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Tink Fuck Around Comments
  1. Claudia Varona

    God why is she so underrated 😩 shes dope asf

  2. Kisha Ward

    Her pen brazyyy

  3. Witney Bulenga

    My fave artist 🔥🔥

  4. Da Quyet Storm83

    👌🏾🔥 nyce 1..

  5. Cierra Mabins

    I love this song i felt this shyt

  6. Raijah Scott

    She is awesome I love her

  7. Anu D

    why is it sounds alike Daniela Andrade’s Gallo Pinto?(in a slow way, only music?

  8. Tone Styles

    y yall be stealing from the small guys? my shit sounds better anyway


  9. tipsyontea

    This the song I play when you’re loyal to me... in bed.

  10. Shontia Blue

    Tink always been fire I dont get why she so under rated..

  11. Barbz Boutique

    drunk music for me

  12. Kawana Obanner

    Love it

  13. yoo smith

    Fuck girl you got me all in my feeling I definitely love this shit !!🎯🎯

  14. Latasha Summerville

    If you gone steal a beat so it better!!!

  15. Arthur Sims

    This is a sample from gallo pinto by Daniela Andrade

  16. Queen O

    I just love you tink smfh!!!! And you being a Pisces like me I swear these emotions be on a whole neva level 💪🏾💯❤️🥰🤪

  17. Natalia Davis


  18. Gi H

    🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽😻😻✅✅ under- rated

  19. Talisa Marie

    Can’t believe he got me in my feelings 😩

  20. The Lena&AR Show


  21. Diamond Hill

    Tink my boo always go off 😍💯🔥

  22. Jasmine

    This is DPR Live “Jasmine” in the background

  23. Covert Not overt

    Slept on.

  24. Destiny Dare

    Why does this song sound exactly like Jasmine by DPR LIVE?

    Heejin’s Chicken

    Destiny Dare EXACTLY

  25. TaLut Hussien


  26. z s

    when the song started i thought it was #codekunst song. because the songs have same bass :((( And code kunst’s song released 2 years ago..... #codekunst #jasmine

  27. Anami Alex

    here before 1 Mil!

  28. Brianna Haynes

    I love this song literally 🥰♥️

  29. Stephanie Alvarez

    When it started I had to double check to see I wasn't watching DPR Live Jasmine 👀😂

  30. Miranda

    This song reminds me of my Boyfriend.... even when I’m mad at him!!! 🖤🖤🤞🏾

  31. Justice White

    Currently on rep[eat. I genuinely enjoyed the JumpCut Inc #ad as much as I enjoy this song. It was humorous, informative, and helpful. The quality of this advertisement caught me off guard, so much so, I had to comment. Loved it.

  32. Rose Bonjour

    You copied dpr live it's not good things 🙄

  33. Rose Bonjour

    Like dpr live jasmine

  34. Shayla Pendleton

    I Fuks with tink I swear 😍☺️

  35. Heather Clark

    My fav right now ❤

  36. Alexis L

    When she said "I'm off a 5th, I be talking my shit" I felt that 😩🥃

  37. Melissa Johnson

    Loveeee her ❤️😩

  38. Sosa gambino

    Kinda sound like r.kelly I admit lol both fire tho

  39. Amour Jackson

    ❤️❤️ this tha one

  40. RatedFlyBizzy

    Timbaland fucked up her shine man!!!!

    Marco Martin

    She still can get it if she keep on going

  41. Ericka Posada

    When Tink goes main stream it’s over for all these bitches Periodt 🥴🤷🏽‍♀️

    Marco Martin

    I hope she get there because I'm sick of waiting

  42. lady love

    She way better than most females that’s in the industry 🥴❤️

  43. Jala Kelley

    She’s so good yo I love her so bad 🥰🥰🥰

  44. v splash

    Nice Nice

  45. Lord Marley

    Sorry but tink colder than summer walker in my opinion 💯💯 chitown bitnezz

  46. Danie Kripke

    Omg sounds like Kehlani sometimes 😱😱

  47. Badamtsetseg Ts

    Why does it sound the same as DPR's Jasmine????????

  48. Kay b

    I'm so glad to be from Chicago. I don't think I would know about her if I wasn't 😕💛

    Aiyesha Lovell

    Kay b I’m in South Dakota I’ve been listening to her for sooo long😩💚


    I became hip to her from watching Wala Cam. I'm in Detroit.


    Seattle love here!

    Raven Henry

    I'm from Georgia and I been riding with her since Winter Diary 1

  49. kylie Coleen

    Guess u gotta sell ya soul for em to pay attention .. love tink u don’t go unnoticed ✨😩💕

  50. Xxjinnax

    Bruuuh this song gave me so much of Jasmine by DPR Live vibes bc of the instrumentals are so similar lol. Yeeeet

  51. Its. Qween

    We are not here for who is better than who...just T I N K S music

  52. Leticia

    Audiomack please 😍

  53. DeAndrea Matlock

    Tink baby you done did it again 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  54. Bria D


  55. L J

    Tink got me through some shit, man. I'll forever bump her music.

  56. Milan Chantell

    Yass for the intro

  57. Corbin Noble

    I just need me a TINK 🧚🏾‍♀️

  58. Nickerlas Roland

    Tink is the best🔥 drop some with G herbo

  59. Millie Chantel

    she DID that

  60. Krystal Wade


  61. christiana sanders

    She makes you feel everything she say🅿️🥰🔥

  62. Wyteisha Rogers

    This should have way more views Tink did her thing ❤❤

  63. Besties Forever

    Literally listen to this song dam near every day Tink is the shit been a fan for years she so underrated she should be on Rihanna level they need to stop sleeping on my girl every song she makes is relatable to somebody 😍

  64. ray A-d

    Raw, paints a positive picture 🔥vibe! Tink underrated asf.

