Tindersticks - Waiting For The Moon Lyrics

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Tindersticks Waiting For The Moon Comments
  1. Osvaldo Reis

    Um suicídio cairia bem ao som dessa música.

  2. lionstanding

    Dickon Hinchliffe

  3. saket kanade

    Wow... stumbled upon it by mistake, a mistake I wont regret!

  4. ali3n_father


  5. kartonnendoos1

    It's about SM

  6. ali3n_father

    There go my tears.

  7. Sebastian Moore

    thumbs up if your still listening to this in 2013 :D

  8. MikeWantsToParty

    i cant handle this song its to freaking sad ! blah !!

  9. voicivenirlestemps

    yes, i do think this song is about death...
    about a man who accepts to kill his girlfriend, maybe because she is deadly ill, yes, or for some other reason, maybe because she is despaired, too sad to want to live anymore... maybe because he's gonna leave her...
    and, he is going to kill her, if she doesn't change her mind, before the morning comes...

  10. Sarit Jacobsohn

    @Sjisjin2 no.you have t be there to understand.

  11. Sarit Jacobsohn

    i am blown away...

  12. Amanda Leddy

    This is my all-time favourite song. Absolutely #1. I first heard it years ago (can't even remember how I found Tindersticks, by accident I guess) and I still get all those same feelings when I listen to it now. LOVE!

  13. Tom Mouridsen

    Any good soul out there who can tell me, what this song is about ?

  14. Hermes Bastos de Castro


    Osvaldo Reis

    Hermes Bastos de Castro vc tbem assim como eu gosta dessa musica Hermes?

  15. chris a

    I saw them last night and they are still brilliant, I disagree, they write ALOT of amazing songs and strong albums, again and again, not just best of s.If you don't know them, this song is sung slightly differently to their others. All 8 albums are good, Tindersticks 2 is probably their best. In my top 5, i just love 'em.

  16. thehellraiser40

    not all of their songs are as great as this one, but they have enough to make a 'Best Of' that would bring you to tears

  17. astroandyborgloh

    Wonderful! Simply wonderful!

  18. rdehaas

    Great song!

  19. Susana Conceicao

    Great, Great...love it