Tinie Tempah - Looking Down The Barrel Lyrics

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Tinie Tempah Looking Down The Barrel Comments
  1. Maya K

    Still sick tbh

  2. Don Ruero Prod.

    Why that dope music just got that lil views count ? its not the official ?

  3. Dirk Jakuszeit


  4. Original Oreo

    Lol 10 comments

  5. Yahiaoui Senouci

    @PewDiePie  gonna hate lol

    Yahiaoui Senouci

    @TwiiistR cant you see its all about barrels :/


    Yeah gun barrels

    chanez del

    Lol xD next one for stephano plz ..jst to keep things fair

    Yahiaoui Senouci

    @chanez del ;D

  6. Connor Jones

    Second Ladd

  7. Joseph Saleh

    I'm not gonna say first comment :)