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Tinashe Company Comments
  1. XxDixon GirlsxX

    I see where Norman got that one move in her dance from in Motivation 1:20

  2. Paris Mims


  3. Kajal Negi

    Ohhh.. that last part.. 😷😷😷

    Kajal Negi

    @Nil Xi last part is to hot to handle..
    She is such a good dancer..

  4. axa3547

    the amount of sex that people are doing on her songs is unaccountable

  5. Shawna Oliver

    wooow Ive been sleep wtf?!? lord forgive meee 2020

  6. Marissa Deleuze

    I always dance like her when this song comes on

  7. Quincy Smith

    Really sexy 😍 Tinashe...

  8. Tara D Nair

    Is JoJo Gomez here

  9. Betül Kılınçaslan

    Klipte tam olarak cennetten beklentim yaşanıyor. Perfect.

  10. Roberta Abreu

    i love this woman

  11. Roberta Abreu

    my favorite dance video idk this make me so......

  12. Luis Cruz

    Can we all agree that TINASHE IS A BAD BITCH PERIODT!

  13. ro king


  14. Mericless__ Bog9

    Why does this crank?

  15. IsraChick

    Jake kodish 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. AS R

    2020 anybody?

  17. Quincy Smith

    Tinashe: Will you marry me?

  18. Abhinav Acharya

    She's got a white girl voice

  19. Deepa Fitter

    Tanisha is one for Best. All in one she has by God gifted. Love u Tanisha 😘😍 and my Jojo Gomez too. Nice to see in this video. God bless you both 😘❤❤❤ love from India 🙏


    her name is Tinashe

  20. mayokurrrtt ttt

    Addict to this song.😂

  21. karl gandy


  22. Jose Gutz

    my wig flew offf into space!!

  23. Gen Sequijor

    Just checking this video to imagine dancing like this.. this year 2020.. like i want to lose pounds lol

  24. Devon Mann

    This serve.............

    Devon Mann

    I kind of spilled here hmmmm didn’t I

  25. mounika kulkarni

    Okay who did the choreography?


    Jojo Gomez! she is also dancing in this video 💜 purple hair and white crop top

  26. Joseph Romero Rojas

    JOJO WAS SO INTO IT lolol she almost lip synched the entire song while she was dancing lolol love her intensity!!

  27. Free Lander

    Let's petition a tutorial for the choreography cause this goes soooooo hardt

  28. Léo Silva

    Tinashe ft Normaniiiii PLEEEEASE

  29. Raul Muñoz

    Whoah I have listened several times but this is the first time I am watching this video, she is really amazing.

  30. IHTWB321

    This chick can fucking dance

  31. Quincy Smith

    Your dance moves are flawless 😍👌😍... I love you Baby 😘! (Tinashe)

  32. Assassin Tha Rebellion

    Underrated period. Song still 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  33. shauna aaa

    okay now im gay

  34. Paracosmist


  35. Sarah Gymini

    2020 someone ???

  36. Hanna Achenbach

    This is so good! And OMG it's all one take 🙏

  37. Michael Woodson

    When that breakdown came and she did that windmill with her hands and a split together had me like👀

  38. This is ShAzZa

    Its between this and Sam Smith's How Do You sleep

  39. CurvyAries

    Talented, beautiful, great dancer.

  40. hermione granger

    Sis is full of talent🔥 She's goals on another level

  41. Victor Arroyo

    I love this girl,she is sooo talented

  42. Tru Queen

    Female dancers were not in sync with Tinashe, the males were better. Still love this song!!!🎯💯

  43. lady kay

    Tinashe and Normani collab🔥?

  44. Pleasing Poet

    Moves are amazing Tinashe

  45. R P

    Love you girl from India 😘😘😘😘🙏🏻😘

  46. loreleivixen

    I learned this choreography and ever since it came out, I've been dancing to it and loss so much weight. Thanks Jojo and Tinashe.

  47. ladyy A

    New year🎉 anyone listening in 2020 ?

  48. Zoe Ts.

    Her moveees!! She is so underated! If Beyonce or Riri did the same choreography this video would have 1B views. I hope she gets the recognition she deserves.

