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Tink Get You Home Comments
  1. Nashayla Wright

    U right in my F

  2. Imani Brown

    My shhhh 2020


    this song is so underrated!!!!

  4. Emilia Pinner


  5. The F L E X ER

    That autotune is on point 💅🏾

    Theyscreaming J

    The F L E X ER she doesnt need it🥵

  6. Precious Jureé

    I kept hearing this on every girl’s snap story 😭😭

  7. Toussantlbisso

    🎤"Once I put hands on Yoouu " Tink G💯

  8. Lauren Harris


  9. Jazzy Jaz

    December 2019👇🏽

  10. DIANA almeida

    👌😎love hoy

  11. Bhadalupe

    December 2019

  12. maria


  13. Tyler Salters

    This song + my ex OMGGGGGGG 😩😩😩😩

  14. Nadia Muhammad

    My song

  15. crystal flood

    She too dope!!🔥

  16. Shatoria Richardson

    omg I cant stop listening to this song

  17. Shatoria Richardson

    I swear I love this song tink b goin non stop that beat fire too

  18. Pancho Villa

    She be talkin 💪

  19. Alexis L


  20. Omar Vera

    Her name , her voice is something else and the lyrics to this song is insane !!!

    Marco Martin

    We must get her to the top

  21. Narysa Roberts


  22. Patrick J Gray


  23. BMX

    October 2019?


  24. Tramell Carter

    🎧 2019

  25. Annalisha Wright


  26. Lotus

    One of the artist booth time would be lit with I claim it 💯😌🔥🔥

  27. Quentin Haynes

    Hes a boss & he knows that I like himm, is it wrong that If I only went at him. Take him home just to see what's the sex like

  28. Nina Caramel

    Love this

  29. Courtney Stokes

    She is so pretty

  30. Slimtina Marshall

    Love you 😩

  31. HevyregE HevyregE


  32. Toussantlbisso


  33. Xiueme' Willis

    Do me n the car pulling on my bra like...😘 00110714 i miss my girl so much (VitaLocA)

  34. Divine Psychic

    I love this song 😍

  35. Toussantlbisso

    Tink G got that 21st Century R&B🎼for Us 💯!

  36. Gwendolyn Collins

    She should collab with Nicki Minaj

  37. Gwendolyn Collins

    She a beast

  38. Jesus follower

    Marriage first I respect you more then u think

  39. Kendrell Wilson

    This is too much sexy for me.

  40. Chasity Pate

    Man i been listening to her since that bars song man she lit ! On god

  41. Sara Ahmed

    I think i'm inlove with this woman!!!

  42. Jasmine Dawn

    I have this on repeat... Ppl at my job know the song from my headphones 😂

  43. mariamsy _

    July 2019?

  44. Noellea W

    July 2019

  45. -kaay

    Man this song is still mine like idc idc😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  46. Bonnie Price

    Dope asf she writes her own shit too!!!

  47. Brandyn Bailey

    Now y’all got my grandma singing it!

  48. Jacob Gaston

    My birthday coming up

  49. Desi Vuitton

    Can’t relate cause I’m young but the beat hard ash !💯

  50. Teddy BearTAI

    2019 and this still bangs. Love Tink voice 😍

  51. frostysnow w

    2019 still listening to this album 💓

  52. Rachel Jones

    Get home

  53. Angel Ochoa

    This shit staaaays poppin

  54. Jamal Harris

    April 2019

  55. Matt Simpson

    I'm late to the party, but this is nuts 🔥


    Better Late than Never ma neighba !

  56. Brianna Burger

    Her voice 😍

  57. Andre Dorsey

    It kills me that Tink is not one of the top R&B females charting in 2019

  58. Najae Scott

    This still my shit 🔥 #2019

  59. Carter Alston

    mfers are sleep tinks that bitch

  60. Asiah Brown


  61. Isis TwoTymes

    I just want to get you home 🏡😍😘🤭🌊🍑😻💏

  62. Dorian Bowens

    This is my favorite song ever

  63. Shay Post


  64. Ariana Willis

    Hooked 2019

  65. Boss Teria

    Nice ole song

  66. C & K Fam

    Where have I been? How did I let this slip by me?? #OnRepeat 😍

  67. Kenya Joyner


  68. Lovely Lola Blue


  69. Krystal Alford

    Sorry something bout yo voice mo MATTER WHAT you do is fiiirrreee yo make competition hard we cant.leave you [email protected]##CHIROC WE RUN THIS SHID THEY WANT.TO DENY US BUT WE CANT GO WIT OUT A FIGHT..........AND YALL MAKE ME THINK YALL WAITING FOR ME

  70. Alize Wilson

    Im sorry Ann marie ain't snapping harder thank tink for on this cd! Just my opinion 🤔😍😝

  71. Lil Smallz

    Everybody need to wake up periodt

  72. Leondis Caver

    When I get you hooooooooommmeeee

  73. James Golden

    This so Chicago and so lit you could damn near footwork to this lol. This young lady is so talented wow.

  74. chico realg suave

    2k19 anymone

  75. P-Dog


  76. Brenda L.

    Apple Watts is the reason i like this song😂

  77. Solida Coates

    A video for this will be so dope.

  78. krazy love


  79. saniah cole

    Yay lol

  80. Yonii Dior


  81. Ella Williams

    2:14 for Nicole Kirkland

  82. frostysnow w

    2019 still listening to this song 💕😃🎧🎤🎶🎵💕💕💕

  83. DAndrea Ford

    I love the beginning😍😍😍

  84. Phil Gotti

    Beautiful voice

  85. Jessica Keel


  86. Jessica Keel

    K camp should remix this

  87. Shay Tha real

    January 2019👀👀 who listening with me ?

    Aniya Hunter

    Shay Tha real me

    Terri Belford

    Shay Tha real right here sis

    Karishma Clark

    Nah May 2019

    Sabre Mcgill


    khylaiera mccoart

    Shay Tha real *2020 😇

  88. Crave Bee

    On repeat 🔥

  89. Shania Washburn

    Tink & Ann Marie 💪🏼

  90. Kidd Tezzy


  91. English_Redbone

    She still is and will ALWAYS be the baddest 😍😍😍

  92. Kim Jordan

    Nice Ass song

  93. Pfunk dawn

    I'm a freaky nigga I'm be in it all night I'm ready I been good I can handle you I'll put you in my boo face I'll eat it up no stopping I'll tear it up you are the truth 😍😍

  94. John Thompson

    Nice song 💯🔥🔥🔥

  95. m m

    50 cent would of killed this

  96. m m

    Her and yung bleu needs to happen