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Tinashe Stuck With Me Comments
  1. Super Lit

    2020 here.

  2. kim jomo

    2020 who's "Stuck With Me?"

  3. singlez

    I see Little Dragon, I click.

  4. Angelina Hernandez

    Because aquariuns have a lot to offer despite knowing what suffering and confusion is like. They can teach us a lot they are fixed and only want to embrace their individuality.

  5. Aqatriel Antoine

    *Tinashe - Stuck Wit' Me ft. Little Dragon, Ed Sheeran (Remix)* 🙈😍😍😍🙏

  6. Ahmed Al-Hassan

    2020. We missed out😍

  7. Boikgantsho Moerane


  8. Lanessa Rosel

    Luv yr albums Tinashe but tbh i didnt give this one a chance but u got Little Dragon on this b! Go girl! I still luv yr cute lil badass. Im tellin u, u kill yr albums when the damn record companies dont mess with making singles. I know its a job too, but u know what i mean(example: "who am i workin for?") Id rather see u on tea commercials😍! You doing you is amazeballs any which way anyway. All my love ma🖤

  9. CoCo'$ Flave


  10. Yandani Mbobosi


  11. Dee Pilé

    I really wish this song had louder bass to it ❤

  12. Matthew Gutierrez

    the first two lines of Little Dragon's verse HIT HARD and I don't know why, it makes me emotional

  13. Mike Alarcon

    I gotta little feeling that you're good for me 💋

  14. Jamie Madrox

    This is the best song ever

  15. sammy muong

    this song: needs more recognition

  16. magang za

    ติดอยู่กับฉัน 🥀 ไปอยู่ไหนมาน้อ พึ่งได้ฟังงอร้ากกกกก💓

  17. Danz Thrulfye

    "I'm a wheat thin!" Sorry that's what I hear. Hahaha

  18. Sheylah

    Am I the only one that heard ''I'm a T-Rex, I'm a cockroach" ? XD

  19. This girl

    2019? HERE I AM!!!

  20. iisingsoe

    Where’s the music video for this !?

  21. Dark_ Itaa

    Lovee imagine ins sex that music .. heh

  22. Bilton Lite

    Yeah when we first meet I was your weekend /you were my flame!us two made cool😁😎

  23. B Johnson

    Love it

  24. Goopy Taylor

    This one of the best songs on the slbum

  25. Bernardo Alonso

    My fav song

  26. Pakjira Janjamsirikul

    I love this song ❤ from Thailand



  28. William Estrada


  29. ac43childz


  30. Jittabugg Jr

    I came for Little Dragon. I see you yukimi !!!!!!

  31. Henry Alba

    Let’s go ‘Nashe Fans(: Almost @ 1 million 💙👑<3

  32. bernadette

    I love her songs!

  33. Nikki Partly

    Ah obsessed! ❤

  34. RasToniacandraI ClarkD

    I ve been trying to understand this album cover, I think she is portraying a pin cushion? Ideas someone please.
    I listen to her music everyday and I discover something in each song that I didn’t the 4 th time

  35. RasToniacandraI ClarkD

    From what I understand rca promoted a different artist, a male artist,

  36. Kristie Chavez

    Love Her

  37. Leandro Firmino

    parece musica descartada

  38. Glamour De KKaye


  39. Spider Girl

    Omg,I'm obsessed with this song lol

  40. tästted

    Amo a mil esta cancion. Love U Tinashe!

  41. PERRET Yann

    Why she's so slept on

  42. Tiger REX

    best best best!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Mayday

    I LOVE that Tinashe is a Little Dragon fan.

  44. She-Ra Princess of Power

    Can someone explain - why did the laber drop her? Can I purchase this album and apparently, it sounds very different to the original Joyride - where can I get those tracks? I will pay? This girl is a musical talent!!

    Ramona Javier

    they didn't drop her she left them you can listen to the full album on spotify

  45. Scott Ty

    Get rid of RCA Tinashe!!

    Ramona Javier

    she did she no longer with them she free

  46. Yim C

    Tinashe though. I am still here for you

  47. Nestor Roman

    hey i need help you sing beutiful.

  48. mooneater MOONEATER

    stuck with her💗💗💗

  49. mallika sabhnani

    pop excellency

  50. andrew dejuana

    Best song on the album! Push this as a single although I love having it to myself :)

  51. Daisy Lopez

    one of the best features on here!! 👌

  52. Natasha Chilenga

    cool collab!

