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Tinie Tempah 5 Minutes Comments
  1. Blerim Polisi

    2020 anyone??

  2. James Gooch

    How was this a hidden track!!?? That LL sample

  3. Arcángel Bello

    This is

  4. Alisha Hughes

    I see someone who I fancy in this video I seen him in the museum haha

  5. Dr. AnonT3ch

    Tinie Tempah - 3:59 Minutes (Official Video)****

  6. L ol

    Sportish AF.

  7. Manchester United

    Now imagine an Arab singing this song in public "5 mins till I explode"

  8. Infe3rno

    I miss the old tinie tempah

  9. Connor Watts

    That Jeremy Clarkson reference 👌🏼

  10. IXI JAMZ_1T

    One of the best songs

  11. Simran Bassi

    April 2016 anyone?

    killerpizza Frenchmaid

    nvm june

    Dayo Ajibade


  12. Delon Luu

    I hear Rob Swire's backing vocals at 2:33 to 2:45

  13. veysal veysalov


  14. Olly brown

    My best friend sang the first bit

  15. Hannah May


  16. TheDeadlySun

    so good, this is what i like about rappers like tinie tempah and gambino, just great music with good rapping on top



  18. Liam Kelleher

    UFC anyone?

  19. Grieve4Nieve

    the song is 5 minutes long if being viewed on internet explorer.

    Dayo Ajibade

    This comment is a year old and I'm the only one who gets it?

  20. Frederik Tolstrup

    Disapointed.. It's only 4 minutes long..


    on the album its 5 minutes

  21. Stu Mackenzie

    Produced by Zane Lowe 0_0 apparently

  22. —{ Unassailable }—

    ....I thought the song was 5 mins long ....


    George Goad

    It is if on ipod


    and the album

  23. Jaden Steadman

    Like if the ufc video game took you here

  24. That Record

    The 2:22 part is the best, the chorus is great and inspires you

  25. Ned Nedelchev

    If a guy in Syria tell me " 5 minutes till i explode " ... I'll feel verry uncomfortable

    Maher Hamadouch

    @Ned Nedelchev just racist

    Maher Hamadouch

    i know im joking but real talk i am syrian though

    Ned Nedelchev

    @Maher Hamadouch I apologize that you've got me wrong .

    Ali Bazz

    @Ned Nedelchev why you chose syria

    jo Bo

    racist btw that guy has same first name as me lol

  26. James Hyland

    You've Got no Fans!

  27. austin santos

    with this song I get crazy in the gym and more when I take my nitric oxide

  28. Corey Golding

    Like & fw us #LondonClubVibe  on YouTube if u want 2see a UkUrbanShow make 4 a Big Tv Channel.

  29. SuperChiko4000

    That's a amazin song

  30. Edgars Plostnieks

    What the hell is everybody talking about that Tinie lost his touch in music, this is one of his dopest songs. Truly shows his lyrical ability and the beat is sick, keep it up Tinie!

  31. Sitting Bull

    I remember Tempah back when Dosc-Overy came out... He's changed so much

    RiseOfAzo || 2015

    Stfu u mong stupid kid

  32. Adam Carson

    Hey mate y are u not letting me unsubscribe u cuz u had good music but now it's crap


    If it's crap, why you here?

    RiseOfAzo || 2015

    Your a full on creatine

  33. Rachid Khamlichi

    It sucked when it came out but I like it now

  34. Sonu Roy

    can any1 explain me whats this song trying to convey ?

    Vexed Reprobate

    He's called Tinie Tempah and he says "five minutes till I explode", you figure the rest out.

    Michael Pelley

    It'll take 5 minutes for his hook to spread across the populous

  35. Simeon Slavov

    AHAHAHA Tyler The Creator at 2:36

  36. Jamie

    But its only 3:59mins?

  37. Numan Ghani

    Rob Swire, knife party :D

  38. JTangy

    so happy that tinie doesnt do crappy grime

  39. Jon Scholes

    Better keep ya mouf open if ya legs clossedddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd 

  40. wtfMYRON

    Again big up DJ Zane Lowe on the production


    Aand Rob Swire

    christian colombo

    And shish

  41. Matthew Thowney

    great tune from tinie

  42. jorge delgado

    Rob Swire OP

  43. Artur Didovec

    Tinie where are your new songs?)

  44. Arthur Valente

    "excuse my portuguese" HAHA 

  45. Doing Business With The Chinese

    anyone know the sample of the uplifting part in  2:22? 

  46. InsaneFreakshow

    This is sick!

  47. Doing Business With The Chinese

    i fucking love the uplifting part

  48. SoulVibez

    Tinie, why this song ain't getting enough air play . . . Its SICK

  49. Ricky Hadou

    Only 364,990 views? People have no taste in music, but Migos videos hit Millions. The fuck? 

  50. Phantom X

    5 minutes but it's only 4.

