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  1. Jaehyunnie Oppayah

    Impressionante é que a "cópia" é mil vezes melhor.

  2. Trapsource goddess

    This song is so fucking good it’s crazy the likes it only has for its value

  3. mariana agudelo

    Love, love, love, love
    Love, love, love, love
    Super love
    They will never love you babe, like I love you babe

    I'm sophisticated, super classy, Uncle Luke, freak, nasty
    I'm tryna make you my baby daddy
    Got me bouncing on it, I'm acrobatic
    You got me riding on that, riding on that, grinding up in this bitch
    Banana all in that split, bet them girls can't do you like this
    So I heard you're out here looking for me, and I wanna know if it's true
    If you've been looking for love, then I've been looking for you

    I want you, I want you, I want you to be my baby
    Settle down, we'll settle down then give you a baby
    Put it down, boy, put it down and make me act all crazy
    I might let you change me, boy I can arrange it, yeah

    They will never love you babe (They will never love you)
    Like I love you babe
    Say you'll never take my love away
    Say you'll never take my love away
    They will never touch you babe (They will never touch you)
    Like I touched you babe (They will never, no, no)
    Baby, say you promise you will never change
    You know, you know, you know

    This the one right from the start (What?)
    Hitting on your girl like, "ooh Lord!"
    This the type of boy who want to break your heart
    So I'm praying for you, baby, like, "ooh God!"
    First one to make me wanna drag a hoe
    I could care less about this before
    Jealousy, envy, madness
    On this song like asterisk
    I'm so in love, I'm passionate
    Fuck that shit, I'm passionate
    This is what love in Paris is
    That young love, immaculate

    I'm your girl, and I wanna be forever
    You my world and we'll always be together
    Superlove, nothing will ever break this up
    And my love will be enough

    They will never love you babe, like I love you babe
    Say you'll never take my love away (Say you'll never, say you'll never)
    Take my love away
    They will never touch you babe, like I touched you babe
    Baby, say you promise you will never change
    You know, you know, you know

    You got me riding on that, riding on that, grinding up in this bitch
    Banana all in that split, bet them girls can't do you like this
    You got me riding on that, riding on that, grinding up in this bitch
    Banana all in that split, bet them girls can't do you like this

    They will never touch you babe (No, no, no, no, no)
    Like I touched you babe (Like I touch you, baby)
    Baby, say you promise you will never change (Promise you will never change)
    You know, you know, you know

  4. Noah Girsang

    0:35 here's the cherry


  5. strawberry_shortcake4life

    Damn that thumbnail is 💯💯💯 She's sooo gorg! #4yrstoolate 🤦‍♀️😫

  6. 這是我買的好嗎


  7. Sisqo Matched File approval for cheap

    im Malcolm tayborn

  8. Sisqo Matched File approval for cheap

    even one of these black guys who think there hard from chicago

  9. Mariah Palmer

    Love this😍

  10. Nguyễn Quốc Duy

    I wish u 100 years bad luck suenashe

  11. Rawburt Martinez


  12. No jams Mcgee

    Yeah close to woo woo but AoA s “good luck”

  13. Janielle Sang

    So talented and beautiful 🔥❤️

  14. Ben the awesome 1

    Apart from the fact that there's a beach involved, how is this similar to DIA's Woo Woo, the concepts (apart from beach aspect) and songs are very different, and last time I checked no one owns filming on a beach, it's something many artists do 🤣😂


    I agree 😭 Like, wth-
    She just wants money, but it's going to be like the Ariana grande forever 21 lawsuit. Dia's company is struggling already and the poor group is on the verge of disbanding. Why couldn't this girl just leave it be. The song had already been out for a year-


    I think Tinashe was wronged in this situation although, I can’t stand the people bashing DIA thinking they’re the ones who made the song.


    The instrumental is similar lol wdym, I’m not very good with terminology but the tune is basically the same. And no I’m not saying that DIA owns this song, their producer obviously did Tinashe wrong (but not the girls)


    This isn’t the first time Shinsadong Tiger has done this, he also did the same thing with Momoland.

  15. Amin bright

    she dance like no guide , she is a jason durelo girl

  16. Katie Beardsley

    Kinda feel like dej loaf could throw some vocals into this 🤔

  17. Febes MONALISA

    This song played mad in produce 48

  18. Mieya Bollin

    I just realized she saved Todd from the Vlog Squad

  19. Javon Patrick

    This gives me Nicki Super Bass Vibes for some reason

  20. Arya A

    I associate this song to the day I lost my virginity: 29/08/2016

  21. Gabriele Fermi


  22. Mayra Reynoso

    I love this song

  23. subscribe xy

    Bae watch😂

  24. Little Girl

    Vou arrancar os meus ouvidos

  25. Cho JaMyung

    Pesquisei DIA woowoo e apareceu isso.

