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Tink Dear Jeremy Comments
  1. Aniyah Hampton

    This song gets me in my feelings so much

  2. Mesha _girl

    Ive been looking for this everywhere

  3. Serena’s Chanel

    This song reminds me of my coby i miss u baby🕊

  4. Whitney McCuin

    My general managers name is jeremy. Spelt the same, And everything. He's pretty hot. lol I was also just thinking how I have a crush on him, And I literally came across this song. is this a sign? Lol

  5. April A

    It's writing contracts not writing guys checks

  6. Riquel Keathley

    Dear Marvin, Been thinking that im still in love with you ...Rip My love

  7. Diamond Dudoit

    I can relate 😩😢

  8. Keem Keem

    I’m still here

  9. Riquel Keathley

    Where can I buy this song at ? 😫😫😫

  10. kalah riley

    who else still listening to this in 2017?



    kalah riley

    Toussantlbisso yesss 🙌🏽

  11. keith walker

    Can't get enough of her or this song. One of my favorites

  12. Deja Ford


  13. IamParisRenee

    This is about a good childhood friend who passed away.

  14. Essence Adams

    this is amazing lows and i now know how much i love this song

  15. Braceface_ Shanti

    I think she talking about Jeremih because his real name is Jeremy and they did a song together call don't tell nobody so I'm guessing it's about him and they are both from the same place

    A'na Wintour

    I doubt it he's a little older than her I think she's only 20

    Nychelle Page

    Its a baseball player

  16. Elite Coolboy

    I'm not still in love with any of my ex's. However I love this song.

  17. Destiny Jefferson

    For some odd reason, this song gets me sad...

  18. ShakiraBetter Damon-Poe

    is there an instrumental

  19. malaysia floyd

    Contracts not a guy checks

  20. Nyla Coleman

    That phone tho

  21. Lady Pisces

    damn jeremy you everywhere can't seem to escape yo ass..lost for words cause I miss dis man so damn much an nah I just run into a love song name der jeremy. it's hard being a african american female wit a white man in a small town where da population is majority White . fell in love with a white man I'm a very beautiful African American female and he's very attracted to so we wasn't out hunting fa each other but we found one another Bond from day one spend a lot of time together couldn't be apart the first 90.but wen you have ur baby mama drama an family all in your ear pushing other women ur way just cause dey don't like da fact ur in luv wit a beautiful black girl dats on her shit an have her on doesn't seem right to them I guess so dey pull u away from me I miss you like crazy an have so much luv fa you dat I want you to be happy an do wats best for you an if leaving me alone well bring a lil peace in your life den baby do it....der jeremy I want you to cum back

    Sinclaire Reeves

    tee leave jermey ass alone

  22. Royal Tee Official


  23. SMUT.

    That picture is so cute! :*

  24. Jaleena R

    Something about this song always gets to me 😩

    S3NSI JA

    Same here

  25. Dejiza Coleman

    I listen to this everytime i think about my past relationships😳😔😭

  26. Jenice Huguley

    I love this song.

  27. zairah harris

    She is my favorite artist she sings the truth 💛💜💙💚❤💗💓💖💞💎💯💯

    Riya Easley

    ik...i be telling ppl she with it.

  28. Riya Easley


  29. miyia


  30. Brianca Elay'shia

    And I was wondering if.... If you could come back to me, & maybe we could..

    That part gets me EVERYTIME.

  31. Felecia Lipscomb

    I like this song it real

  32. Ayanna Jones


  33. Nadiya Toles

    good job veryy nice tink a big fan

  34. Rosalva Escudero

    so sad love this song made me cry lol 😭😒😁☺😙😜

  35. Kimari Mathews

    this song brings back so many memories 😢😢

    Yoo Nation

    same here

  36. Storrm Davis

    you're pretty you're pretty

  37. Lashae Love

    Brings alot of memories back

  38. Taniya White

    She must of been through alot i love tink she is a very good singer

  39. K Vionne

    I'm crying...😔

  40. Jaaz Jaaz

    Why do I think she talking about Jeremy hill

  41. jada watson

    Is anybody else wondering who Jeremy is? Like where ever you are Jeremy please go back to her but I love Tink she is an amazing artist

  42. Megan Johnson

    Could listen to her voice for hours!

  43. Jeremy Tillis

    the irony is that my name is Jeremy and I could really dedicate this to myself. i love this song. "Dear Jeremy"

  44. Kenya Lindsey

    This song makes me think

  45. NETTA F

    My daughter @***** keeps playing this song on my phone over and over again like girlaaaa

  46. Frances Jacksom

    This how I fill by my crush

  47. Baby cakes

    She's soo pretty😩😭😍😘👑

    Shantaia Kovach

    No she not 😂dont lie

    Keke Petite

    Shes beautiful 😭😩😍

    Queen Taurus

    +Shantaia Kovach yes she is everyone has flaws so plz don't be like that

    Kay b

    @Shantaia Kovach she definitely is😂 your mad ass

  48. Rondo Robinson

    Man .......


    u will also be loved by me  love your songs i list to all of your songs everyday  u are so cute and sexy


    ilove this song

  51. Jalexis York


  52. Chyna Lacole

    Dear Kj I Been Thinking Im Still In Love With You.........

