Timberlake, Justin - Supplies Lyrics

Ain't no need of stopping, girl
There ain't no need of stopping, girl
Yeah, okay

Met you out on Broadway
On the hottest night in town
We arrived solo
But we were being chased around
Saw you being caught up by some guy you used to know
Stepped in between the both of ya'll
Said "I'm leaving, do you wanna go?"

I'll be the light when you can't see
I'll be the wood when you need heat
I'll be the generator, turn me on when you need electricity
Some shit's 'bout to go down
I'll be the one with the level head
The world can end now
Baby, we'll be living in The Walking Dead

'Cause I got supplie-ie-ies
I got you, I got supplie-ie-ies

I don't know if you remember this
But I was out of town
Flew in on a 3AM just to show up and hear your sounds
The multiple times, stop
Hit the set
You ain't headed that way
I can guarantee you that

I'll be the light when you can't see
I'll be the wood when you need heat
I'll be the generator, turn me on when you need electricity
Some shit's about to go down
I'll be the one with the level head
The world can end now
Baby, we'll be living in The Walking Dead

'Cause I got supplie-ie-ies
I got you, I got supplie-ie-ies

Ain't no need of stopping, girl
Can't nobody top it, girl
Ain't no better option, girl (okay)
Ain't nobody stopping, girl
This here when I drop in, girl
I work, work when I clock in, girl (okay)

I'll be the light when you can't see
I'll be the wood when you need heat
I'll be the generator, turn me on when you need electricity
Some shit's about to go down
I'll be the one with the level head
The world can end now
Baby, we'll be living in The Walking Dead

Now I wanna know everything
Don't leave a single detail out
I'll get my lighter, just fell out
It makes me a generous lover
Oh, I wanna see everything
So don't leave a single detail out
I want it all on the table
The personal way to

Ain't no need of stopping, girl
There ain't no need of stopping, girl
Yeah, okay

'Cause I got supplie-ie-ies
I got you, I got supplie-ie-ies

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Timberlake, Justin Supplies Comments
  1. Sportsand MartialArts dot Com

    Illuminati celebrating Illuminati in this video.

  2. 마신임

    우리 인간은 언제나 마지막엔 승리했고 이번에도 그럴것이다. 일루미나티 너희에게 도전한다. 우리는 승리할것이다!
    We humans have always won in the end and will this time. I challenge you, Illuminati. We will win!

  3. Ken ken

    This is a baaaad satanic shit. Shit is real there are so many satanic symbols

  4. Alexis Garcia

    Don't sleep! Wake up!

  5. Alice Bravo

    das ist total KRANK!!! Pädokriminell!! Im höchsten Grad grauenhaft! Pfui! Leute wacht auf!


    Rimbel 35. Presente

  7. Sven Brettschneider

    What the fuck i ve seen here

  8. Spirit Angels Ghosthunters FFM


  9. Ale Rousseau

    vejem decrypt club bilderverg a

  10. Antonio Reyes

    beats Britney's, so you get Britney's look at the beginning of your video?

  11. a g a t a

    sluhalam tego w kropie w pl

  12. Dharma Dharma

    Pedos are gonna get exposed. Just wait.

  13. 龍野知美

    Noting spesical girl me.

  14. faik

    shame on you

  15. Alejandro Bernal

    It's time to wake up

  16. Naomy Osorio

    Justin trying to send a message through this video, The iluminatis controls the world, he wants everyone to see it....

    Up Dod

    Man this shit is awfull.

  17. Sevdije Sevdije

    Justin why why why. You signalised murder of child with knife in end of video. Child supplies yes justin shame on you i hoer you music when i was child but your futures is going the way of satan.

  18. Luis Carvalho

    I got nothing in particular against Justin Timberlake, but goddamn, this is one of the ugliest songs and music videos I've ever seen. It looks like a lonely island parody. Is this for real or am I the only one missing the joke here?

  19. Jay Relaxed

    Muy buen video como el de Justin Bieber!

  20. Ricardo Cárdenas

    Hola amigos! Bienvenidos a mi espacio, soy David Parcerisa.