    Mari Santi

    É pq woowoo é um plágio....

    Cho JaMyung

    Mari Santi eu sei, tinha sido irônica kk

    Chow Chow Amigável

    @Mari Santi Pior que elas são identicas! Ksksksk

    Mari Santi

    @Cho JaMyung ata kkkk


    Go check Jay Park "all i wanna do" i think he wants to ........ with you

  27. 껍질자매님의

    Stan dia, Stan talent

  28. Justin Phoungphet

    Is it just me that is a fan of the points in songs where they slow it down? Super love and Super bass are the two songs that have that and those parts are just addicting.

  29. Veni Vidi Amavi

    *am I a fake fan that is my first time seeing the video??*

  30. 4444444е

    DIA called their fanbase AIDs. No words.

    Mariana Velez

    4444444е SORRY, but it’s not AIDS it’s AID. Fandom’s names don’t have plural. So it’s not AIDS IT’S AID

  31. nixibon

    I definitely see how WooWoo was inspired/similar to this. But, I don't think it's enough for the MV director to talk about suing them. WooWoo has a bit more of a girly sound with a more typical kpop bubblegum sound sort of influence to the beat. And the actual chorus and whatnot have a different feel. Much more innocent, as that's what the general public in Korea likes in girl groups. Musical artists, nevermind kpop artists, take major inspiration from each other constantly. That's kind of how art works. There are constantly songs coming out that sound super similar to Michael Jackson songs, without his permission, and nobody freaks out. It's really weird to me how some artists or sounds are fine to take from, while others are not. At the end of the day, whether the law tries to make it so or not, you can't truly own art fully. There will always be someone who takes from your idea or gains inspiration from it. It's just a matter of where they change it up enough for people to notice. So long as it's not a one to one copy, I don't think people should make as big of a deal about things like this.

  32. Vj Vk


  33. John Tripler

    Tinashe loving your music video you are absolutely amazing and awsome always enjoy love ya

  34. geoffrey marsters

    She would handle my gear stick well when she drive me .....like crazy💯 😉

  35. stan twicepink

    we miss dia's main vocal tinashe
    love u tinashe eonni

  36. Tae BMO

    l see 0 similarity with WooWoo why dose she want to sue ?

    youtube account

    Cuz you're stupid

  37. Lou Schwick

    i like the way she said "freak nasty". very glossy, very commercial

  38. Yves

    Thank you for not suing Dia 💕

    Momoland Famous Group

    Yves she not ?


    Momoland Famous Group no her mv director wanted to but they didn’t

  39. hekel kuman

    They called this is 'art', need to learn again about art.

  40. Andy N


    ss smiler

    Debe ser justo, los que va a denunciar son a los productores.

  41. Honey Bambi

    Okay about the DIA and tinashe situation. People who are being immature and stupid about the whole thing saying which one is better is really not necessary. I get it you can have an opinion and preference but these two songs may have similar concepts but are talking about different things on very different levels. But also about the whole suing situation, it is very clear that whoever wrote DIAs song and chose the concept clearly were getting ideas from Tinashe's superlove. There is no doubt about it. You can't own a concept but it is so clear that they took some ideas from this music video and song. So it makes sense for tinashe to get upset about someone taking her ideas. So commenting about tinashes overeating is not true because it makes valid sense for her to get upset about a producer taking her song idea. This music video and song can be enjoyed by everyone but Tinashe's songs are mostly for mature and older audiences so immature comments by 12 year olds aren't needed here and you can take your complaints to Stan Twitter. And thank you for giving for more views for this YouTube video.

  42. Tessa

    I already know and love this song but came back bc of DIA 😔

  43. Fernando Ramirez

    Me quedo mil veces con la version de DIA.

    ss smiler

    Sigue siendo un plagio.

