Timberlake, Justin - Dress On Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
There's something about your body
I'm not in a rush
But girl I'm ready to marry you
Yeah right here in the restaurant
And start on our honeymoon
While you still got your dress on
While you still got your dress on

[Pre Hook:]
Now I ain't trying to offend nobody
But girl don't they see you
It's cool if they don't
Cus hey I only see me and you
That's why I'm all over you
While you still got your dress on
While you still got your dress on

I can't wait
Cus girl as soon as I look at your face
I see a world where our heart never breaks
To me that means that the whole world could change but not mine
I can't wait

[Verse 2:]
The way I know your body
I don't really need much
Girl I know where to touch
Just stay where you are
Drop all your worries
And you can leave all the rest on
We can do it
While you still got your dress on

[Pre Hook]


[Verse 3: Timbaland]
Let me take you
So walk with me
Through the beautiful sand as we take pictures
Hips so wide looks like it's got whiskers
Let me put a solid gold on that solid figure
Go ahead show your pretty dentures
Your pretty physique
Your pretty toes
I'm pretty with you
I do a good job for that pretty picture
You the prettiest but I'm the only thing that's missing


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Timberlake, Justin Dress On Comments
  1. Stacks G


  2. Barbara Quinteros

    Debe . haber.T

  3. Barbara Quinteros

    La empezo justin timberleake

  4. Mauricio Björk

    es demasiado sensorial este disco

  5. Geek in Glam

    Sexy voice

  6. The Fashion Bandit

    Listened to this album a million times. I even went to the concert, but Ive never heard this song before. It’s been on repeat!! It’s definitely a bop!!

  7. 【ツ】MC DOM BrooKlyn

    Show top mlk peso peso

  8. xlCarlos337_

    Subscreva se . Thanks ❤️🤟🏻

  9. Grigor B. 2

    This Is My Favorite Song From The Target Edition.

  10. DjKid

    #Omarion !Brought Me Here. From Dancin' To This On His #Instagram Page. He Was Killin' It. 💯😅

  11. Anthony Hartley

    It's available now on Spotify if anyone's looking! https://open.spotify.com/track/3HaW1TqoBUrTwEYmtguKTa?si=Flu8LxaYS6KYCLYKR5jrVQ

  12. Wilbur W

    Is Justin moaning and gasping in the beginning of the song? It’s kind of exciting!

  13. Sofía Celeste Alvarez Rodríguez

    sounds so alike MJ

  14. Que doubble u

    Bro JT you went hard on this song!

  15. Kristen Mallon

    WHYYYYYYYY is this song not on spotify

    J Rucker

    Kristen Mallon or apple or any other place 😫

  16. Gerwique

    Amaze song. Yo I made a Chopped & Screwed version! Check me out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCLiwXGtoIA

  17. Robyn L. Wilson


  18. Van Thomas

    It has that West Coast feel to it.

  19. lumariadp

    Everything about this song is still 🔥🔥🔥 except that rap. It would ruin the song if the song weren't so amazing already.

  20. Ali a.j

    2018 JT

  21. E VA

    Mis recuerdos de adolescente con esta canción.

  22. ChicTiff

    I’m so mad I can’t buy this on iTunes. I had the album and it was stolen in my car.

  23. Kim Lamb

    I think the new Justin Timberlake Performed with the Tennessee. Kids on Stage So Great Job Justin Timberlake you did it you are the best Pop Star!

  24. Jobs mine

    Why isn’t this on Spotify??????? Are u kdn me. This is fire 🔥 only came to know this...thats it am subscribing to you tube red, no more spotify nor iTunes!

  25. popsingerstar

    good thing i bought the deluxe version! :)

  26. Kim Lamb

    I love this song that Justin Timberlake Performed with his band the Tennessee Kids they did a great job on stage

  27. Ashanti Cole-stallworth

    he makes me wanna do things that i shouldnt

  28. julien ordy

    "Secoues le téton" 1:44 ?

  29. Holly Timberlake

    um this is a BOP

  30. Roshawn Harrington

    Forever fire 🔥


    Doja Harry subscreva thanks

  31. Aisha Norizan

    Bruno Mars' "Versace on the floor" copied the idea from this song.

  32. Marie Henderson

    Ok did anyone else think the "that's why I'm all over you" sounded like "swallow my load" ....

  33. Sole Luna

    Shame it's not available in iTunes, best song it's not available in usa, hhah

    Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Ervis Gjonaj i think it is since i do have it digitally

  34. Flower Child

    I'm not in a rush but girl I'm ready to marry you? clearly your in a rush lol love this song!

    Jenna Berry

    Princess Warrior I know this comment is from 7 months ago, but I assume he means that if she agrees to marry him he's ready, but if she isn't ready to get married he'll wait till she is

  35. Zuzana

    There is also someone who found this song over Jack Maynard Snapchat? ❤️❤️😀

  36. Rene Mark

    Reminds me of JT's track with Rihanna, "Cold Case Love".