  51. Veritas

    Should be called 3.9 minutes

  52. ProCharms

    I think Tinie lost his touch a while ago :(

  53. Serger

    this song is worse than Rebecca Black's "Friday and Saturday" combined.. shiiiiiit so bad :/


    lol dont come back then


    hahaha are u retarted?

  54. x PHAT CLIFF x

    Kanye,drake,lil wayne watch and learn!

  55. TheDeanAhern

    I'm a headphone user, I don't regret it.

  56. Elif Tyurkedji

    MUSIC ON MAX :D ♥ ♫♪

  57. TheAlfaOriginal

    EA Sports - UFC!

  58. Deanna Pearce

    i love you

  59. Deanna Pearce

    i love you

  60. Deanna Pearce

    i love u

  61. Sam Picard-H

    EA SPORTS UFC brought me here 

    oh Sxvxge

    Sam Picard-H same

  62. Lennox James

    Dude u wake up in the morning an smell your breath,nasty Lol

  63. Flip Swiss

    lets get these views up ! to 500,000 at least

  64. ZippityEmo Dippity

    very cool song :) :D :D :3

  65. Zak Sands

    Tinie at his best?
    I think so

  66. Jarah Kandeh

    and the clip is four minutes :D

  67. Maklarus Trinity

    5 min until i explode !  the rhythm is just  smashing 

  68. Dan Astle

    beat is such a rip off from chemical brothers!haha


    lol That was a first thing I did when I heard that one. CHB wtf?

    Zylar PC

    I don't understand how the fuck that's even possible you delinquent. If that's true then all songs are a rip off of Cavemen on drums who would have covered every rhythm and beat easily before we even had tonsils m8888888.

    Brittany Rocket

    Or he paid to use their music which is super common in hip hop.


    thats the first thing that came to my mind aswel lol

    Dan Astle

    @Brittany Ransom thing is its not their music.its just extremely similar.but comments above say why :)

  69. Stephanie DLA

    Can definitely hear the Pendulum influence! Great song 

  70. Rinse & Spin Old & New Jungle, J-Tek, Hardcore

    the lyrics to this tune are spot on. you heard it here first i think the lyrics would go perfect with public enemy's she watch channel zero. if theres a producer wannabe on here then give it a try. i think it would be an on fire remix

  71. bilal ali


  72. Crampie66

    the beat alone is just sick!

  73. james rees

    I can't understand what he's saying.


    It's either because the accent / voice tone or it's mainly because he's rapping :)

  74. DaniardSkiesAtSunset

    Tinie RULEZ!

    a fan of him from Turkey;)

  75. Molly Aungier

    You go Tinie,this rap is one of your best :* My idol <3 xx

  76. Giovana Braia

    I Loved filming this video, was a constant party! Best party i've ever been to! Such a great experience, cheers Tinie T :P x

  77. Cristian Rodriguez


  78. Sandro Canha

    How does this only have 150 000 views? Is the "internet" broken?

  79. roji koshy

    I recommend this tune for the new Godzilla movie... sir  T.Tempah

  80. Max White

    We need a doctor...

  81. Max White

    One of the 3 decent British rappers
    Tinie tempah
    Dizzie rascle
    Apart from sway they're all quite commercial-not really rap, more pop


    Max White Official you've GOT to be joking - in what way is tinie not one of the most commercial British rappers wtaf

  82. Jeffery Walters

    fuckin sweet!!!!!

  83. Angel Diamond

    Laughs I Guess The Thank you Comes After You Explode..L.A.X To AnyWhere...

  84. Катерина Семухина

    "and after The Strange Clouds imma drop my rock album"

  85. Martin Benet

    if it only takes 5 minutes till he explodes then i feel sorry for all the girls he's been with...


    lmfao the drops dope but dayummmmm

  86. Kim Savage

    This song is addictive !

  87. Genzhu

    This song is just amazing. He needs to release Don't Sell out

  88. Rikhil Majithia

    LOVE IT!

  89. TheYomanda

    Nice one Tinie, this is what we want!

  90. drizzit71

    grove to the bone :)

  91. Abacus

    Got to love Tinie, Bought Demonstration and all! I've released a new track, 'FALLEN DOWN', which I really need views/comments on. Please check it , and leave a comment, thats all I ask (positive or negative)! It is the first part in a 2 part story, and it is a very real song/story. If you dislike it, please leave a comment with a reason as well! Cheers in advance.
    -Animo Forti

  92. Magic Magid

    You can tell Jay-Z's '99 Problems' influenced this song 

  93. Daniel Asgari

    Yeeeeeaaah TT!

  94. S&T YouTube

    Amazing song

    Angie Medina

     ´´Hello There! I’m Angie and my dream is to be a singer, I have some covers of me singing on my channel can you please check it out? I know is a lot to ask but please help me, I’ll be grateful to you.´´ 

  95. Emily Davenport

    Got a bit of a prodigy feel in there, somewhere?

    Fiona Chong

    ever so slightly

    kembo white

    The rap group or the big beat group