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Tindersticks Running Wild Comments
  1. David Stasnek

    Central railroad of New Jerzy,....slava malevsky

  2. Jack Brynes

    I want this to be my funeral song ⚰️

  3. Morgan Freeman's favorite freckle

    For all it's critical acclaim, I honestly believe the exquisiteness of the Sopranos won't be fully recognized until decades from now.

    Downton 654

    I agree. Incredible.

  4. Bryce Van heel

    How in the hell could you dislike a piece of beauty like this..

  5. American Lesion

    "Blue Comet" should have been the ending. Greatest episode of the series.

    Downton 654

    It was one of the best episodes, but I still think the last episode did a great job of wrapping it all up fully.

    joe Doe

    Blue comet was the best episode

  6. gogotrololo 619

    "You probably don't even hear it when it happens, right?"

    mk floyd

    Who, what, where ???


    blue comet.

    Johnny Khomlately

    Ask your frind in there. On the wall...

  7. Enoti Lew

    The Sopranos, greatest show ever!! RIP James Gandolfini, you are missed.

  8. Big Al

    Blue Comet

  9. Danijel G


  10. pluckwire4sound

    Excellent tune.  Kind of like Antony and Nick Cave hanging out at Bryan Ferry's house. 

    mk floyd

    Nice image, well thought...

  11. Odd Chap

    This is such a great Tune, the instrumental on the Sopranos is perfect. RIP James Gandolfini.

  12. The almost guy

    R.I.P Tony Soprano

  13. SuperViljushka

    I just love this song! Love love love.

  14. Clark Kent

    R.I.P Christopher Moltisanti

    Downton 654

    He didn’t die in that episode but ok

  15. Pollinator Plates

    Awesome! I'm just watching the Sopranos series all over again (which is how I found Tindersticks in the first place years ago, with Tiny Tears) and I'm getting toward the end of Season 6, but hadn't encountered this yet. I'm sure if I had, I would have been *stunned* when I heard it! But now I'll be waiting for it! :)

  16. Eddierangers1989


  17. Sean Burzic

    oooh..what a band..

  18. Brad Kenny

    R.I.P Bobby Baccala.

  19. Jonnzay Hi


  20. Alan Smithee

    @dailion thanks for post it...

  21. Glenn Penn

    awesome ending in the sopranos with this song, you can almost feel the fear that tony has when he looks at the door when you the Lupertazzi Family is after you