  65. Michael Claybrook

    2nd verse takes me away

  66. Ricardo Cadet

    Definitely good music

  67. Dat Guy Jay

    this is DPR live beat from jasmine, such a vibe

  68. Jay'Lah Naff

    aye do a song with cash Kidd

  69. Lepri Lyrics

    Lyrics on my channel ❤️

  70. Champagne Rain

    She better than summer walker if you ask me 🤦🏽‍♀️

    Rocheia Anderson-Robinson

    They Are Honestly Both So Talented

    The Loyalist

    @Bee Harries versatile??? Summer doesn't rap....I need a fact check or you to reword that comment

    Bee Harries

    The Loyalist by versatile, I meant all of her songs don’t sound the same. whether that be vibe, production, lyrical content, etc

    Saje Hocker

    Frl man so much better 😩❤️

    Liyah Loving

    Always been like BEEEENN👌😘

  71. Sheree Hill

    She snapped😌😌

  72. Ariana Mabry

    I wanna give you the title❤️

  73. Ariana Mabry


  74. Aniya Carter

    my favorite female artists period she never fails me

  75. Jasmine Campbell

    Every song she makes touches my soul its so crazy how she sings and raps in on like she be singing but the word pay is sick i really love tink

  76. Angel Nicole

    Tink can never do no wrong 😩💯

  77. Shanay w

    La la la la la
    (Oh I like how that track sound)

    [Verse 1]
    Boy you got me in my feelings
    You a street nga, but I never cared about an image
    They say you bad, but don't nobody know the real
    And can't nobody understand how I feel
    I got a nga that come from the streets
    That's my lil' baby, you know he a beast
    I know he gon' do whatever for me
    Just like some money he keep it a G
    I wanna give you the title (oh yeah)
    I study your body like it was a final
    I like the way that you lean in your chair
    Boy you look good in whatever you wear
    I like them tattoos on your face
    When I act up you put me in my place
    Boy when you pull me and grab on my neck
    That's that lil' shit that be havin' me wet
    Want you to show me who wearin' the pants
    Boy you're a man, man, man
    I'm off a fit, I'll be talkin' my shit
    Now you cussin' at me like you angry
    You real as it get, and I show you respect
    Cause I know it ain't easy to date me
    I know I'm a lot of time (time)
    But you keep me on my grind (grind)
    See how you work when you on the clock
    Yeah you got it on lock, yeah you got it on lock

    I'll be there for you when you had a long day
    Type of love make me wanna go and tat your name
    Promise I won't fuck around
    Promise I won't fuck around
    (Promise I won't fuck around)
    (Promise I won't fuck around)

    [Verse 2]
    I like the way you keep me safe
    He keep the 30 up under his waist
    I like them ngas they be in the feel
    Just wanna love me and pay all the bills
    Ain't tryna do nothing else (ain't tryna do nothing else)
    He get the money and flip it for real (oh yeah)
    I let you hit it anytime of the day
    Promise that I never give it away (away)
    Boy you my peace when I'm wildin'
    Hit this blunt and high as a pilot
    Yeah, the light's in my fire (cause you keep it so real)
    And I truly admire (how you make me feel)
    I wouldn't say it if i didn't mean it
    You know I don't do this shit for the camera
    I never listen to no one
    None of these bitches is gon' understand ya
    You're everything that I want
    You been a hundred from the start
    Hit the gas, boy you movin' fast
    But you know you're good in my arms (oh yeah)

    I'll be there for you when you had a long day
    Type of love make me wanna go and tat your name
    Promise I won't fuck around
    Promise I won't fuck around
    (Promise I won't fuck around)
    (Promise I won't fuck around)

  78. Miracle smith


  79. Beauty wilks

    She did again I love her 😝

  80. ShawtyG Water


  81. Shakima Cooks


  82. Edwin Torres

    Tink > Than who ever this colorist music industry keep trying to gas

  83. Dessiney Scott

    I fucking love u tink fuck whoever dont like it period

  84. ShawtyG Water


  85. Precious George

    She gives me life😩🤞🏾
    Love her so much❤️

  86. Amber Jones


    Ughhh Why isn’t this on Apple Music 😤 ?!

    Marco Martin

    It's on there now

    Amber Jones

    Under what ? I don’t see it.

    Marco Martin

    @Amber Jones just go to the link on the video bio on Tink YouTube page

  87. SyntaMist

    She took the song off Apple and Spotify 😭 I can’t wait to hear the remastered product.

  88. Rina Chanelle

    So mad they took your song off Apple Music 😢😢

    Marco Martin

    She took it off

    Marco Martin

    It's back on there now

  89. Marco Martin

    Y’all say Summer Walker better 😂😂😂 she’s not fucking with Tink and that’s a fact

  90. Ashanta Lindsey

    This is that shit🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  91. Ashanta Lindsey


  92. Ta'Riah Collins

    My baby ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

  93. Juju Ramsey

    Ok boo i see yu get it tink

  94. Santrell Wright

    Love dis song 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤❤💯💯💯💯💃💃

  95. Arna Weaver

    Omg yassss tink coming with a fire song stop sleeping on Tink 💕💕💣👑❤️

  96. Lamere Jackson

    Sure won't

  97. Praying Hands26

    Okayyyy 💯👍❤️

  98. Jamie Jones

    Yesss Tink🔥🔥you never disappoint sis! Keep em coming ♥️