  21. Tu Dios

    *Like si vienes por david parcerisa rimbel 35*

  22. Mundo Kids: Videos Infantiles


  23. Sean

    her t-shirt, "PUSSY GRABS BACK" lol Justin please lead us American snowflakes into the 21'st century communist purge and mass starvation. We need you. And ignore the bankers.

  24. Richard Sánchez

    RIMBEL35 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  25. Enrique Bunbury

    Maldito cerdo iluminati

  26. Cell - Freestyle


  27. Hector


    Vanessa Ang

    Ya somos dos

    Alvaro Lozsada

    Aquí ✋

    Gaby 777


  28. Hector

    Like si vienes por David Parcerisa


    aah que cosas jajajaaj

    Janiel Garay

    Nos encontramosxd

    Dennis Panadero

    Jajaja igual

    Radamanthys_ amt

    Usted también aquí hahahah


    "Los Spider-Man: Tú"

  29. Peterson's Art & Games

    God is Satan if you read it backwards... lol

  30. VITRIOL 93, 93/93

    Love the Illuminati touch of the video !! :P It was about time to take occult stuff into the mainstream

  31. T'Challa

    Basically I got you even if the world ends today.

  32. OrganicStuff

    Youre a dead artist

  33. Raspberry Jam

    T H I S I S P A I N F U L 😦

  34. Charles Jamison

    wtf is that a triangle...dont tell no one else saw that. :'D

  35. Jive Lamotta

    A song for the friends of Epstein?

  36. Urbut.choke

    If you all just read ....except dnt believe in everything u read. Its a big old joke for the ones jewish u were. The ones who make no sense no common knowledge 2 y this year is eyes wide open . Depending on where God is going to place u is to why some r not understanding the reason All things are possible and ur own CREATOR Never takes a day off. LOOK AT ALL RELIGIONS TELL ME Y THE WOOD CHUCK IS STILL ON HIS WOOD AND Y THE SAME THING SPOKEN OF FROM BEGINNING AND Y U HAD NO PERSONAL JUDGEMENT RIGHTS 2 SOMEONES DAUGHTER OR MOTHER BEING THE WHORE . Y DIDNT YOU SEE LOVE TRUMPS ALL SPADES . NEXT SUIT CLEANUP AND REBOOT....PINAPPLE THE ONE WHO WISHES TO STAND WITH ONE ON THEIR HEAD FULL FAITH IN THEIR OWN BELIEF THAT GOD CANNOT FAIL NOR WILL HE /SHE BECAUSE U HEARD IT ALL THE ENTIRE TIME AND FREEWILL MAKES U SATAN . TEE OFF LADDYS .....SEEMS THE TRICKS AND THE SIMPLE RIDDLES R TO HARD 4 THE REASON WE GOT OUR 9 IRON SCREAMING FOUR !! ♠️♠️♠️♠️♠️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  37. Coconut Grove

    Phuck ya pedophelia occultism 👽

  38. monika braun

    Okkultes satanischer Drecksack!

  39. sam

    This is a man clearly into himself and living in his own bubble of perceived greatness

  40. Rajit Kambli

    shoutout justin for saving the universe,very cool!

  41. Thais Carvalho

    I love you Justin 🥰

  42. Laramausi Schatz

    Wer sowas teuflisches liked dem ist nicht mehr zu helfen 😥

    Hugin & Munin

    Die Gehirnwäsche funktioniert nur zu gut, aber die Wende kommt, immer mehr Menschen erwachen!

    Ken ken

    Unglaublich diese perversen Kinderschänder! Singen über Kinder Nachschub usw,

  43. Christine Spork-Wenig


  44. Cgyu Hujio

    муз заебись класс

  45. tom taler

    This is so sad. Damn

  46. tom taler


  47. Regina Kniprode

    another Satanist who also sings like sacrificing children.

    Mondays for Remigration

    supplies? pizza-gate?

    Dharma Dharma

    @Mondays for Remigration bieber says supplies in yummy

    Alinna Lu

    I am really scared.

