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Tinashe No Contest Comments
  1. Ahmed Al-Hassan

    2020? We missed out 💗💗

  2. YaboySmooth

    Man I need to fuck something to this

  3. Delisha Envy

    My favourite nashe song!! 💝

  4. CoCo'$ Flave


  5. samantha pauline

    Tinashe should do an album with usher it would be epic ♡

  6. favorite. fantasy

    This the typa song I wanna ride through on the express with a drop top...🤯🥵💥

  7. Marcos Lopes

    commenting again 'cause... real feelings.

  8. Marcos Lopes

    pure love for this

  9. Marcos Lopes

    your vocals are really good on nightride. this is one of my fav tracks.

  10. Marcos Lopes

    love this sm

  11. Mavavz


  12. egorgeor


  13. Appley pie

    In the end tinashe saves the day

  14. Jose Corrales


  15. jamie Fortenberry

    Tinashe she is so beautifully I love this song so much

  16. Alavistaven2012

    sub 1 million? what is going on. And why haven't I EVER heard this album or song besides honest's video recently

  17. supacoolkatz

    Best song Tinashe ever made. It’s just perfect.

  18. Antonio

    Aaliyah vibes 🥰😭😢

  19. hollyken3

    This album consistently fucks me up

  20. Onika

    Who came from shady confessions

  21. vi bi


  22. Matthew 2 Jac Schubert 2 Loyar

    I think you baby will remain my upgrade to the betterment

  23. WillTaylormadeAKAPyro

    NICE CO-OP eration.....Y'all a good Taylormade Team.lol

  24. Robbin Hatchett

    It's Aquarius Season!!! Happy Born Day Tinashe!!👑🎂👑🌊🏆

  25. Leticia Garcia

    I love this album ugh I wish you the best bbg and get a better record deal bc u deserve it

  26. Tiger REX

    Wow you have magic in your voice and i am drinking that magic through my ear!!!

  27. Jazmina Jazmina

    . this my favorite song 💕💕🤦🏾‍♂️she went crazy !

  28. Big warrior

    Wow her beautiful voice at 2:00 😍😍😍😍😍😍😊❤👸🏽absolutely amazing performer 👏🏼

  29. Hanginwit Mayflowers

    Love beat sounds like it samples r Kelly feeling in ya booty

  30. Hanginwit Mayflowers

    This was slept on hell she was

  31. Afro Latina

    My favorite on the album 💕

  32. David Little

    Double vinyl owner 1000% Album off 2018 .

  33. Alejandro Legaspi

    The only way I can say how I feel with this song is this emoji: 🤤

  34. William Estrada


  35. Allen Allosh

    This is so underrated

  36. Barbieboi 2Tone

    Tinashe that bitch, PERIOD

  37. Redrick Nelson

    Nice song!

  38. james lite

    HUmm HUmm:)

  39. james lite

    than be number 1 and there is a #(spacetime) :)your just going to have to take the spot!!!

  40. james lite

    and I put in the work you just got touch by a lions love #now you see why the ex don't want to let me go !!! KeKeKe

  41. james lite

    yea my lioness bite you for that early clip :)#cool

  42. Cheyenne Alexander

    No contest is my favorite 😍🤙🏾 Anyone else agrees?

  43. Free Lander

    She really did some unique tracks with Salt, Stuck With Me, and No Conest. Queen of versatility. Queen of being under rated.

  44. anna gabi

    Love that!

  45. chyanne

    This is my favorite song by her. I listen to this multiple times a day😩

  46. loulouna 911

    it deserves more more and more viewsssss!!!!!

  47. kahalele IV

    Bad bitch mode activated 😂😂

  48. Seerat Fatma

    I got to know about her bcs of JHope fk I'm in love with her!!

  49. Rodrigo Herrera

    Yeah Black Lambo Bae *

  50. Cory Washington

    This remind of a song by Cassie from her mixtape. Both dope af


  51. Quintavious Thomas

    The album cover is so illuminate controlled by the devil all over this cover I'm done

  52. lightingman destroy

    look woman thats the ladys/woman engery they not hating thats postive energy (no contest) they know we vibeing for a lit while:)

  53. Jasmine Wines

    Yessss baby girl 😏💍😌

  54. King Neptune

    Should've been on radio

  55. Victorino Philadelphia

    Already #LovelyGreatness #Tinashe #WinWinWin ...


    This girl just spins gold all the time.

  57. Gemini Gamer

    Sounds like something from a old tekken game...

  58. Gemini Gamer

    Queen Tinashe !!!!!

  59. Poshdoll Poshdoll

    she's so good ...she should be way bigger than this


    What pretty tinashe is my love favorite.😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

  61. Bri V

    🔥🔥🔥Yasss nashe😍

  62. 7Mushrooms7

    I love this!

  63. D Rashad Battle

    I wish this song would have gotten single and video treatment!

  64. LA Creations

    This voice just centers it... A+

  65. Miss Kitten

    When a song describes what you going through at the moment ....

  66. cassidy_72

    she hasn't had any singles out since she released the album! sis what are you doing!! make this the single!

    Evi Lioliou

    cassidy_72 go stream like i used to. #nashe is comin

  67. Anita Tavares


  68. gina salvador

    I Need a video of this !!!

  69. KBRAND 2.0

    Love thiss

  70. MzReddMusicLIVE

    This whole album F🔥i🔥r🔥e🔥💞

  71. hollyken3

    Perfect song

  72. whatwe Talkingbout

    Team svusvu

  73. whatwe Talkingbout

    Wet and frisky

  74. WailingMoonman

    This track is fire! This whole album is <3

  75. Mattie

    Where can I buy her hard copy album in person at the store? I need this 😭

  76. music champ angel

    Best song in whole album


    I like Oh la la

  77. charles potts

    😍😍😍, one top 7

  78. music champ angel

    Im not really a adult and im 10 but this is my favorite sing ever becuse i can always break the high piches and it has a awsome beat #best song ever😍😂😁

  79. Daughter oftheKing

    Hol' up.. where my edges gone 🔥🔥🔥

  80. Abbas Raja

    this wasn't my most fav of T's work but thissa vibe <3

  81. Dylanmoon

    got me thinking that I’m just.. maybe I’m in love with u 💜💜

  82. only lyrics with slow motion

    💕💕 luv u tinashe hot girl ❤️❤️

  83. Jacoby Alexander

    Love this song

  84. Strange Lady

    Sooo GOOD. all her stuff is but this just ...no words. She is so damn talented (we don't have to get in to how beautiful and stunning she is) she switches up so flawlessly. She almost has her own genre and shit!

  85. Serena Smallwood

    This is one of favs on the album

  86. Torres Savage

    My favorite Tinashe track! This song takes me to a place that feels like home

  87. Ruben Botello

    But she ain’t here for no contest 💯

  88. hollyken3

    I was snatched from the first note

  89. Jacqueline Miranda

    Amo tu voz❤ la mejor

  90. Dwindle Deeds


  91. Jeremy Fishman

    2:18 - 2:48 A+

  92. Paulo Neto

    Viciei ,tô engajado em alimente uma Tinashe,participe vc tbm.

  93. Daughter oftheKing

    This whole song 🔥🔥🔥 beat, her vocal range/ tone, lyrics everything lit!

  94. yvestan


  95. AmreenC

    this is asmr to me!!!!!1

  96. S R

    Always on repeat

  97. yuli starck

    Me encanta <3