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  1. Malii E

    2020 🔥

  2. Joe Grizzly

    This my baby tink go crazy baby 😘😍💯

  3. Labrie Young

    2019 ??

  4. London Jones

    2019💕 !!

  5. Malii E

    2019 ? 😍

  6. natasheona ellis

    I relate to her 😏

  7. Bella Dior


  8. Tiff Taylor

    2018?? Anybody??

    Malii E

    Tiff Taylor yess 😩


    Lawd yes this my shitttt


    Tiff Taylor yassss🤪



  10. Wayneboi 3

    I would love to do a #Cover to this Track. #IAM @Wayneboi3

  11. Jessica Denae

    Love love love this song!❤❤ Tink got me in my feelings...

  12. Nick Butler

    The beginning sample sounds so....familiar

    Jessica Davis

    Nick Butler sounds like one of bruno mars songs


    bruno mars song sounds like this more than likeliy!
    This tune's like how old Six 6 Years !

  13. M J

    I love all Tink music she is so unique, and I personally feel she need to be main stream period! Her music and her voice is too amazing to not be all the way out there but it always been like that. The really talented artist don't get the recognition there well deserved but these artist that's mainstream has the shittist music and no talent. But real recognize real. We been seeing you Tink

  14. anonymous

    This needs more views

  15. aoneapproved understandable

    tink g you beta know it

  16. Girlz Myloves


  17. Girlz Myloves


  18. Tremaine McKnight

    Tempo Nice and Slow
    Lights dimmed low
    Shooowwww Me
    What you've been holding too
    Tonight I'm bout to show you
    All Of My Bodyy(cause)
    Your Soakinggg
    Girl tonight I Promise You won't regrett
    Cause Honestly
    You got the best of me
    Make u scream "Daddy"

    The freak in me bout to explode girl
    Tonight you gone let toooo of all your

    Make this tongue lick all on your clitttt

    U said u want the g
    Well I'm about to be
    Your porn star, My sex will drive you crazy

    Cause Honestly, You got the best of me...Make you scream "Daddy"

    Eat it up Beat it up(Oh Baby)
    Slow it down, Speed it up(Oh Baby)

    Girl u don't know what you in for
    Fucking all over the house, all on the floor

    Say my name...I feel the pain...From your finger nails
    In my back...Dig u out please don't tap outttt
    Cause I'm not done...don't you run...bring that pussy back.....Cause u deserve every inch of my love

    Cause u know about mee
    Backshots all the fucking hickies

    Cause Honestly you got the best of me...Make you scream "Daddy"

  19. Tomeika Curry

    Tink Is The Shit!I Listen to Every Song she has Every Day I know them All by💜She Be talking real Shit!


    Triple Threat Trinity Raising The Bar* Since 2011!

  20. Jennifer Lee Sanchez

    wats the instemental

  21. FP E


  22. Tiffany Jackson

    this my shit i love you bae

  23. jamal flemmings

    me and my girlfriend fucked on this song and she was super wet

    alonte davis

    +jamal flemmings it probably was your first time too huh

    Chlo Mariee

    why would we need to know this


    +alonte davis Gotta be because he too happy😂😂

  24. EBONEE Onyxx

    my favorite song by her so far

  25. Princess Washington

    I love it

  26. Nae Nae

    My shyt....❤ Tink

  27. Donna kane

    I am vibing with tink

  28. lido lexus

    I needa learn the lyrics boul!

    Bree Myá

    Baby grab a pill 
    Tell me how’s it feel
    Adrenaline rising
    & i know this may kill (kill)
    but the pain i wanna feel (feel)
    bite my lip oh we’re rolling
    you’re thirsty 
    i’m wet 
    Oo tonight we’ll be breaking out in sweats
    It’s ecstasy , when you’re next to me .
    Make me say oho oh

    This is new to me uh
    I just wanna feel your face in between ma legs
    Oh i just went numb again
    yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah 
    ‘Cause i’m shaking
    What is this?
    Oo tonight i can’t even catch my breath 
    It’s ecstasy 
    when you’re next to me
    Make me say oho oh

    No more no more (ooh oo ohh)
    No more no more (no no nooo)
    Baby, its so much more enticing (ticing)
    I ain’t never felt this horny

    What do we do? What do we do? Tell me, baby, what do we do now.
    So damn high (high)
    So damn in love (damn in love)
    What do we do? What do we do? Tell me, baby, what do we do now.
    I’m addicted (i’m addicted)
    & you’re my drug

    ‘Cause i love this
    this shit
    & i need me one more hit
    of that ecstasy 
    when you next to me
    make me say oho oh oo oh 

    ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah……. 
    [fade out]


    +Briana Robinson Great Job transcribing !