    Ken ken

    Yep he sings about supplies! Disgusting shit! And I bet this virus are from the illuminati

  48. Andrew K

    God this is so bad

  49. Miguel Angel Reyes

    Ya es tiempo de despertar y unirnos en contra de esa Elite transtornada, pederasta y caníbal

  50. facika tafara

    I had it tough

  51. facika tafara

    Stop hit the set

  52. facika tafara

    Like the walking dead

  53. facika tafara

    This is everyone reaction nigga do you want to go

  54. facika tafara

    Knock me out

  55. Joshua da man The Comedian

    hi my name is joshua da man and i do youtube videos and i just want you to check me out and let me know what you think https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m88BBXzwQac

  56. Amine Pogba

    This song should be the soundtrack for movies like babylon ad

  57. WVS Motors

    Trump is the Best! TRUMP is the hero USA! Trump 2020!

  58. littleferrhis


  59. Loveliness DePinto

    January 16, 2020. (3:49) Here is a stamp of deepest mark, made from Master Hanzo Grand Master Great White Elder Grand Lady Light Great White Sword Master Awe, Ashley, is has already been stated will pay for his crimes and insurrect with the time-period of his life: 1.5 Trillion years; Mr. Pa, the dark Ashley, will pay for his crimes and lesser insurrect with the time-period of "waiting" for Great White's most perfect family: 900 billion years which is also the time-period of Joe's perfect constant expression of his single desire- to make Daddy General and Great White the Happiest he could possibly cause them to be, never an upset..... Joe's true actual perfection constant seen when paired with his ultimate best friend Partner: AuroraMaximus!

  60. KaReN -J-

    Never understood the ending of this video, but now I do. 48% of humanity needs to die in a fire. 😍 that’s you and the goddess at the end 😲🤯

    Mathias da Silva

    Are you really that stupid?

  61. Bichr Salhi

    feel bad for Biel

  62. Wyrmspleen

    Weather Warfare - Max Igan, Debora Taveres, Dane Wigington, Rosa Koire

  63. utham saliyan

    Why only 30M views for this song. It is really good, it should get more views.

    Mathias da Silva

    It's satanic dude, open your eyes

  64. xtra35cent

    Yall "woke" mfs in these comments need take your asses to sleep 😂

  65. Anna Ef

    I like the song yh

  66. Grape

    Y’all are dumb asf these people do this to get attention cuz y’all fall for this shit commenting “ooh illuminati”

  67. Roman Bot

    Fuck you nwo

  68. Jaspion Tayller

    Dancar se danca com o coracão boa tarde telespectadores

  69. Istilldontknowwhatiwantmynametobe

    Baby eats you 360 VR

  70. F. Brown

    The world is completely blind😔Father God have mercy on all of us.

  71. unworthy Servant

    The man of perdition is almost here. GET READY AND ARMOUR UP!

  72. BAYRAM Gurbannazarow

    Cool and cool 👍👍😁😁👌👌

  73. Alessandra Marins

    🇧🇷 te ama Justin

  74. Bruno Pietri

    They already lost, Jesus won!

    unworthy Servant

    Are you talking about the end times?

    Bruno Pietri

    unworthy Servant yes!

  75. snowman24432 23

    I neeed school suuupliiiies

  76. marlin alanis


  77. Boonah

    am i the only one who saw this as like...and ad for the devil's side?
    an ad for taking the mark?

    y'all this is predictive programing. be careful out there. read your bibles. stay in the word of the Most High. Dont listen to the lies of the false doctrine of man thats been passed down to us through the generations.

    Get out of those churches that preach christmas (pagan), easter (pagan), halloween participation (pagan), the sabbath being on sunday (its on saturday but the catholic church went against the word of God and changed it from the end of the week saturday to the beginning of the week sunday. pagans worship the sun on sunday).

    come out of babylon.

    Call upon Jesus' name.

    seek him and you shall find.

  78. john

    New world order is coming people prob next year please be alert next year prob going to be bad

  79. Ron M

    Kinda sad that his songs are below 50 million of views

    swage cate


  80. A&M passion struck

    ..jt does have some flair for good music !!👍👍

  81. Reisdorf Knekovic

    I'm here because if the bridge part if the song.

  82. Reisdorf Knekovic

    Me at start of euphoric state 2:42

  83. Amara's Vlogs


    Alexis Massey

    You shouldn't have be.....