  53. maiya murdaa

    Ooon me😂👏💕💕😏😏💍

  54. Virginia Carr

    tink can do better than this that's how you know she a bad chick

  55. Kyrin Lloyd

    This song is sad but beautiful

  56. Shantel Trice

    Dear Jaleel ..... I been thinking

  57. Eric Turner

    How do you make lyric videos ?

  58. Lynette Canales

    Tink please keeps singing for us cuz u one good song writer n singer ur very relatable I mainly like dear Jeremy,and treat me like somebody

  59. Eric Turner

    Such a beautiful song .

  60. Joi

    I only listin to her when I'm in my feelings and she makes me feel good again

  61. Kie Edwards

    Got me missin my 1st love curtis west

  62. Jeremy Garrett


    Aletha Page

    @iesha bell

    Niah J .


    Lakesha Davis

    tink can u please make an instrumental I love this song reminds me a lot

  63. Traphina Talory

    It's weird cus my boyfriend name is jeremy , we're kinda off &on every time we break up I always listen to this 😊😣😍

  64. bradasia ellman

    i can relate to this. this song means a lot to me.

  65. winter Mcrae

    Tink Have Bars👌👌💯

  66. Jacque Capone

    This need to be over 5 millions because this song taking me on a trip.

  67. Symae' Jacobs

    Love it😻😻😻😻💕💕💕💕💕

  68. Cresandra Lovee

    I was wondering if u can come back to me and we can race back to that corner

  69. George McGriff

    her voice is beautiful

  70. keaja jackson

    I wanna race to the corner too*

  71. Breunna Cavett

    Tink can u have a consart at Memphis and can u come to my house

  72. Kiyah Drawhorn

    I.lovers yhuu.tinkling.Nd.all yo musicc

  73. Popa Leftwich

    Love it

  74. Erika Buchanan

    Love it

  75. Child of God Watson

    Video hot

  76. La'Keeara Rainey

    tink always go hard and Diamond Mariee its ok if the lyrics were a little slow I really like this song it is like a true story dis really happens

  77. Confispect

    Timberland..... Breakfast Club... I'm here!!!

    Go Tink!

  78. Mala Marie

    Dear Jeremy

  79. J Reviews

    that's the worst feelig when the one you love moves an you never see them again 

  80. Brittney Wattley

    This is a very pretty song girlie keep it up ma.

  81. Sherelle Lemons


  82. Lolita Joy


  83. Mariee Cannon

    Thiss Song Can Have Anyonee Bacc In Their Memoriess <3 i Loveeee Her Songsss Especially Thisss Onee !!!!!!!!!!

  84. Johnana Jones

    I love tink soo much

    Tyrone Brisker

    go tink girl go i feel ya

  85. K Nickole

    Nvmd, this song is so sad.

  86. K Nickole

    This song is so cute

  87. Notifysender90

    What I live about Tink is she is a great lyricist and she sings the songs you believe they are to be sung. Her music is relatable and oh so real

    Aries Sun Moon & Rising

    @Notifysender90 right


    @shannon timmons :-)

  88. Raniyah Bradley

    She gives me a modern/90's feel like yassssss girl!!!❤️💋💋


    I totally agree... She's so refreshing. She's really restoring my faith in in music again !

  89. Victoria Conley

    this matches me so much... except, im the one who left in a big u-haul truck. 

    Raniyah Bradley

    Awwww what happened?!?

  90. Yasmine Cade

    This kinda What happened with me and my boyfriend but we both wasn't 13 he was 17

    Yolo Trinidad

    Same here

    Carl Parker

    What! Please don't have kids if you think that was ok

    Shy’s Life

    @Carl Parker thats not what she was saying shes saying she can relate to this story bt she wasnt 13 she was 17 when this happened to her! soo u chill out cause her  having kids aint got shit to do with u u aint gone support them so stfu and mind yo business 

    Carl Parker

    She say he was 17 read again and I have an opinion just like you so mind your

    Imani nicole

    +Carl Parker exactly is said but " we both wasn't 13, he was 17 " meaning she was 13 and he was 17

  91. Ronica Winston

    thiss song is my favv song by her

  92. Daquoya Latrice

    Gotta an ex I was w. At 13 name Jeremy

  93. Cedric Lewis

    Tink go hard all her song I can relate to an its just very awesome I love a female who knows there way around a track


    yes agreed

  94. Tena Brown

    It's * sorry typo

    Cedric Lewis

    Girl stfu

  95. Tena Brown

    Towards the beginning it's suppose to say left in a big u-haul while i was sitting out on my porch but otherwise great job

    Diamond Mariee

    Thank You Ill Fix It Now