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  1. Winter Phoenix


  2. Chris Jennings

    @Nathan D - lyrics SO wrong.

    Why don't you come out
    the guards have gone
    they forgot their purpose and shuffled
    along so come feel the sun.

    Why don't you come out
    the dogs lie sleeping
    their limbs they twitch with the chase in their dreams
    they come feel the sun.

    Why don't you come out
    and exact your revenge
    on the liars and wasters
    that call themselves friends
    for to forgive is overrated
    its they kneel at your feet
    so come feel the sun.

    Why don't you come out,
    we all miss you
    your wife and babies
    they just want to hold you
    so come feel the sun
    touch your face
    make everything the same as it was.

  3. Sergio Saraiva

    Simply superb!

  4. Dedekind

    Once i met a girl who was playing the cello in one orchestra. She had the most beautiful smile i had ever seen. She was so cute, she had an undefined beauty. I only talked to her for one night. The next morning she flew back to her country. I will propably never see her again. This cello melody always remind me of her.

  5. Francesca Golia

    My favourite, love them

  6. PervySage

    I really like this but I don't like the way he sings, it sounds a bit weird and whiney....I think this song needs a Norah Jones or someone like that who would do it justice
    I know fans will shoot me ha but it's just my opinion :)

  7. OdedMusic

    this band doesn't cease to impress me.

  8. Matina Sous Peau

    10 times already and keep listening...

  9. knuFaZ

    I'm sure i'm missing the point, but does anybody else feel reminded of "How can we hang on to a dream" - the old tim hardin classic?

  10. Joanna Dion

    get out and feel the sun in your skin...it is the last day of the summer...sweet melancholy!!!

  11. tarahumare

    amazing song from great,great band...