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Tinie Tempah Lost Ones Comments
  1. Ualice Gusttavo

    I love this song! 😍😍😍♬

  2. 9 Errante

    paloma es tan emocional

  3. Douglas Macintyre

    Music is my sanctuary

  4. Daniel Flores


  5. Megan Matthews

    Omg Paloma you make this song fabulous !!!!!! 👌🙌❤

    George Vlad

    Yea,she makes a good soundcheck :)

  6. Joseph Burton

    Viben too this

  7. Daniella Crossland

    Paloma Faith though...

  8. Prasun Biswas

    this is the only song i liked from -demonstration 

  9. Isaacforthewin

    Powerful, brilliant song

  10. Joni Moss

    omg gave my warm-chills!!!!! <3 all

  11. LM VS

    J.Coles lost ones is better

  12. whitton

    Tunnneee :))

  13. 97Ahsan

    most of this albums songs are kinda bad


    @NutBustingHistory i got the album. some of them i just don't like.


    i kept a heart, 5 mins heroes OD mosh pit. the rest i skip


    @Jeremy Gaitan thank you for actually listening


    i get ur opinion. honestly after 2 years i love every song because it has a memory behind it

    George Vlad

    Demonstration album it s a good work of Tinnie Tempah

  14. Cameron Cleaver

    Another amazing compilation featuring the one and only Paloma Faith.
    Her vocals never cease to play with my emotions . . .

    George Vlad

    Yea paloma makes a great work with Tinnie. Contragulations to their !

  15. brownlaydee