Timberlake, Justin - Morning Light Lyrics

[Justin Timberlake:]
Every time there's a new sunrise
I open up my eyes
And I say to myself, "In the whole wide world of guys
I must be the luckiest alive"

'Cause I'm in love with you
Laying here, in a morning light
And all I wanna do
Is hold you tight, just one more night

[Alicia Keys:]
Look, I can't even get out of bed
With the thought you putting in my head
So I say to myself, "I don't even wanna try"
Here, every part of me is paralyzed

[Alicia Keys & Justin Timberlake:]
'Cause I'm in love with you
Laying here in the morning light
And all I wanna do
Is hold you tight just one more night
Yes, I'm in love with you
Laying here in a morning light
And all I wanna do
Is hold you tight, just one more night

[Justin Timberlake:]
I know I got somewhere to go
But I'm thinking we should lay here in love (lay here in love)
Ooh, 'cause baby, it's not lie
Ooh, I could watch you 'till the day I die

[Justin Timberlake & Alicia Keys:]
'Cause I'm in love with you
Laying here in the morning light
And all I wanna do
Is hold you tight just one more night
Yes, I'm in love with you
Laying here in a morning light
And all I wanna do
Is hold you tight, just one more, one more night

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Timberlake, Justin Morning Light Comments
  1. Carol Senceita

    Que som incrível!! A letra é sensível e o Justin e a Alicia juntos não poderia ser mais perfeito. AMO essa música <3

  2. Tell Me Something

    1.25x speed *LOUDLY* makes the beat jam & go that much harder.

  3. Diana Yellowberg

    For me this song is so beautiful And peaceful. 💟💟

  4. Trish Delish

    This song is so good, this whole album is just brilliant imo.

  5. Gheorghe Lazar

    The best male artist of our times! Yet, not all of his videos combined dont gather the views of "Despacito" crap! We have a problem!🤢

  6. brownsugr111

    Why am I just now hearing about this? Looove it❤

  7. Justin Hall

    Her pßm5,

  8. Nadia Alhassani

    Wow one year later and this song is still under-appreciated

  9. Angel Vargas

    My favorite on this album

  10. Rita Souza

    Meu ídolo eu te amo. 💚💚😘#Brasil

  11. Michael B

    See this is a good song !!! This is better than filthy and say something. The problem is the 808 takes away from the driving organic undertones of this Album. It would have been much more congruent and evocative as purely instrumental with layered vocals. Like Hey Jude. That song is a hit in any generation because of its raw musical manifestation of the lyrics. Same goes here. The electronics just complicate it


    I specifically stated my request.

  12. Ayo Stix

    Sooo smooth😎😎😎

  13. Justin Hall

    Song about boobies.


    My 2 favorite song💜

  15. ElisaChriste

    Quem aq veio pelo o tempo não para?
    Elmo e Miss Celine ❤❤ eles são demais 😍😍😍

  16. Josiah Burns

    I feel like chilling and turning up the great voices of music

  17. Da To

    only good song from the album.

  18. Amanda Vasquez

    @justintimberlake baby great song 🤗☺🤭🤫🤩

  19. Amanda Vasquez

    Justin Timberlake baby great song Morning light is a great song. :)

  20. Tito Lívio

    Miss Celine e Elmo!! ❤️


    Irma ragoni


    Irma ragoni


  21. Wallace Fernando

    The best album is "Man Of The Woods".

  22. Classic WWE 2k Matches

    Damn this is dope.. 2 legends

  23. Shelby Johnson

    Went to the Concert in DC last night...When I tell you..It was AMAZING from opening to closing!!! Omgggg...JT!! #LIT

  24. Soaribb

    I like this one

  25. Art'uro TM

    This shit needs Chance the Rapper.

  26. Beatriz Ricci

    O tempo não para me trouxe aqui. ❤💖

  27. Juju Santos

    Me identifico totalmente com essa música ❤❤❤❤

  28. RockyRdOrange_101

    Oh I found it! One of my fellow Zumba instructor friends uses this song as a cool down. It flows beautifully.

  29. Jeff Crayton

    Did timbaland produce any of his songs or mostly pharell?

  30. Hannah Luck

    Team ak for real

  31. Jordan Pires

    okay how does this not have more views?! such a great and soulful track

  32. Greatest Ever

    I see killer whales having fun in the sun, swimming wild and free. 😙

  33. Gage Sivils

    Alicia Keys❤️ Congratulation👸

  34. dion mitchell

    I've got this song in my collection in my YouTube music profile and I'm glad I picked it because it's a great song

  35. Ixchel Ovalles

    this some good shit

  36. jessisoldschool

    This should've been his single.

  37. Sirita Anderson


  38. makindakota

    This is our first dance song to our wedding. 05.19.18. I can't wait!

    Eli Sama


  39. Selah Giselle


  40. Craig Foye

    Alicia Keys = Future Hollywood Walk of Famer

    Craig Foye

    MsPark She has yet to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame


    I try to be Civil. Stay the fuck away from me.

  41. T. C. Walker

    This song is too much for the world. Please release it

  42. Sara Scholz

    Thanks for the song

  43. Apryl Paul

    Love 😍


    You steal something. Sabona England bracelet. And my Double sided lady Pendent. Get fucked.

