tink did it with this one

    Tomas D.D

    As fellow dude. I agree with you 100% lol

    Daniel R.

    Brooo factss!!

  88. Jess Wdz


  89. Alexis WebbQ


  90. Stylebreaka

    Break-in you down at the criiiib

  91. Alicia Scott

    She stay snapping!! 😩👏🏾💕

  92. frostysnow w

    All the songs are good 💗💗

  93. Rosa Vega

    Fav song on the album .. blow up already!!!

  94. Lil Domo

    I'm Praying For a Tink X Dreezy Collab 😭😭😍🙌🏼 Shit Would Be Fucking Fire

  95. kayah williams

    Been waiting🥵

  96. Reka The Singer