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Tink Count It Up Comments
  1. Matthew Davis

    When i hear the beginning of this song it makes me close my eyes cuz i remember there was a time i was so low & this got me thru it

  2. Toussantlbisso

    Sooooo Many Great Bops !☺ 🎼🏆🔎! I'm Glad they're in my suggestions 👋! And Tink G😍 Don't Stop ! On and On and On Tink G goes just like that Bunny Yo !

  3. Toussantlbisso


  4. Tierra Triplett

    Keep This On Replay<3

  5. yousef

    man i cant never get over this song....me n my ex shawty loved it and always played together in my car while we sat back in recline held each other and just talked about bullshit......fuck that bitch though

  6. Raymond Dez

    Whenever I need to be motivated...put this on #REPEAT


    wod is bonds

  7. Alison Grace Lauder

    Y isn’t this on Spotify☹️


    right ? lol had to pose my music to come here bum this coz when i search it i aint find it on there

  8. Tanquanzza Bell

    I love this song and Tink is a good singer!!!😍😍😍

  9. Toussantlbisso

    6/26/17 ! 365 Days since published , 102,044 Views ,Thousand plus Likes , 23 disLikes , Triple Threat Trinity's 21st century R&B is Timeless !..... "Count It Up"

  10. Shy Roc247

    What Album this on🤔 do need this track N my Life😙


    It's a Loosie !.. Triple Threat Literally has DOZENS of Loosies & Features . RT !

    Shy Roc247

    @Toussantlbisso Loosie🤔 do you mean it's on a mix tape?


    A Single ...Individual Released Track !

  11. AYEwhatido

    This song goes so hard... ppl be sleepin on the wrong artists


    "Some Day They'll Know what it took Me" Tink G WD4

  12. Azaīyåh

    Man Tink always got hits beautiful voice

  13. Charlysa Ferguson

    Babes 😍❤️🔥

  14. Brad Montgomery

    extremely underrated !!! keep releasing hits tink 🙏🏽

  15. Nikki' Nicole

    "I just met upp w/ anothaa niggah cause anothaa Woman ran off w/ Minee" ....🎵 Sing that shyt Tinkkkk😍

  16. Zina Warrior

    This shit slaps!

  17. Anthony Garriett

    she needs to seriously blow the fuck up

  18. MzReddMusicLIVE

    #chi tinksquad💜💙💓👑

  19. Shera Joyner

    Love me some Tink!!! ugh I miss her

  20. Toussantlbisso

    Voila......!....... WD4 est arrive' ! cela reste la bombe !

  21. Brick city Jersryt

    im inlove wit her

  22. Teairra Ray

    still going though alot still thinking how to get it right
    (Long Days Long Nights 30 Days 30 Flights - Count It Up)
    gotta crawl before you walk and walk before you run - fall before you stand with strength
    love her ambitious ! keeps me putting my pieces together!

    Shy Roc247

    Teairra Ray wus the name of this track it's 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  23. Marcino Mansions

    damn her voice is sexy

  24. Toussantlbisso

    When I'm not Groovin with Triple Threat Trinity ! And waiting on WD4 .....I'm with Lianne La Havas from cross the pond !
    Les gens dorment sur elle aussi !

  25. PrincessBoobado Mistress of the Elements

    Damn Tink this shit tough! you look bomb too ma!

  26. Lele Baby

    I love Tink!!,💯💯😍😍😍💙💙💪 & her song explains a lot!! 😩💯she keeps me going!✨✨

  27. Jamila Ajazi

    Man ppl really sleep on her..

    Nicole Clark

    Yes they do ..She is the rose growing out of concrete Tink for president

    Jones 81

    grow up kid bc she has a unique personality tbh

  28. Vic S.

    Jahlil Beats stay flamin

  29. Ashanti Harris


  30. Ashanti Harris


  31. Resha Baker

    Drake would have made this shit fire-er . 👌😗😘



    Resha Baker

    Did I say that? Gtfoh .

    Cjaye Marshall

    Toussantlbisso.. lmfaoo

  32. Resha Baker

    Drake would have made this shit fire-er . 👌😗😘

  33. Stacia R

    tink THINK TINK!!!

  34. Toussantlbisso

    "Can't count How Many Times they Overlooked Me!"

  35. Ashanti Harris

    FT me tink I can sing

  36. trives99

    Yaaasssss 👏🏾👏🏾 My girl shows out once again! This is a hit!

  37. Monnie Alvarez

    so much better than dreezy!

  38. Chanel Armani

    So happy she finally blessed us....she's just the best.

  39. Miracle Johnson

    And she does it again I love her my fav artist 😍💁🏽🔥

  40. Ke'auna Pass

    This goin on the radio soon

    Terri Belford

    Shoot, it better be! Tink over Nicki, Iggy, and studio Dej loaf any day!!!!! Real Hip Hop still lives💯

    Ke'auna Pass

    +Nyasia Soul I agree

  41. Iam_Trina3 Channel

    love it 😍😍

  42. Seathasky

    Kind of sounds like Jhene Aiko, im feeling this

    Poetic Justice

    Oh no Jhene Aiko has nothing on her. She is one of a kind. She stand alone!

  43. black bandit

    def a fan luv ur sound an delivery 💓💓

  44. zhavien3

    love it

  45. The Black Announcement

    Love it

  46. Toussantlbisso

    Tink G's Tone ! & Flow ! is............... Magically Melodic !

  47. Jay Delane

    Best song of the year and the realist shit

  48. B W

    Never disappoints me

  49. Brandie West

    Already Know I'm Finna Be Playing This Song Out 💯

    Denise Dixon

    +tre thomas stalker

  50. Brandie West

    Already Know I'm Finna Be Playing This Song Out 💯

  51. Kim Stone

    tink is boss

  52. Shayla Nicole

    And Another One 😍

  53. JMLRH

    Trina tee!!!!! where is #thinktink???


    I had to get up and get it, ain't took a break in a minute, too busy making a profit, bitches ain't even a topic. So please don't act like you know me, If only you knew what it took me.

    Shy Roc247

    ZIONOLOGY what Album this track from👀 Plz help been all ova trying to cop this😐 song is 🔥🔥🔥🔥


    It was released on her soundcloud, not an album single which is a shame as most of her music sound like single better than her own singles. https://soundcloud.com/tink_g/tink-g-count-it-up

    Shy Roc247

    @ZIONOLOGY Oh wow that is a shame indeed😢really like the song 2. Tink really is a unrated artist and needs more exposure👏👏👏. Thanx for the hit back as well as putting an answer to my question😎

  55. Monroe Lovee

    2 ppl ain't counting up 😂

  56. SongBird Vae


  57. Monroe Lovee

    long days, long nights 30 days 30 flights.. count it up💰💪.. love you tinksterrrr 😘💚

  58. Briani Bell

    Tink never disappoints 🙌🏾

    Leanna Thomas

    at all never

  59. Reese Lashay

    been waiting on this

  60. Makhila Williams

    B****** ain't even the topic. 💯

  61. Thera Marshall III

    I see you TINK!!! Do you Boo!