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Tinie Tempah Junk Food Comments
  1. game without comments

    А на счёт авторских прав нет проблем?

  2. Memeology

    Jme was cold

  3. Игровой канал Чанджа


  4. PoCAMonTrainer

    Junk food was a huge album

    How does this have such little views???

  5. dorifto beach


  6. Shams Fiqi

    Ms banks 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. MED0

    стилов ? :D



  9. Hamish Anderson

    0:28 fire

  10. SIDR


  11. Crystalizedmemeodine crystalizedmemeodine

    Needs an instrumental release

  12. Gunter

    Сори, что не в тему, но самый конченный дрифтер @StilovDaily


    Конченый это ты!

  13. Tom wolf

    but I'll scrap I ain't got a knife! best verse on this track Ms banks!

  14. Tyler Moffat

    dammmmn ms banks 😍😍 girl can spit

  15. Luka Latham

    i soooooooooo dumb

  16. Lukee Riley

    What's the instrumental pls?

  17. Oil bickers

    I let my goldfish listen to this, he's now a fucking shark!!!

  18. ronaldo neymar

    best song

  19. Jordan Macaulay

    was this song aimed at anyone? was this song part of the bugzy and chip beef?

    Elliot Ormston

    Jordan Macaulay nah, just Chip and Tinie's beef

  20. Avril Devine

    Check out the bass boost BY : 'Bass Sanity'


  21. vlad k


  22. Igor Storchak

    Я от Стилова)

  23. Lord Mclean

    why is jmes voice so high pitched

    oscar hill

    Next Joke

  24. Max By

    Very nice Trap music!!!

  25. Pharaoh 300

    Get tinie off this track and I swear it'll be one of my favs.

    Confessor Cromwell

    Pharaoh 300 fuck off

  26. Jake Marsden

    how have i never heard of ms banks before this

    Pharaoh 300

    isn't she the one singing on ayayaya by Wiley Skepta and jme?

  27. Cet

    respect/This Track is great *JME *STORMZY *MS.BANKS <3 Beat1A

  28. Joe Connor

    What a tune

  29. rudeboyting kingcobra

    chip destroyed tinie but this tune bangs!

  30. Jade O Riordan

    Jmes verse tho 💖

  31. Mr Incognito

    Get a video done for this Tinie!

  32. Ash kamara

    Miss Banks verse was sick! The best of all

  33. Milos Jovic

    should have 1m+ views

    Ainars Kalnins

    Still good without those views...

    albie baggins

    +Ainars Kalnins better that it doesn't have them. Underground track day way

  34. Stone11

    Ngl Ms Banks verse was hard

  35. v1887


  36. Louie Murphy Kelly

    best song EVER!!!

  37. Joe Nowland

    How has this only got 65K views ?! absolute tuneee

    Leon J

    Fave song. Bare 🔥

  38. Lil Home State

    😎 savage

  39. GZUprise

    *be dope if Chipmunk was on this, shame bout the beef ting*

    Liam Ridley

    Chip and Tinie


    GZUprise ikr, chip woulda murdered this beat

    LiTHiC Official

    Chip is sh*t

    Lenny Billing

    this was a diss against chip

    Tommy Mc

    GZUprise chip is fucking terrible

  40. Haaris Irshad

    That junk food shoulda been free yana

  41. cyka blyat


  42. Luc van Zoggel

    that jme part... so good

    A S

    Jme bars are so cringey

    marco xx

    A S they really not though 🤷🏼‍♂️

  43. Inês Balester

    so good ❤

  44. X X

    Lazy from ms banks. Copied bars from other songs

  45. Lara Stahlkopf

    Tinie and Jme are my top favorites

    Falko Reents

    Lara Stahlkopf Selten,wenn Leute in Deutschland Grime hören^^

  46. Conor 2

    Jme yuuur

  47. Eromosele Unuabona

    this would not get a wheel..maybe chips right.

  48. FIFAsKILLZ 1905

    he says instabam


    +FIFAsKILLZ 1905 instabang

  49. Big Smoke

    Bars going hard like my dick when I heard this

  50. Veteran Vetz


  51. The ViewTuber

    Ms banks!!! Straight greeze patrol!! Hardest on track & hardest out. Sn

  52. The ViewTuber

    Ms banks!!! Hardest on the track. Hardest out!! Sn

  53. The ViewTuber

    Ms banks!!! Hardest on the track. Hardest out!! Sn

  54. RXS

    Only good song off the mixtape, because of Stormzy's verse...


    @JamzNharail *Chorus then my bad lool

    Liam Ridley

    +G.S.G It's a hook/chorus and you saying you didn't like the mixtape man?

    Matty 〽

    +Liam Ridley Has to be a Hook on a song like this

    Jordan Batten

    +G.S.G *jme

    Feed Me To My Enemies

    autogas was hard

  55. Large5SelectMeal

    Never liked ms banks before this bangerrrrr!!

  56. Sbsksnksnsksms hsjs