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Tinie Tempah Written In The Stars 2.0 Comments
  1. Mikel Debrie du cercle des ORPHELINs

    Song beautifull all my simplicity are my about thanks ,its a real slow ,i listened also james blunt ,i as same him in my thoughtfull.Thanks boys

  2. Bryce Theobald

    That high pitch long part was absolutely amazing and powerful, I've never cried to a song until this one. Man does this speak to me omg. ❤😭❤😭

  3. Šmoula

    He had better voice in the original

  4. Passos' Jr

    Melhor versão mano

  5. Leko Legere

    David Guetta feat. John Wick

  6. Lucas Borges

    Original Tradução

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    Written in the stars
    A million miles away
    A message to the main
    Seasons come and go
    But I will never change
    And I'm on my way

    Is it the sounds of an angels
    Written by saviours
    A mixture of hate and
    All it's grace

    Is it the color of glory
    And suffering souls
    That take you away

    Is it the top of the mountain or
    The feeling you found it
    That really floods

    Is that the perfect relationship
    Something in place of it
    That keeps the mood going

    Written in the stars
    A million miles away
    A message to the main
    Seasons come and go
    But I will never change
    And I'm on my way

    Is it the top of the mountain or
    The feeling you found it
    That really floods

    Is that the perfect relationalship
    Something in place of it
    That keeps the mood going

    Written in the stars

    Written in the stars (yeah)

    Written in the stars
    A million miles away
    A message to the main
    Seasons come and go
    But I will never change
    And I'm on my way

    Is it the top of the mountain or
    Oh yeah
    And I'm on my way

  7. Mikel Debrie du cercle des ORPHELINs

    This wild all on a dial, C tt, ciao gentlady.

  8. Mikel Debrie du cercle des ORPHELINs

    I liks your sound, walk about thisstink. It s beautifull

  9. Mikel Debrie du cercle des ORPHELINs

    Magnificat, it s really superbs !!!

  10. Mikel Debrie du cercle des ORPHELINs

    Ajusthould clods voicialest. It s perfect. Thanks to thinks this world to your motion lexiks,d1d guard council cstld liNEA Cadres. Structures symétries ligh therbz epoks

  11. Mikel Debrie du cercle des ORPHELINs

    Goncourt dja msie un luministhould greatall star gam, thanksto🎤wOmusic. Send equationinternathiuriel

  12. Imran Ali

    I used to listen to his part only this song was all about him.

  13. Mehmet Ali islamtürk

    The real form of the song
    Tempah sucks

  14. Ahmad Afif

    2019 anyone ?

  15. alexandru lovas

    Amazing..love this version..Eric Turner is great..

  16. JK K

    His voice got some feelings that's y he sings so amazingly

  17. Fyrian Phoenix

    Oh my god. Buying lol

  18. Music Sweet

    This is beautiful

  19. s m y l e r 維 イ ゝ

    Eric Turner ;) good job

  20. pecfree

    Love it!

  21. 1608lollyann

    Fantastic singer

  22. ambrocio martinez

    The love wrihter

  23. Rizki Aginta

    awesome music !

  24. Big Nebula

    two years a go I saw this video , I looked at his hair and I told my self that's it this time I'm growing my hair for real and now I'm laying on my bed with my long hair and I love it, crazy how the smallest things can motivate you.


    Cool! I'm growing my hair again too. Just started. How long took to get that long?? Peace 👊

  25. Vladimir Putin

    Erix turner has died in decimation

  26. johan coetzee

    Is just me or does he sound like robie wilaim

  27. Рузалия Камалиева

    Now give me video this song in Samarkand and in London with Liberty,you know make connection between two,

  28. Рузалия Камалиева

    This is so great,

  29. Brocktimus Prime

    I feel like if this song had the bombastic intensity of melodic metal without the slow parts and had the same hype as Tinie Tempah's version it would be the absolute best rendition the song could be.

    Music Sweet

    Brocktimus Prime I agree, the tempo picks up real good in the end though

  30. Ripardo Filho

    Eric Turner and John Martin best singers ever

  31. Screamish

    Seases come and go? You can't unhear it.

  32. xyz122

    eric turner should make more songs like this

  33. Smoke Cannabis


  34. Vini Clash

    Better than the original

  35. Jamshed Khan

    2018 and still loving this song

  36. Vipin Chandra


  37. Christian Meyfarth

    Fantastic. Fantastisch...
    Lieblingslied. My favorite song

  38. TheVulgarBackpacker

    Thank god he went and released a version without that lame rapping. Chorus was the only thing about the original that kept me coming back. Now I can stand to listen to the entire thing. Awesome!


    shut up dickhead tinie tempah is the greatest uk rapper of all time and the reason this song was so good.


    @IrlHavoc u on crack

  39. Juan Tena

    nice song

  40. StormyStars

    Yeah, total Eric Turner Fan here. He has an actual video of doing this song on his own with the same tempo he used with Tinie Tempah. I can't find it now bit it was awesome!

    Sharmin Rahman

    damn am looking fo that version it used to be on youtube but they removed it

  41. Yukari Hideki

    if Jesus is still on earth, the Lord will said this is His favorites song

  42. Tobygas

    Gotta love that high note

  43. Leon Burgess

    This had me in tears

  44. Tiago De Brito

    fuckin good

  45. refa altan altuntas

    '' I will never change .And I'm on my way '' Love this song.Gorgeous.