  53. Shucen

    Tinashe is so lit I don't understand she deserves much more reputation

  54. james lite

    yea will see ke ke ke you- - -

  55. james lite

    now who love you that got darn lion:) kekeke

  56. Shay Thomas

    Omg seriously how can we help her come up ... this girl is too talented and too good wtf is happening omg

  57. Toya M

    I've been listening to her all day.. I'm soooo impressed!

  58. 淼巭孬


  59. anna

    Shes being slept on☹️

  60. DeAundre Tipton

    The Female J.Cole

  61. Gerhard Roegels

    All songs and Tinashe by herself are over the top!
    I hope she will make it!
    But the music Industrie is a fuckin bitch!!
    Maybe she is too good for some scary people there!!
    Greets from Europe
    TTanka Malice

  62. Sahabudin Esmail


  63. Nanda Trindade


  64. Angela Buthelezi

    When is the video coming?

  65. Digitalhunny

    I miss _her real music._ The risky new stuff, she did all on her own.
    Do you remember? The sound she was, _before_ she signed with RCA. I feel like they are standing on her creativity.
    Record companies are so afraid of losing their investment. That they are losing what they wanted in the first place.
    I loath repetition. That's all the record companies want. The tune to be familiar & you think you like it. Than play it to death. It's _not_ who she is. She is _so_ much better than this. I can't wait for her to go out on her own. She has the potential to be as big as Beyonce or Rihanna. She's a real artist too.

  66. lightingman destroy

    well its thursday what you want to be at this weekend?

  67. Cannon C.j

    For some reason this song makes me want to have an intense makeout 💋 session ...............

  68. Andre Holmes

    OMFG your voice, your vibe and being very pretty even with no makeup on.............Beyonce who? TINASHE bet on that and damn it feel like vegas ..............DO YO THANG SWEETIE............

  69. Driblay


  70. crapfromthestreet

    I fucking love that she collabed with little dragon.

  71. Chun-He Minaj

    ISSA BOP BITCHES!!❤😘😍😍😍😍😍

  72. Andri Ramirez

    these are the kinds artist she needs to collab with when she does

  73. Torrie Lashae


  74. mariangela leon

    dioooooos \3

  75. evan

    this song it's very catchy

  76. Jessey Booker

    Wwhhhyyy hasnt she blown up yet uuummm she literally has the entire package including personality. Shes funny, nerdy in all the right ways, beautiful etc. idk what her management is doing but they need to do BETTEERRR. im always rooting for dark skin black girls to make it because society is racist and whitewashed AF but for tinashe ill give her a pass. Shes unique and talented as hell. HEr dancing is also unique and janet jackson esque but more sexy

  77. Patrice Taylor

    Lil dragon been the shit

  78. Gemini Gamer

    Wow this is nice 👍 little dragon 🐉 and Tanisha!

    Evi Lioliou

    Markeith Darrias her name is tinashe!

    Gemini Gamer

    Evi Lioliou thanks boo I knew her name was spelled like that I just feel like changing it lol 😊 sorry

  79. damasokist

    WHY is this not No.1?

  80. Jay Ali

    Sexy! 😁

  81. Fathurrahman Prasetiyo

    I'm in sexual

  82. Heloá Castelhano

    nasheeeee 🔥❤❤

  83. Pronoy Khan

    Great song

  84. Jimmy Ngo

    Good track

  85. Official King

    Can't stop listening I'm in love

  86. Chris Adair Araya

    i love love this song!, the collaboration got me by surprise because i love both!!!

  87. Matt Cruz

    Sounds like "Puerto Rican Puerto Rican" 🇵🇷

  88. Jay Ali

    Nice! 😁

  89. pitah donald

    i realy love the beats + ur sound t-nashe

  90. Maddox Abraham

    no ones gonna stop me, if I want u....

  91. MzReddMusicLIVE

    this song so f🔥i🔥r🔥e🔥 and underrated 💞

  92. Khyren jackson

    amazing luv Tanashe that song gets in my feelings=*

  93. Juan Trinidad

    Damn this song is amazing

  94. whatwe Talkingbout

    Wiggg is snatched by the gods themselves tinashe i need my wig back girl

    Case closed

  95. Mike Alarcon

    She's known

  96. only lyrics with slow motion

    😍 Tinashe 😍 u Stuck With Me ya Stuck With Me

  97. greencyborgninjadude

    been stuck in my head since it came out