  44. je-no-jam is my jam fite me

    youtube recommendation be like
    2016: nah
    2017: later
    2018: not a good time
    2019: *perfect*

  45. Eloy

    None is going to talk about that one of the boys is David dobriks friend?? Lol

  46. vale belen

    sorry but honestly i prefer woowoo haha :(

    babiboo boo

    same T.T

  47. Peach Eunsang

    No denuncien a DIA por plagio, ellas no tienen la culpa:( la culpa la tiene quien les dio la canción

    Gift Chiundira

    Hi to you

  48. cami hope


    cami hope

    that's just my opinion, i bet you don't even know dia

    Honey Bambi

    It is your opinion but because both songs are talking about different things it doesn't really work out. You don't see dia Singing those explicit things. This is more for older and mature audiences rather than Dias version.

    babiboo boo

    agree T.T

    Blue Lemonade

    I think so too but get wonho's ass out ur profile pic 😕


    Nothing wrong with thinking that but saying it like this is hella rude and disrespectful lmao...and I love DIA, but this just comes off too badly

  49. Rubén Pascual Bobadilla

    Alguien me puede decir en qué se parece ésta canción a la de DIA - Woo Woo (??????


    Respuesta: demasiadas.

    Asco tu demanda, amiga.

    93 gyarados

    Son iguales pero la de dia es mejor, igual el que va a demandar (si lo hace) es su director bro jaja

    Milagros G. Vieyra

    el instrumental/backing track

  50. Junmyeon Cock

    Can't believe u time traveled to steal this song from DIA


    lmao wow she didn’t, you know they almost sued them as well but that wouldn’t be good for our DIA girls

  51. Loveoul uwu

    Pray 4 dia 😔

  52. Are 2532

    SUPERLOVE >>> WooWoo

  53. B G

    @hawkhatesyou brought me here

  54. Nguyễn Quốc Duy

    DIA bring me here
    I mean who's tinasue anyway


    Omg imagine not know how Tinashe is

    babiboo boo

    I dont know thinase(?) too


    The girl every male idol in Korea somehow wants 😂 she’s hot and talented though

  55. Kary P

    The Korean girl group make this fucking song better lol and tinashe want to sue them because they make it better than her song

    whatever it takes.

    Kary P tinashe is better than those bleaching asians


    I’m a kpop fan but it’s really these kinda comments that make us look bad :(

  56. Gani Ghonio

    DIA - Woo Woo 🙋‍♂️

  57. kuzri bcmdn

    Just here bcuz of allegations against "woo woo MV"

  58. urboi leci

    tinashe outsold

  59. Lyn 30

    So, in, luv with her voice

  60. flOrie ;

    omg i can't believe tinashe made an english version of dia's song woowoo. we love you aid queen!!!1!!11!!

    Big Matthew

    Tinashe's ver was the original one.

    flOrie ;

    @Big Matthew no shit sherlock

  61. Brie Nebula

    I'm here from the article of who copying who.(now I listen this gotta listen other to compare lol.) She's preety.😊💜✌

  62. Aaya Aliya Purple BTS 2004

    I'm not a fan of both sides but I prefer DIA

    Aaya Aliya Purple BTS 2004

    @souIglitch lol 😂


    @souIglitch But. So what if its plagerized, the version of DIA is better in my opinion, taste.

    Rizal Ong

    I love dia..but i prefer tinashe ..because this make me wanna dance...and the dance god damn it..its so hot

    Rizal Ong

    @КıղgDɑиıダニエル i dont think so


    @Rizal Ong Opinion

  63. Irene García

    So this is the song DIA copied...

  64. arxerfyre -arx-

    ask shinsadong tiger (the producer of woowoo) on why he decided to write that song

  65. missmariahlove

    Expect more views from Kpop fans after suing DIA.

  66. Star Bella

    Remeber how she said to Bảo Thy the singer from VietNam
    Tinasue don't have any talen and dignity she just have sue sue sue and sue i mean yeah it's DIA promo for her cheap famous 💉

  67. botox pixie

    woowoo is the man hating version of this song ❤️

    urboi leci

    married to the music tinashe danced while a man was drowning showing despite her role as a ‘life guard’ to the man, she rather live her own life. its a subtle man hating anthem while showing the sad reality of womanhood where women are burdened with being a man’s savior 😌

  68. botox pixie

    yea this is cool and all but stream woowoo me finks... and follow @ateeztheworld xo

  69. Go Won's Healthy Scalp

    Stream Woowa by DIA

    arxerfyre -arx-

    or woowoo :)))

    Dylan Choup

    Someone has too honey we will only be streaming the OG verison not the copycat one

  70. killua flop

    woowoo soty yup yup i saw it coming

  71. Damiennn

    Now go listen to DIA's WOOWA, that is a masterpiece. Can we all just spread love and not hate?

    Hei Ch

    amanda Um...WooWA & WooWOO are two different songs.