  46. Tone Gabriel

    Love it !

  47. Ennio D'elabbo

    This song without rap or hip hop shit ....is trillions time much better !!!

  48. Guilherme Sponja Games


  49. tuamaruli tanggang


  50. Joel Torrez


  51. Stephen Nutt

    From the song with tiny I knew he could sing, but God this is giving me goosebumps

  52. Syed Asif Iqbal

    I love this song ...

  53. Ian Harrison

    This version is too slow and he doesn't go high enough at the key points, which is what Tinie's producers  obviously recognised. Tinie's version would be much better if only they could erase all the rap stuff! Then they'd have a great track! Can someone sample Eric's bits out of Tinie's version and release it, then we'd have a winner?

    EyZed I ايزد

    Ian Harrison what happend to eric and why isn't he as big as other artists like he had a big shot with "written in the stars"

    Lawn Care

    that isn’t a bad idea... remind me to do that sometime.

  54. RobinTheRubeFan

    Chills every damn time......

  55. Onur Dursun

    çok mu çok iyi

  56. Bestoon N.taher

    2022 anyone s here

  57. Victor Abraham Ruiz Gonzalez

    Pirlo 2.0

    Samuel Analco Navarrete

    Victor Abraham Ruiz Gonzalez el Buki 3.0

  58. Archanfel80

    Jesus is alive and can sing! Wow :)

  59. RN Tutoriais

    wish Eric turner sings with Skyler grey that would fucking awesome!!

  60. RN Tutoriais

    good good

    David Lengalenga

    Spark Player is God

  61. Fabian Wijen


  62. Victor Kin

    Nr 1 !!!

  63. nicholas john

    gorgeous! im crying ha ha xxxxxxxx

  64. Marcelo Reis

    good good

  65. Dani Rh

    Wow,I don't know which version is better☺

  66. Bukboi Vangdy

    man Eric Turner you make music that be touching ppl hearts keep up da good work bro

  67. iko oriental


  68. Ds DS

    his voice is special

  69. Amos chhakchhuak

    this song is always in my playlist for the past years and it still is today....my favourite songs of all time

  70. Александр Аксенов


    Андрей Лоликов


    Jorge Gutierrez

    Que pedo con estos?! 😂😂☝️

    Daniel the Swagger boy

    +Jorge Gutierrez jajaja 😂

  71. laochakong

    I need more songs from Eric Turner!!

  72. TrippieReddsIntern

    LUV LUV LUV!!!

  73. Daniel Madden

    wheres tinie?

  74. Cresenta

    Gosh his voice is beautiful. <3

  75. Laura Guerrero

    I love the song 3

    Anuraj Dixit

    me tooo <3

  76. Kelvin Criști


  77. Angel Nasa

    I wish Eric turner sings with Skyler grey that would fucking awesome!!!

    Bartosz Beszterda

    Couldn't agree more!

    Sunny Quackers

    so would the elimination of potty mouth words from public discourse!

    jay morris

    @Sunny Quackers ok boomer

    Sunny Quackers

    @jay morris ok ageist

  78. League Of Blitzcrank

    oh written in the staRHAs... a message to the mAAin... not as streamlined as the original ):

  79. Lettreuch Ziad

    great song

  80. BritWrestleFan

    Tinie Tempah's version is okay I guess, but until he can sing like this I ain't interested

  81. Emo Jordan

    ooo soo good

  82. CamKap


    Its me DIOO!!

    @XT still bumping this great song

    Christopher Feucht

    You there??? Hahahahaha


    Jesus, is 2019 nearly over already? I feel so old

  83. Sujoy Chatterji

    Is this really Eric... He sounds different in the original..

    Sujoy Chatterji

    @david camacho No bro this is the 2.0 version. Original one is the Tinie Tempah one

    Akira Menai

    +david camacho 2.0 is always the improvement over the original. Obviously.


    No, 2.0 Is the updated version, and as you can see by the views and likes, this one is not even close to the original

    Ashan Matthew

    +SMgaming ... this is not the original youtube account of eric turner of course


    Also in his original account it's the same, what are you trying to say here

  84. Cassia Akemi

    adoro essa música Eric tem uma voz incrível

    Cristine Ramalho

    Eu tbm!

  85. Craaizy


  86. Money Marc


  87. dony abboud

    Awesome song...itryied covering it...check it out !!

  88. dony abboud

    guys please checkout my cover and let me know what you think :D thanks .donyyyy

  89. pro gamer


  90. Lord McCormick

    Eric turner this is the most powerful, truth on the real cause of the human condition! The love and the pain! Love it! I cry at times! And I sing so loud my lungs hurt! Release this as single! ASAP #loveispain

    Linoge Foss

    Who are you😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

    Lord McCormick

    Find out!!...

    Alejandro Alonso

    @Lord McCormick Lovespain with no i ahhahahaahah

  91. Jennifer J

    Dear Lord.. the cat has a fuss if I try to sing in the shower!

  92. Jennifer J

    Could listen to this morning noon and night... I'm hooked!