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  1. Falcon 22 YT

    It not her song it winter from bad girl club she stole it

  2. Alexis L

    Big ass catalog of music 4real. She a rnb female Gucci Mane low key lol

  3. Brittany Williams


  4. Zaniyiaa West

    I can say yellah beezy put me on this song

  5. Jahdon Young

    Winter slid this better. Don't cone for me

  6. Queen_Kash Génevieve est sur

    Somethings got to give, What Am I doing wrong? I’m trying to find something I can call home.

  7. Blue Mice

    lanae stinson

  8. Blue Mice

    it was nice

    Blue Mice

    it was nice😌😌😌😌😏😏😏

  9. Nene Bae

    love it 😍😍😍 and bgc winterr cover is bomb too

  10. Nikki Hart

    Sing it girl

  11. Trina Love

    2018 ayeeee

  12. ace godless

    I love this fucking song ! makes me fall inlove with her

  13. Legacy Jai

    She Went To My High School, Tf North, She Don't Claim Us Tho

    Reeko Reeko

    Legacy Army She rep calumet city & south side chicago


    Ilove you tink baby my song

  15. Ashley Johnson

    I fuckn loove u TINK 😍😍😍😍😍

  16. Luh Trin

    New Fav Tink Song😩😍😍

  17. Maltese Adorable


  18. Jonathan Clark

    simply stunning

    Lamaya Crawford

    Jonathan Clark dh HV hdnfhfmhfk

  19. Amira Chandler



    yall know that girl winter from bgc16 she stole tink song home

    Xavier G

    game headtv She didn't steal it. she did a cover.


    Xavier Gonzalez. ok

    Lamaya Crawford

    game headtv cjddjcb

    Cooda Cooda

    game headtv she didn’t steal it, it was a cover 😍


    Sad how All the Tracks Triple Threat get covered title copped
    Etc and Tink G still gets lil props
    rihanna petty nonsense , beyonc
    Feeling Myself , that hiphop chick
    & Tink &Assatas Dance on Me 😕

  21. Shanquallia Moore

    I'm home town were my first love at an lone love

  22. Emily Leverett

    Tink boo thing good time she was my life time very happy with you

  23. Aizia White


  24. Keymari Bailey

    cant stop lisening to this song im in love with it $$$$$$

  25. Tierra Triplett

    I love her!!!! 😍😍😘😘

  26. Delia World Baybee

    😻😻love this song

  27. Rashida Naylor


  28. Maria Rocker

    I love your songs

  29. Kay Chanell

    What app you do your lyrics on

    Sassy Diva

    Its not an app. I just use Windows Movie Maker.

    Kay Chanell

    +Sassy Diva thx

    Sassy Diva

    @keara purches Your welcome

    Stephen Colebrooke

    +Sassy Diva lol you know alot of songs

    I love your page btw💞💞💞💞🔥🔥🔥

  30. Ben Woodson

    I wish I can just see her in person that would mean the world to me

  31. Model_College_life24

    I love this girl

  32. Ben Woodson

    tink is dope as fuck i fucks with this girl she can sing

  33. Shanetta Nelson

    my song

  34. Akira Stewart

    The beat goes hard.

  35. Ciara Mona’e

    This songggg 💞

  36. Kaylan Katara

    Tink is pretty af 😍

    Silver Jones

    With make-up hell yeah

    Nyla Coleman

    +Silver Jones with out it she still is

  37. Lashanya Bogen

    I'm in love with this song,yess Miss Tink sing it girl😍😍

  38. Lashanya Bogen

    I'm in love with this song,yess Miss Tink sing it girl😍😍

  39. janessa morrow


  40. Reginique wilson

    Omg I love this song😛😛😛😛