  84. Ali arous Amel

    W world

  85. Christina Soldier of Christ

    Video interpretation:
    In this video Justin is trying to warn us about what's going to be the future of America very soon. As you can see by the way it looks like at the end of the video, nuclear war scenario with buildings destroyed behind them and everything in ruins. He's warning us to get "supplies". The World powers including the Illuminati (Symbolize by the pyramid) are going to bring down the American financial and political system and the globalist can only do that if they reduce America to a 3rd world country with a economic collapse (Hint: The burning money) and by war. "The world can end now baby we'll be living in the walking dead." He says, "The world can end now." "Walking dead" refers to spiritually dead people. The bible implies that you're spiritually dead if you dont have the Holy Spirit, which is only given to those who accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. Lights are going out soon America. Either by EMP, Cyber Attack or Solar flare, "I'll be the generator turn me on when you need electricity. " Donald Trump just signed a executive order to prevent a EMP strike against the USA. (Google it.)
    The people with the rings around their heads floating in the air represents Virtual reality. We are living in a live matrix because we are blind and spiritually blind to what's really happening behind the scenes of the world and USA. At the end he warning us to "wake up" for a reason. Justin already knows what's going to happen, he's just trying to let us know.

    We are at war with the Kingdom of Darkness. Time to learn and accept Jesus Christ if you want to make it into the "True" Heaven. Jesus is "the way, the truth and the life." (John 14:6)

    Henry Wallace

    What the heck dude

    Nora Abdulla

    Christina Soldier of Christ this soo bad at least drake left the illumanti

    Kevon Michael Armstrong

    Completely agree but here's my interpretation. Seems like we are on the same page..........The dystopian future is something we all will face right. But through the wreckage a new civilization will rise from the ashes, and a utopia may form. So when interpreting this video, and including the symbols, and the woman leader(feminism perhaps), and the kid at the end; I say his(her) supplies (occult) are not what the people need. Yes we need to wake up from being sheeple, but the kid says "die already." Clearly they are on one side and the audience is on the other. So he is telling the people who are not on his side to die, wake up, leave. That "they"(justin/female leader) have this and are "good." The viewer needs to wake up and see what we are living in and headed to. So I think the bigger message is about tribulation, and how people are blind to the fact that we are in the end times. He's waking people up, but is he waking them up with truth or lies? Because the symbolism represents the occult, which means they are introducing people into the occult (supplies). And the whore of Babylon is also going to rise from the ashes, along with different antichrists, beasts, false prophets, false gods, etc... and welcome everyone to a utopian like idea of living, where they will protect us. Where we have to accept the mark of the beast (supplies) or die(remember the kid telling the viewer to die)? Well that's because people who are enlightened through the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ are also watching as we head towards the end. And being that we are woke with truth not lies (the occult), it only makes sense that their side (justin and everyone else), would want us(children of the light) to die already. To leave....And ultimately tell us they are good and don't need us. Bcuz the children of the Light (potential people watching),are not wanted here. The God of this earth and his seed have enmity between The God of Heaven and his seed/Jesus(believers of Jesus. So of course the leaders leading us into utopia after the "end of the world", are going to have supplies for us all. Plenty of supplies for us to all come and enjoy, but at a cost lol.... So beware of who you dealing with when we have a new currency in the world, and people promising to protect us and lead us into utopia folks. Bcuz I bet you people will have to accept the mark of the beast to buy or trade in that future too. The devil is in the details. Peace! Revelation 13:16-18, And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18Here is wisdom.

  86. HamutaliSebo KingGOLOLA

    I'll tell my kids this came out in the 90's

    Ron M

    Modern day 90's

    HamutaliSebo KingGOLOLA

    @Ron M Thanks for defining that properly. 🙋‍♂️😅

  87. Elena Gisa

    what a shitty song

  88. Adriii Osornio

    Excelente colaboración Justin con Eiza!!! Me encantó... P.D. viva México!

  89. Robert Acosta

    Damn good song and good beat.

  90. инкос

    необычный клип )прикольно)

    Tim Ci

    *просто лайкну, потому что русский коммент*


    @Tim Ci 👍😄

  91. Oksana Anatienko

    Watch your mouth. There is NO Escape from my FATHER

  92. Sleepy Juliet

    Sorry Justin but this ain't it.

  93. Adam Isaac

    This song sucks

  94. Marina Nina


  95. Marina Nina