    @amanda First of all, WooWoo does sound a lot like Superlove but MBK ENT. bought the rights to the music. Tinashe never said anything about the music, please go read up on the news. Secondly, Tinashe and her MV director wanted to sue DIA and MBK ENT. for their MV but both are different. You telling me that any music video that has a beach can also be sued because hey, it looks like Tinashe's. Sorry but I don't see the beach belonging to anyone. Thirdly, WOOWA is a completely different song, it was released after WooWoo and it is more a disco club song.

    On a side note, I didn't even know Tinashe existed until I heard about similarities between WooWoo and Superlove, so then again, if you look at it in a positive perspective, DIA has led me to Tinashe and vice versa. Again, can we all just support each one another? And WooWoo was released last year so don't u think its a little too late for Tinashe to start sueing?


    @Damiennn can you give me a source on MBK ENT buying the rights to the music because ive never seen a report on that. also i believe that in tinashe's tweet she wasn't merely referring to the MV, thats just how DIA stans are construing it.


    @Hei Ch ok das ma bad LMAO i retract my comment to OP but my point stands that there are plenty of DIA stans coming HERE to tinashe's MV just to say that DIA's plagarised song is better....


    @Damiennn preach

  72. diego perez

    DIA is better.

    babiboo boo

    why i agree T.T

  73. Kpop lover

    why should DIA get permission from Tinashe to release the song? Is it stealing when it's already stolen?Did Tinashe take permission from Inoj to release her song "love you down"? lmfaoo

  74. jennie nayeon

    didn’t know tinashe until the thing about dia omg dia giving tinashe promo !!!!!!

    chipem jajo

    Probably you a 2000s born

    Lila Hesse

    I like kpop but I def didn't know about Dia before Tinashe, let's not pretend like Dia is high profile

    jennie nayeon

    Lila Hesse
    it’s a joke

    Lila Hesse

    @jennie nayeon lol ok sorry


    Who’s Dia?

  75. a to the g to the u to the stfu

    Dia song sucked Sue em queen!!!

    Nat t

    a to the g to the u to the stfu , it’s the same song......


    They won’t get much she could probably buy a happy meal

  76. kara

    DIA made this better lmaoooo

  77. Mighty Irony

    Dia WooWoo is better and except the audio i don't see a similarity here lol

  78. APRIL S

    Beside the beach and red outfits i dont see a lot of similarities (and these to are common, specially together). Still I dont think attacking DIA is right, considering they are not responsible for the composing and the filming of the MV.
    Also I'll be the person to say that, I prefer "Woo Woo". Don't @ me.

    Mighty Irony


  79. Jack's squirtle

    Lol I see people defending the group who plagiarized this song. I mean seriously? They did it better? People should say what's wrong as wrong. Stealing someone elses art is wrong. These Stan's are blinded.

  80. 손채영 Stan

    Who ever made dia woo woo so copied her

  81. Hoàng Lee

    Con gái con đứa

    Star Bella

    Hoàng Lee người cùng nước nè XD

    Hoàng Lee

    @Star Bella Hi!

  82. Lee Chungee

    Ouhh this song. I heard this from produce 48 i guess

  83. Shae Shae

    I like this one better. wayyyy better


    the instrumental may sounded the same but not the song and mv... but what with the mv??? omona ..DIA did better ...

  85. Bawangers Tv


  86. Asma

    Dia did it better

  87. Hung Nguyen

    She finally noticed that rip-off version of this masterpiece

  88. Dorky Tiff

    Came here again after Tinashe wants to sue DIA

    Lindsay Monroe

    Tinashe doesn't want to sue, the director of her music video wants to. Tinashe seems to act like she doesn't even care about this for some reason

  89. Lalala La Vie en Rose

    I came here because of the dia issue thou

  90. uwu

    Dia wins

  91. sanriohees

    stan DIA!

    babiboo boo

    yes i stan DIA

  92. Keanon Kalmeyer

    I wish Nicki was on this song. 🔥🔥

  93. Shaniece H

    She’s so underrated 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

    Star Bella

    That's what she desever 💁🏼🤞🏻

  94. Love PrettyMoney

    Rca didn’t deserve this amazing talented woman

  95. Sisqo Matched File approval for cheap

    im just fans of theres

  96. beautiful dayz

    jenny slay

  97. Dirlesh Wolf

    Man.. Tinashi na do some serious move and split

  98. Sisqo Matched File approval for cheap

    then that's all they do to me everywhere