    +Briana Robinson Great Job Sexy Do u sing or do music ifso lets work i produce engineer rap an write r&b RealRealTalk WarhedMafiaEnterprise Ceo 2K16

  29. flower seji

    The beat sound like it will rain Bruno Mars

    Kayy Blogs

    flower seji it is duhh

  30. Azia lee


  31. Mielle W

    This song make you feel sum type away

    Eon Hardy

    Especially when u havent heard it in a while

  32. Sarah Ksieska

    this is u 2 mey

  33. devine williams

    my song

  34. Tahteyana Valliant


  35. Tahteyana Valliant


  36. Jacqueline Perkins

    This that song on the g's

  37. LLmoney23

    I had this in my playlist but I guess it got removed so I searched it and found this, thank you. Namaste :)

  38. andriana stewart

    Toni romiti ♥ check her out!!!!

    Business Women

    fwk DAT bitch


    No thanks we fucking with Tink😩


    my song 

  40. Marquita Furcron

    Yesss mmm omgeeshh!! This song :-*

  41. nyiana Tate

    This my song

  42. Christian Davis


  43. Mielle W

    Omg I love this song

  44. yasmine luckett

    Love This Song 33 ^_^

  45. jacqueline mcdowell

    I'm Horny 

    Stephanie Smith


  46. Briana Stevenson

    <3 <3<3

  47. ғᴀɪᴛʜ ᴍσnαєє

    Oooooh Kill Em.!

  48. Tonnia Pryor-Biggers

    love hittin et last note lika pro everytime I here this song, go girl!!

  49. Shaunda Howard

    This my shit ...<3

  50. Shay Smith

    Sexii Asl.!!!!

  51. Dominique Coleman

    This Is A good song so fuck too
    Make me think of my forever boii

  52. Jasmine Howard

    This that shit. ♥

  53. agnesha green

    # tink squad

  54. Mar'Quis Porter

    bro this that shit...it really sets the atmosphere while fucking...

  55. Pooders Pooh

    Tell me baby what we do now

  56. Ni Ni

    cus im shakinggg wat is thissss oooo tonight I cant even catch my breathhh!!!

  57. bienculocariño

    Your Thristy
    Imm Wet

  58. jessie flowers

    dis my shit ill fuck to dis songg nice n slow lol

  59. Destiny Tabb

    Thisss Iss My Shit : ) Ima Frreak Soo Yeahhhh ! Cause Im Shaking : )))) Make Me Say Ohhhhh !

  60. Murdock Delilah

    I Just Want Yoo Facee Between My LEGSSS <3

  61. lashawndra williams

    Your thristy , I'm wet .. Ohhh tonight we'll be breaking out in sweat

  62. leah d

    wow she sounds like jhene aiko i still like the song

  63. Jada Stokes

    I like this songg

  64. melanie williams

    try usin Youtube to MP3 Converter nd all yhu gota do iz copy da link frm da video nd paste it !!!!

  65. Danielle Jones

    I like this song

  66. Dominique Reed

    I Loovvee This Song... #crack

  67. HighCloud14

    then type in a1promotion ,

  68. HighCloud14

    On hulkshare

  69. Yonaa Richardson

    I Ain't NEVER Felt This Horny . ♥♥ !

  70. Mileek Davis

    My friend got me listening to this, I got my sister and my other freinds and now we got basically the whole school listening to her!

  71. HiS2MrS2

    I think ur mic could have been turt up... but nice work!

  72. Bree Baby

    I knew she was sampling that song , I thought I was the only one who noticed that's wassup !

  73. Perfected by Tay

    She sampling Bruno Mars - It will Rain.... Dope.

  74. MsJlove

    Yaaaaaasss ♡♡

  75. Axander Garcia

    Luv it!

  76. Keeng

    Everybody tell a friend about this ckick......we gotta blow her up! She got it all....the talent.....voice.....and looks.

  77. TanikaK

    I love love love this song !!!

  78. Champale Davis

    I love this song!!!

  79. Savon Smith

    I stay listening to this song it's so addictive :)3

  80. TrendyChickNya

    Jus raped the repeat button lol

  81. kaution79

    yoooooooooo shawty be gettin it!

  82. Joi Eris

    Baby Pop a Píll Tell Me How's it Feel. Adrilanine Rushing. ♡♡♡

  83. diamond daniels

    love all her songs one day just one day she will make it to the top and become famouse and sing to the world out in joy

  84. ariyon davis

    Your Thirsty , I'm Wet..Oooh Tonight We'll Be Breaking Out in Sweat !♥♥

  85. Joi Eris


  86. Becoming Court LaNae

    Kota Get Yo Famouss Freak Ass Outta Here.! Lmao

  87. ayye sheamazing

    Cant stop playin this

  88. Boss Kota

    she gucci but it make me think alot too i love this song of corse when my girl over my crib
    i love the part when she say oooohhoo cause that is how my girl be

  89. Jamilah Brown

    This lil lady is that shit hands down Tink murdering it rapping && singing

  90. Mileek Davis

    I love this song, like Lemon2times11 said I GOT THIS ON REPEAT!!!!

  91. Jazzy South

    damn tink is so sexy to me I swear I wanna make her my girl I want to sing with her to

  92. Shay Moneyy

    This My Shit... <3 !!

  93. latinablanca9

    1 tha best sexin songs 3

  94. Vonno Johnson

    one of my favorite tracks its da big homie vonno checkin in #blawwww