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  1. Aqatriel Antoine

    *I would've loved to see her do a remix with Halsey & Jessie J on this.* 👌😭 😍🙏

  2. Ahmed Al-Hassan

    2020? We missed out😍😍

  3. Lindsay Monroe

    Album was such a disappointment compared to her older mixtapes. So glad she's independent, now the true Tinashe back at 100% of her signature artistry can come through again

  4. Okean Sh.123

    Mia TiNASHE?Mia Tekyare?

  5. Okean Sh.123

    Bod Marley,not yet Star Light ,INN

  6. T Starr

    If yall dont stop lyin in this damn comment section😩😩😩

    My name is Aminé

    Starry Starr about what? Don’t you think this is a good track?! It’s a vibe! Moody & soulful...Maybe it would be better with a different artist but the song is good.

  7. valerie5554

    Just wow

  8. Isis M

    Hmm, hmm
    Hmm, hmm

    [Verse 1]
    Darlin', I've been slowly dyin'
    It feels like I've been fightin' in a war
    And I don't know what the fuck I'm fightin' for
    Darlin', you said, "Forever's a fool's game"
    I played along and watched you make your bed
    While somehow pretendin' this would never end

    We were never meant to make it last
    Take my heart and rip it out my chest
    No matter what you think you got to do
    Don't throw salt on the wound
    Hope you're happy lovin' someone else
    Even though you barely love yourself
    So when you go and break my heart in two
    Don't throw salt on the wound

    [Verse 2]
    Hotel valet, that's where you left me
    You said you need another night to think
    So I took another night to pour a drink
    I won't forget you, the heavens we've been to
    Baby, we'll find a way to meet again
    In another life we'll find a way to win, but

    We were never meant to make it last
    Take my heart and rip it out my chest
    No matter what you think you got to do
    Don't throw salt on the wound
    Hope you're happy lovin' someone else
    Even though you barely love yourself
    So when you go and break my heart in two
    Don't throw salt on the wound

    Na, na, na, na, oh
    Na, na, na, na, oh
    Na, na, na, na
    Oh, I know this love gave me this heart
    There's no right or wrong way to do it baby

    We were never meant to make it last
    Take my heart and rip it out my chest
    No matter what you think you got to do
    Don't throw salt on the wound
    Hope you're happy lovin' someone else (oh yeah)
    Even though you barely love yourself (you barely love yourself)
    So when you go and break my heart in two
    Don't throw salt on the wound

    Hey, hey, hey, hey
    Hmm, hmm
    Hmm, hmm

  9. ferreiratr Ferreira

    The best part of this song is the guitar riff!!!! Amazing

  10. Matt Ro

    This is indeed my favorite song on this album

  11. Robbin Hatchett

    It's Aquarius Season!!! Happy Born Day T!!

  12. Charlie

    It's a shame this hasn't reached 1M yet. People these days really wake up always to the wrong side of their beds.

  13. summer

    131 people are putting salt in my wound

  14. Leeandro Romeo

    amei esse Álbum minha Diva <3

  15. irena2009

    Best song on the album for sure. Love this trippy kind of Tinashe. Cold sweat and black water vibes.

  16. Jamie fortenberry

    Tinashe salt song I love it so much I need make more good I love her so much

  17. Joabe Santos

    ♫ ♪ ♫

  18. Mich Elle

    This song.❤️❤️❤️ How is it possible that she wrote a song word for word that resonates. FFS

  19. Erin Stott

    Tinashe is getting her own damn playlist. Hers will play BEFORE the 'daily essentials'

  20. Pretty Sadiddy

    My god❤️️❤️️❤️️

  21. Kyla Wroten

    New favorite song!

  22. Michel Mullaney

    take your love and then that ass...where u goin not so fast....

  23. JK number5

    Doja Cat Amala album sounds just like a Tinashe record. It is still my 5th favorite album of the year. Tinashe Joyride is #1 of the year


    I love you Tinashe❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  25. 2woo bitch

    ❤it ❤it ❤it!!! & did i mention tht i ❤it?!

  26. Glytch Harkness

    I despise the crackle in the audio

  27. KBRAND 2.0

    This is something i been waiting from her

  28. MzReddMusicLIVE

    Classic vibe 💞 what you do 🔥🔥🔥🔥 voice is so pure n uplifting

  29. Jedd Stevie


  30. L O

    Her voice is so relaxing and her music is so touching gotta love her

  31. Rodrigo Araujo

    the best one from joyride

  32. sheina alamah-owens


  33. rachel

    hands down favorite song on joyride. also u and ben simmons mad cute

  34. Nepz Babe

    I wanna learn this instrumental with violin 🎻 🇵🇹💕

  35. Ash Ghxst

    I love you plz don’t stop producing music u are so strong for dealing with the bs with RCA.

  36. Tabbz8645

    Fuck now I gotta go love on my man this beat got me feeling sultry as fuck

  37. andreWM

    I want an instrumental for this it’s bejsyful



  38. Dylanmoon


  39. mel hopi25


  40. Krzysztof Kałuziński

    Banks vibes

  41. EXIT 11 AOP

    I love this song ,bae girl is so underrated she doesn't have to be a superstar but she's one in eyes.she have a lane that's wide open for her i hope she doesn't try to go mainstream

  42. Fran Films

    Love this song🔥🔥💜

  43. Luddy Cris

    I came for the title and stayed for the music <3

  44. Angela Renée


  45. Miranda Watson

    TINASHE YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ENERGY FOR DAYZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!! 😎😍💎🌊🎶♒

  46. Naqabah Servant

    Mature Aquarius vibe 😍

  47. warske07

    I'm slowly falling deep into her voice and lyrics let me fall don't catch me....

