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Tinie Tempah Lover Not A Fighter Comments
  1. E. S.

    This is my alarm but I can’t hate♥️

  2. Soualiho Kanate


  3. 1k vids with no subs?

    Last comment...2 weeks ago?!

  4. Egbo Chidinma

    Why why so underrated

  5. Trippie Redd

    Anybody? 2019

  6. Haris Begovic

    Has anybody noticed that they filmed the video with two different red cars? One is, presumably, a '65 Mustang and the other is (maybe) '84 Camaro.

  7. Mark Whittaker


  8. Bernie Kennedy


  9. zelonaya tetradka

    almost 6 years. i am crying....love this song so much

  10. BillionDollarDon

    3M views in 6 years, really? This song deserves at least 10x more!!!

  11. Rubenn Dean Paul Alws

    I'm in Africa, this is wonderful! I'm Brazilian, I live in Rio de Janeiro! My name is: Rubenn Dean Paul Alws. Whatsapp. 5521981259534

  12. Veena *S

    Why is this song not on Spotify!

  13. Get Lost

    2019 baby

  14. Sally Sally

    Just powerful all love from ALgeria

  15. Kím B.

    December, 2018 .. Anyone ?

  16. Exl

    November 2018

  17. Wu zi Mu

    I love this song this is the last tinie tempah song that’s good

    Wu zi Mu

    Except from tsunami

    Wu zi Mu

    That song was awesome

  18. Unicorn Rainbow

    Well I'm a lover not a fighter
    So I kiss that girl and say goodbye now
    'Cause I came for kicks not for arguments
    No whoa oh oh
    'Cause I'm a lover not a fighter
    Leave a message after the beep
    Somebody fill in the gaps, somebody fill in the dots
    I feel like Cruella de Vil the way I be stealing the spot
    When all the shutters is down, bitch we be still in the shop
    I shop for clothes when it's closed, that's why I feel like the boss
    In my vintage eBay watch, that's why I feel like the Hoff
    Weren't gonna wait for no institute not to gimme a job
    These critics giving me bollocks, that's why I give 'em my crotch
    These paps are getting too nosey, that's why I give 'em my snot
    'Cause I just tripled my cost of living: steak, salmon, lobster, chicken
    That's made in my Boffi kitchen by Rosa Dacosta women
    Come from disturbing London, the city of foster children
    Grateful what God has given save us from constant sin
    In the city of God, I'm from the city of God
    Bitch, I've been up in the shard, I really been at the top
    Separate the man from the man dem, find out who's real and who's not
    Can't take the heat? Then get out the kitchen and gimme the pot
    You know what?
    Well I'm a lover not a fighter
    So I kiss that girl and say goodbye now
    'Cause I came for kicks not for arguments
    No whoa oh oh
    'Cause I'm a lover not a fighter
    I used to sit on the settee eating a tin of spaghetti
    Now women think that I'm sexy because I been on the telly
    Car like double-oh-seven, them alloys spin in Pirellis
    I'm with a gold digging heffa, I call her Miss Moneypenny
    Well is it real? Is it fake? Somebody gimme a break
    I grew up on minimum wage and I grew up in an estate
    These rappers calling me bruv and they can't even relate
    Are they even ready and willing do anything that it takes?
    I saw my teacher from college, she says she thinks that I'm great
    I'm gonna give her the D 'cause she never gimme an A
    She's tryna get in my jeans, I'm tryna kick off my Js
    Take off my D&Gs and give her my DNA, 'cause
    All these bitches be loving me, sipping my bubbly
    Watching Hangover hungover, be the quickest recovery
    Couple bad grades, I did shit in my study leave
    And now she wants my name and a kiss on them double D's
    And I love it
    I've got too much love to burn babe
    Ain't got no time to exchange words babe
    Things to do people to see
    Yeah I guess we all gotta play the game
    Well I'm a lover not a fighter
    So I kiss that girl and say goodbye now
    'Cause I came for kicks not for arguments
    No whoa oh oh
    'Cause I'm a lover not a fighter

  19. SUM1

    The last classic Labrinth/Tinie Tempah collaboration. Please bring them back.

  20. Percy Nkosi

    Maaaaan my mind was missing this track today

  21. Bernie Kennedy

    Love this TT 💃💃💃💃♥️♥️♥️♥️

  22. Marleny Edith Edith

    I love 😘😻😍👏

  23. Aneesh Patel

    My childhood

  24. september5

    I've got too much love to burn, babe

  25. Azpiero

    How is not a classic

  26. JosefR

    Can someone please tell me the name of the music in the beginning? Have heard it before somewhere!