  49. beelzebebi _

    I have watched this an unhealthy amount of times, im beginning to question my sexuality now. thanks, tinashe

  50. Kim Noona

    I love her so much 😳😳😳🐰🐰💋

  51. Уважаемый Босс

    Tinashe my love girlfriend

  52. Its Savvy

    i wish i could dance like her ❤️😭

  53. Braxton Anthony

    The black brittney spears!!!🚀🚀💯

  54. Taylor Chizz

    The shooting of the video is A1 like this deserved more talk

  55. Soldier King

    nice switchup at the end

  56. Jase Daniels

    Her and bsmyth would kill it

  57. Briana Campos

    OMGOSH I love the choreography especially the part w/Tinashe & her guy dance partner. That was close & poppin'! 😊💞

  58. Μαριάννα Τσιαούση

    Why they wasted money on some moving changing colour wall? I mean all I see is a perfect choreography and a good song..lol 😉

  59. Madalyn Days

    do y'all remember when she was screaming at her fans during that livestream

  60. HomelessPanther

    I thought this was sung by Ariana Grande

  61. Leo Oliveira


  62. Joaquin Rubio

    Imagine Tinashe and Normani together y'all 😍 snatch my weave already!

  63. Reyna Montoya

    cool Reynamontoya okay

  64. Katelyn Cecelia

    I remember the day this came out and my whole group of friends fucked with this song so heavy. All 20 of us lmfaooo

  65. mimmy_april_baby

    This song is criminally underrated

  66. ness

    what the baby janet is going on?

  67. Golden Spectacles

    dayumn Tinashe and Normani just killin' it

  68. Misunderstood

    By far one of if not the best dance videos of this decade!!!

  69. Andrew Tetteh

    She need to collab with normani and Ciara. ASAP

  70. Giovanna Lima

    tinashe fada injustiçada

  71. Veni Vidi Amavi

    *her + Ciara + Normani 202 PLEASE*

  72. Izzy Carter

    This video and song is soooo underrated ‼️

  73. Cece Loyal

    Dance had me stuck... Loved it... The dance made the song better!

  74. Shannon H.N.

    Is this one take????

    Ice Princess

    Shannon H.N. yep

  75. Shannon H.N.

    Jojo going off! I always come back to this...

  76. Irene 94

    0:40 2:15

  77. hatred forever

    I hear supermario ringtones 🤔😵

  78. John Tripler

    Tinashe loving your dancing moves you are the best love ya

  79. Miguel Pacheco

    @ 2:30 my high key fantasy 🤤

    Ice Princess

    Miguel Pacheco perioddd😂😂😂💗🔥

  80. Pleasing Poet

    Love you

  81. Lassy

    imagine doing all this in one shoot... wow i love her so much and her new album is fire

  82. KickHeavy

    LITERALLY THE MOMENT this video ended all I heard in my head was "Car full of miles to the deep blue
    Walkin' in the snow from the upper joy
    Ice in my hair 'cause I'm a cold bitch" If you're a real Tinashe fan you'll know the vibes.

  83. Jasmine Bourne

    She is so underrated smh

  84. 써리

    It's hot🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  85. Courtney Lynn

    Tinashe is a triple threat!! She like Chris Brown cuz she can out dance her backup dancers without even trying.

  86. Zain Culps


  87. Lu T

    I wonder if Jhope watched this

  88. skitzo the don

    I'm a rap about Tinashe

    she ain't no baby momma
    she ain't bout b.s. drama
    she ain't bout gossip and rumors
    never gonna see her in a crowd of losers
    albums rocking, giving her props and
    credits deserving on her flicks observing
    feeling her vibe and her voice is soothing
    electrical Everytime she moving
    so pretty, body getting curvy cuz all that dancing
    different talent she a total package
    rocking the crowd all across the atlas

  89. moenae Thomas

    SHE'S DOING HEAR THING 💭🎙️💭🎛️💭🎧💭🏅💭💣

  90. moenae Thomas


  91. moenae Thomas


  92. Ci Silver

    Oh man, that male dancer dancing with her made me feel all sorts of naughty things!

  93. zhipei chen


  94. SJ Bean

    Man I love the way she dance