  44. emmie796

    I get a feeling of I'm Not the Only One by Sam Smith in this track

  45. RA HOTEP

    Cause I'm in 😍 with yoooooouuuuu

  46. Bruce Lee

    This that song when you know she's the one

  47. Jamie McIntyre

    I was seriously worried about the music industry. Not anymore

  48. Kelly Snody


  49. Caroline Deal

    That's so sweet, normally JT songs are for jamming to but this one is making me FEEL :) great job

  50. Elder Son

    Got to see when your in Vegas

  51. A A

    Best song on the album!!

  52. Thunder Gaming

    This song is so good

  53. MrMikahT

    definitely my favorite one from the album. JT and Alicia both bring their own style to the table in this callab. Smooth! 👌🏼

  54. MarCveN437 nkewf

    *THIS IS ART.* JT and Alicia sounds awesome together 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👏🏼👏🏼💓💓💓💓
    How could Justin fail us? This question has no answer, cause he doesn't!

  55. jenny castillo

    Honestly this could win a Grammy award in the R&B category. He should submit this to the grammys for 2019

  56. Missiheartentertainment

    I can see Mike Posner singing this song.

  57. Shari Sanchez

    Woo! Love, love, love this song. JT should make sure this song is aired before the next Billboard's Music Awards Show and if he could perform it there, too, that would be amazing! Let's go, Justin! <3 XOX :)

  58. Logan May

    so damn amazing 🔥 should be a classic

  59. the malicious one

    soooo much love this

  60. the malicious one

    soooo much love this

  61. Kirst Gilbertson

    Absolutely gorgeous sound

  62. Luchini Green the truth

    Perrdy ,very nice now iam alive!!!

  63. Elaine Gilmartin

    My new favorite off this album.

  64. Claire Astor

    absolute fire


    Fishing and Pumpkins GET FUCKED

  65. Sensei P

    @kiddwillyum & Kiddwillyumusic

  66. TALON

    A real bright southern feel on this one. Nice and easygoing. Fits the album nicely.

  67. Oh yeah yeah

    One of my favs👌👌👌

  68. Joy’s gaming


  69. Marichuy Ibarra

    Amazing 🎊🎇🙀is star 💫

  70. Diane Winters

    This one's a bit too mellow for me. I like it more when he takes risks.


    Diane Winters when you think about it, a song as mellow as this is a risk these days


    cmtangiiti89 you've got a point.

  71. P.S. lambs

    I could make love to this track ❤️❤️❤️

    Gio Guerrero

    AmbahLamb why aren’t we making this happen then

  72. charger 98

    This makes a great listening-to-while-cleaning-the-house song

  73. iG3ntl3man

    Wish Alicia Keys had a piano solo on here would've be hella dope #ManoftheWoods

    Sam Dutch

    Oh shiiieeeeeeet imagine

  74. Martha Perry

    Love to see that live

  75. FreakGirl_Gamer

    this whole album is amazing!

  76. SeamusHutchensMusic

    Check out my acoustic cover of this song!! You will almost certainly regret it!

  77. Sharnay Thomas


  78. Brandon Locke

    God damn man dis B E A UTIFUL

  79. Stevie Critique Newby

    So different caribbean soulful style #Creative

  80. megakewlbreez

    Love it! It reminds me of his song from the last album "That Girl"

    Kevin Mansell

    yes i play that one normally but love this one even alot more bad to the bone song

    Tinker B

    It sounds just like it

    Shawna Carmack

    Absolutely! That’s one of my faves!

  81. Salty Tea

    I Love this one its one of my favorites along with filthy, supplies, and man of the woods!

    Sherry Light-n-Love

    montanna is pretty sexy even tho could be tweaked a lil ;0 he's amazin no matter wat he doz....:) mmmm

  82. Margaret LeBaron

    In Love

  83. brigmyers

    They put their foot in this right here!  Absolutely beautiful!  I love this album.  Everyone can find their own GEM in whatever song/songs resonate with them.  Solid album.  It's going on my shelf with his other 4 masterpieces: Justified; FS/LS, 20/20 and now Man of the Woods. I still play all of them frequently!

  84. Drawing With Kafa

    this song is beautiful and Alicia Keys was a great choice for it. Go head JT!!!!!!!!

  85. Reck LOLer

    So walk into ya room and put ya bekinni,shirt,and pants on and then go eat pancakes and drink ya beer and din sing 🎶. AND DIN GET RICH


    Leave me Alone.

  86. Reck LOLer


  87. Amritha // Shakti

    love this so much! bringing back with that old-school soul vibe, about time!!!

    Joyce Lau

    DITTO reminded me of You Are The Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne!

  88. These name changes are allowed in a 90-day period

    Dis sht gud


    These name changes are allowed in a 90-day period i need healing

  89. Keeng

    Come thru ......Mr. Timberlake!!! You betta give me soul! Alicia Keys .....come thru and you already knew!!!!

  90. Nawal_ N_Heaven

    Alicia Keys 😻

    Robbin Hatchett

    Nawal_ N_Heaven Did you hear Alicia's last album Here? If so, did you like it & what was your favorite song or songs on the album?

  91. Lee Pusey

    Only song I like

  92. Rhonda Ingram


  93. James Moriarty

    Holy shit, that's beautiful!

  94. Kaitlyn Gill