  27. Bernie Kennedy

    still my fav 💃💃💃💃❤️

  28. James Hickey

    Anyone watching in 2017

  29. Akif Axmed

    Why we are get older 🤔

  30. A96oaye

    I remember when this song used to be on MOTD 2.

  31. Voula616


  32. Mahmoud Nasrallah

    css knife map

  33. Leanne King

    leave a message after the beep

  34. Sentium

    I found out about this song from a server in csgo lol

  35. Jalal Abadi

    2017 ??

  36. Zlatan Abrahimovitch

    tlaketou f tangaaa

  37. Zlatan Abrahimovitch

    fuck this is gooood man

  38. Zlatan Abrahimovitch

    manyana foukach ghadi tmchi l spanya

  39. Omkar Warade

    Love to be out of mainstream sometimes😎👊

  40. Bril Adu

    my ass is back once again for a nostalga trip.

  41. Calum Smith

    2017 any1??

  42. WWEKevin Owens

    Labrinth and Tinie Tempah are finally back in a song together😁😁😃

    WWEKevin Owens

    I wonder which duet song is better this one or Earthquake by Labyrinth and Tinie Tempah

  43. BillionDollarDon

    Only 3M views in 3 years WTF!?

  44. Deadly Dorito

    The last true tinie tempah song

  45. fara wawa

    Oh i luv the beats. 💕

  46. Joshuafree321

    Still don't understand why they used a corvette and a mustang/Camaro for the bulls.. wouldn't it be smarter to get 2 Lamborghini's as they are literally made to be crazy and are named after famous bulls?

  47. Cesare Borgia

    Anyone from 2017?

  48. Jack Glover

    How it's only got £2.9m I will never know

  49. Faux

    TInie needs to relatively keep this sound it's so good!

  50. Ashaba Creton

    listening to this song for 4 yrs now wauw

    The Jrr

    Vanessa van den Bos oké

  51. sanjay shah

    'cause I came for kicks...not for arguments......

  52. Barry

    Pure class 👍

  53. chenna sri jyothi

    love it a lot 2:07

  54. Rouletto


  55. Batuhan Aydın


  56. berk aykut


  57. Erona Ymeraj


  58. hanim abdul

    why i never heard this song . awesome 👍👍👍❤

  59. Wet Bum


    Dave Camp

    to right

    Ramsey Sayaxx

    So fucking right bro Like 3M ? are you fucking serious ? this one have the real rap, real lyrics, real Vibe, real electronic music, produced in an fucking awsome way , the way he combine the generes is fucking GOLD

  60. Omar Hussein


  61. Twistt

    Tinie I just realised man I can't BELIVE you changed you was mad now ur kinda sht.... Your best song tht I have loved was passout now idek

  62. Jasjit Sahota

    So many memories

  63. Batuhan IRMAK

    gp how how how how how how how

  64. Seko123 Mutlu321


  65. Emre Eren


  66. Deep Bool

    ахуенная тема

  67. CookieMonster

    I can't believe this song is over 2 years old now. I never hear it on the radio anymore.

  68. blkscorpion01

    Why did the cars keep changing? The red one ... Mustang to Camaro. The Corvette lost its strips at one point.

    Ashaba Creton

    r u just tryin to prove u know car names or jusssst.....😂😂😂😂

  69. Ali Hamzaoglu

    Türkler Sayesinde Şarkıdan Soğudum

  70. Göktuğ Karasu


  71. Barry

    Truly awesome 👍

  72. kaan Curoğlu


  73. Cristo Harijan

    Tinie why'd you have to change ;-(((

  74. Kazze

    Bu Şarkının 100 milyon olması lazımdı Aq

  75. Mahsum Ceber

    arka plan muzigi adini bilen var mi ?

  76. Bayram Talha

    babağğ sat sat sat auuuuuuuu

  77. Uğur Mert Othan


  78. Özkan Doğan


  79. THE GIFT

    balıktan geldim

  80. Ömer Efe Koca


  81. Connor Watts

    Song starts at .33
    Thank me later

  82. kağan ulusinan

    sonunda 5 tllik bagis şarkısını buldum. Mamiden geldim sa

    melihcan dere

    aynen :)

  83. Burak Demirağ


  84. The Gamer


  85. Talha Acar

    Gurttan gelenler

  86. James Wilson

    tinie tempahs favourite line.... YEAAAAAHHH!

  87. Zomb Tyler

    The drop by Labrinth though

  88. X_A_C_K

    banger banger banger

  89. Goga Alfaidze

    nice song