Tinie Tempah - Witch Doctor Lyrics

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Tinie Tempah Witch Doctor Comments
  1. Duncan Peck


  2. colin wallace

    Why isn't the album out in the us?


    It is. He's just not that big in the US

    colin wallace

    i haven't seen it on itunes

  3. It'sjustjazz Xx

    My dad has this song well loud in the car and with the windows open and rapping it is so enbarising but awsome that I have a cool dad

    Based Boy2017

    Your dad is a O.G. (original gangsta).

  4. Kaim Akdag

    Love it!!!

  5. Divorceja

    I like this track best.

  6. Irina Libedinsky

    Amazing song!!! I am the 2nd comment!

  7. lordfear11

    De Doctor is in!
    With vim and vigor.


    oh god dota references everywhere

  8. Andrei 08

    I want a track named Vengeful Spirit