  37. Chris Peters

    I swear the intro to this song reminds me of a old nintendo game

  38. SMK Me.

    I love this song sooooo much 😍😍😍😢😢😢
    ...The something about your body 🎵🎵...


    subscreva thank 💜

  39. Tan Leslie

    SEXY VOICE ,JT!!!!!!!!


    hes a tenor & so am i

  40. SeaBearsy

    i need this

  41. Clareth Lopez Torres

    Fantástica Canción! 👌

  42. Narayani A

    Oh Yass...

  43. AvoidTIMtation

    3:52 MY GAWD that beat. Timbaland is the GOAT.

  44. James

    I really want this on Spotify. Stupid exclusives


    Track is unavailable for me. Are you outside of the US?

    MHAN14631 MHAN

    longbowfosho i live in germany 👀


    Makes sense. Can't get it on Spotify here :(

    Anthony Hartley

    It's finally on Spotify!!

  45. BrownSkinnedFlower

    3 years already?!?? Whaaaaat?! I loove this song!!

    Roshawn Harrington

    Maya Umba 4

  46. Gi Nicholson

    should have been a single. .He murdered this song!

    mercy Jackson

    Brittany B fuck katy Perry she is shit!

  47. Gi Nicholson

    should have been a single. .He murdered this song!

  48. Lakeisha Oliver

    Easy pace with a bass that keeps up with a beat especially the background hums. light and calming. it's amazing.

  49. Thefreakyguy

    This song is addicting

  50. Jessica Scullark

    I love this song so hard. one of my faves

  51. Syed Rahim

    ratatat produced beat?

    Capn Pringles

    +Syed Rahim Timberland

    Emmanuel Díaz

    +Capn Pringles Timbaland*

    Capn Pringles

    @Emmanuel Díaz oh shit my bad lol, i didnt even notice

  52. Sergio Cantillo Medrano


  53. Manoj Verma

    I love you

  54. Brandon H

    This is my jam thank you H&M! Lol

    Leah Monet


  55. isaac smith

    Reminds me of carry out

  56. Jonetts Navarro

    Another amazing tune JT is the best

  57. Alfred Davis

    So Fuck'n Dope

  58. James Inkson Stevens

    I say this as a genuine compliment - this is a bit like a Craig David song. Best song on the album.

  59. İdil Arın Şahin

    His voice …

  60. leonilde quaresma



    +leonilde quaresma i know! he rocks! he's a tenor & so am i

  61. Clarissa Jacknow

    One of his best yet no one knows about it...ugh so good!

  62. JayVern Productions

    This song is so good it's UNDER-RATED

    Ryan lex

    There no such thing as UNDER-RATED song. Have u heard Taylor swift new album? You must be butthurt cause this song is good!


    +Ryan lex what does Taylor Swift have to do with this?

    Ryan lex

    @Spaceship Coupe Sorry I think i Must be drunk.

  63. Micah Golden

    Target really knew what they were doing with this promo.

  64. Nazareth Rodriguez

    Es el mejoooooor. Te amo 4 ever

  65. soham

    That Bass Line Does it For Me!! great song none the less

  66. Mad Bean

    This is definitely one of, if not the best song in the album


    its not on the album its an exclusive which sucks


    SeaBearsy its on the deluxe version

  67. Julio Hernandez

    this could work better than that shit called tko , hope he relesed it

  68. Nyasia C

    There's something about this song I love

  69. Stefanie Williams

    Love the song

  70. Brandt Hester

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  71. Jill Scigliano


  72. Emily Nieves


  73. Pablo Montes


  74. Teresa Micarelli


  75. Stephie Giselle

    Justinnnnnnn! I love you! Lol. This song is so "Yessssss"!!!

  76. Honey M

    yesssssss justin

  77. 0504Candi

    This song is an exclusive song only available on the CD that Target stores sale. It is a bonus song, only found on the Target CD.

  78. مونیکا Y

    what's the difference with the "target exclusive"?

  79. duchesswannabe

    Justin is legend- wait for it -DARY!!!!

  80. Simplynickee

    My Fav!

  81. Danica Antoine

    one of the best songs on his album...luvvv ittt!!!

  82. Amogh Prabhu

    you mean timbaland?

  83. Amogh Prabhu

    I really don't get why this song is a target exclusive.. it is good enough to be part of his main album.

  84. Ashonna Gaston

    It's a bonus track that's only available at Target stores.

  85. Monica87

    Is there a reason I can't find this on iTunes? I've tried looking for it and for some reason it's not showing up. :( It's not even listed in the 20/20 album.

  86. Tsemnar D Lloyd

    hard to do that while they still got their dress on.

  87. Kamren221 Beast


  88. Kamren221 Beast


  89. jr4chargers

    Target Exclusive? I bought it from iTunes.... whaa?!

  90. genalewis

    Can't believe this was just a bonus track. The 2 Target bonus tracks were probably my 2 favorites on the whole album! If you're going to give me something for free, make it something good. Definitely was here.

  91. Selma Ben Hassoune

    i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove you justin

  92. myong2206

    i really DON'T know why dress is still on.

  93. Elif Sağlam

    Now I ain't trying to offend nobody

  94. Lidi Lima

    *-* muit000 f0daaaaaaaa ^^