  48. MichaelMakeup

    She put her Fucking foot in this song!!!

  49. FUGIS creepers

    Please do a video for this song tinashe,I Love it

  50. Brittany Brydahl

    Aaliyah would have killed this too. Love Tinashe ♡♡♡

  51. Sade Monet

    You got me on this one <3

  52. goodie.m

    love it ! <3

  53. Nono VK

    This picture..........wooaah

  54. Moy Choirunnisa

    Sounds like the old Rihanna imo. Nothing bad though, her voice is 100.

  55. Lakeshia Brooks

    Best song on the album, the lyrics are deep and I love hearing real instuments for once....good job Tinashe, u did that girl! 👏

  56. Christian Harrison


  57. Deaja Mcqueen

    I absolutely fell in love with Tinashe when I first herd her voice it was living on the west side and form then till now I only grew to only listen to Tinashe I love this song it tells a story that I'm going threw right now thank you so much Tinashe

  58. ryln

    This is too beautiful

  59. Milagra Norman

    A good song for people who going to break up with u

  60. Victoria Ella

    Banger. This or Stuck with me needs to be on radio

  61. Manny

    I love this song but everytime she says “ hope you’re happy “. I keep thinking she’s going to say clap your hands 👏🏾👏🏾😂😂

  62. Tanay Duncan


  63. Zeek Street

    Hey I did a cover of this song, if you have a moment could you check me out... Just a heads up I'm no professional 😎❤️

  64. Goldenxronnie

    This song is fucking it. It’s so bluesy and it sounds like it’s been dipped in whiskey. He Don’t Want, Salt And Stuck With Me are the highlights. The beat switch up on No Contest was crazyyy

  65. Marco Balice

    It sounds good with Ariana Grande

  66. oosh Prince

    Sounds like one of CB songs

  67. Ca'Tania Starr

    See tinashe you can buy the whole album cause all the songs are great. Like there's no skipping.

  68. silent thoughts

    Ayeee , my queen comeback with some good tracksss

  69. Tiago Sampaio

    Que música linda 😍💞👏

  70. DayZStar

    I love this song

  71. lu sky

    i'm so in love what the fuck

  72. DeniseBehler

    Why does this have so many views but the album will only sell like 5K??? You bitches better buy the album!!

  73. Dionna Hill

    The 1st verse i was all in

  74. sequoia jordan

    Damn I can relate to this... It hits me so deep to the poimt I wonder off thinking. So groovey so alertive. Defiantly dig it

  75. Nacha Chacón

    la guitarra me trae vibras de los 80

  76. Lava Girl

    My fav song from the album 💓🌬️every song is so great💎💗💖

  77. R. Flex

    Anyone else get Christina Aguilera "Impossible" vibes?

    luchiwon vera

    R. Flex nah

  78. Christian Harrison

    I'm ADDICTED to this song 💓

  79. Panic! At The Twenty One Chemical Capricorns


  80. Alain Bruno

    Good voice 💪

    Ash Ghxst

    Alain Bruno omg I see u commenting on every one of her songs lol.

    Aaron Barnaby

    +Natalie Cummings Not just on all of her songs, but he comments on every single youtube video that has ever been posted. He can't get enough of youtube.. he must spend at least 23 hours a day just watching as many videos as he possibly can. I've never seen a living, breathing person that watches as many youtube videos as him. Even completely unrelated subjects, he's just about tagged every single video that has ever been uploaded to youtube. He needs to get layed sooooo bad

    R. Flex

    Aaron Barnaby if he can get it, why not?

    R. Flex

    Natalie Cummings hehehe

    Halfbreed Barbie

    Aaron Barnaby Ummmm question....how do you know that he comments on "every video that's ever been uploaded on YouTube" without spending the same amount of time watching videos on YouTube as he does? Just curious

  81. Maurice Young

    👻📝💯👁️ live your lies

  82. Tinashe Brasil

    We need a music video for this, babe

  83. Ismar Porcic

    I'm SO positively surprised that she stayed true to her self and original style!!
    Salt, No Contest , He Don't Want It, Stuck With Me,JOYRIDE...AND her iconic Intros and Outros, all of them have the original Tinashe essence from her early days, which is a delight for someone who's been there from the beginning...Joyride was worth the wait! Thank you T!

    Alexandru Blu

    Ismar Porcic u just named my top 5

  84. Ahnya Tonique

    When I hear this I think of the salt man

  85. Feldrawn

    Issa bop

  86. Kareem 18

    Vocals man🔥🔥

  87. Gabriel McPhillips

    aww yeahhhh man


    Love this ... Its kind of giving me Rihanna Vibes


    R. Flex just the vibe ...like how she’s singing it and how the song is written ...I’m for sure Rihanna would have sang this song if someone had written it for her ..check out some of her older stuff and desporato

    R. Flex

    MISSRAVENDIOR Russian Roulette meets Desparado

    c fred

    Listen to her mixtape this kinda her sound before rca

    Andri R

    MISSRAVENDIOR except rihanna can't write her own music😂

    Tommy B

    I hate that she does sound like Rihanna because I know it's really her but I agree.

  89. Munashe Mashoko

    Beautiful song , beautiful voice ; my heart is open

  90. God 74

    Shit is wack. I know she has access to better producers (more new school)

  91. lusher mimz

    so talented but underrated

  92. Kevin A

    This song is EVERYTHING! Spoke right to my soul, Thank You Tinashe!

  93. Gifty 06


  94. Sapphire Stone

    This is actually good! I love when she hits those high notes.!! ❤

  95. Eileen Mc Govern

    I’ve died and went to heaven... joyride is here

  96. Kayla Smerchanski

    This sounds more like something from Nightride. I wonder if this was recorded around that era.