Timberlake, Justin - Body Count Lyrics

[Intro: Timberland]
It's what we do
You know I've been waiting but

[Hook: Timbaland]
Hey girl,
I bet you eyes talking right out out yeah yeah
I bet your eyes talking right out out
I bet your eyes save you right out you you go
Hey JT, say that shit, as I cut the poe.

[Verse 1]
I was a boxer til I knocked that out
I played a doctor til I made that house
Call, I had a shy little quiet girl but now she sings opera loud
But my train is on yo track now
So watch out

Put the music in the lights in the middle of the night
I’m gettin’ my way like a kid in a candy store
I think you got what I want
And by the end of the night when you hot like a light,
In the beat cause you and me burned up the floor
And if you own what I want, then you already know

[Pre Hook]
Help me I’m going down
That’s what I hear her say
Baby my body count
Is blowing up all the way, hey
Sign up, put your name down
Make my body count
Make my body count
Make my body count

[Hook: Timbaland]
Hey girl,
I bet you eyes talking right out out yeah yeah
I bet your eyes talking right out out
I bet your eyes save you right out you you go
Hey JT, say that shit, as I cut the poe.

[Verse 2]
That’s what I’m talkin’ bout
Waitress til she got that tip
Sailor until I sunk that ship
Yeah I had a hot little fire girl
But now she just smoke that’s it
And I ain’t gon stop til I get you out on top of this list


[Pre hook]

Help me I’m going down
That’s what I hear her say
Baby my body count
Is blowing up all the way, hey
Sign up, put your name down
Make my body count
Make my body count
Make my body count
Make my body count
Make my body count
Make my body count
Make my body count
Sign up, put your name down
Make my body count
Make my body count
Make my body count

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Timberlake, Justin Body Count Comments
  1. A Danielle

    How did I just find this song in 2019

  2. Grigor B. 2

    This Was The Best Song On The Target Exclusive Edition Along With Dress On.

  3. Sonya Lynch

    How many people you think JT sang out them draws?

  4. GAZİANTEP Nizip

    Tolga çevik 😁👍

  5. Matthew Triplett

    This is my jam

  6. Steppel Wa

    That song burns every dancefloor out...WHY NOT A SINGLE FUCK WHY

  7. Jobs mine

    That’s it am done with Spotify and iTunes or whatever music streaming media there is. Am joining YouTube Red from next month.

  8. Anonymous13

    My jam!! I happen to have gotten the album with this song and “Dress On”. Love It!!

  9. Osman

    take the body count

  10. Salty

    This song doesn't feel like it fits on the rest of the album, sounds alot like his older stuff: always wondered if its some sort of surviving song from a cancelled album added in at the end.

    Michelo Nyaundi

    Published on Jan 16, 2014

  11. Jared Griffin

    Interesting he uses a bridge that sounds quite similar to his ex Britney Spears' "Me Against the Music" . . .


    Actually, timbaland would use it, if so

  12. Aisha Norizan


  13. thomas bass

    i didnt know this song was on the album love it bad ass.


    its on the deluxe version only at target

    thomas bass

    popsingerstar okay thanks


    @thomas bass no problem :) 

    Purple Guy

    thomas bass me too

  14. Edén Castro


    Purple Guy

    Edén Castro 2018

  15. Drums of War

    Check out our a cappella cover of Body Count! #JT4eva

  16. Sarah Amaro

    This is the best song I've ever heard

  17. Chatty Caty

    The sickest beat!!!

  18. Vince Vincents

    Best track on this album

    Noah Winkler

    Vince Vincents it's so hard to choose but IDK how this song isn't on the regular album. Makes no sense lol

  19. Christopher Reyher

    Why was this song never released to the US iTunes Store, it is catchy as hell and one of the best songs on the deluxe version of the album!!

    Purple Guy


  20. Marcel Zahradnik

    take my bank account

    Mitchell Lamar

    "take. my. bank-account...
    take. my. bank-account...
    log in. transfer money out...
    take. my. bank-account!"

    thomas bass

    Marcel Zahradnik 😄😄😄😄

  21. Venus In Converse

    OMG I FREAKING LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can make my body count any day Justin :)

    Purple Guy

    Venus In Converse oh wtf

  22. Preston Toy

    the horns

  23. Natia Black

    @ Jarrad Raymond I thought it was just me who was hearing that. This song is hot

  24. 201stars

    download it illegally like everyone else

  25. Jarrad C.

    The start sounds like "Like I Love You".

  26. Carrie Sorokos

    Best song on part 1. Should have been a single!

  27. FlipFlap

    so freaking groovy I like it!!

  28. Boudja Oussama

    lol yeah ( 245 019 now )

  29. masaka83

    Neptunes type of sound

  30. StarCrossedPimp

    This style of this song reminds me so much of the style of his first album, I love it. Such a quality throwback.

  31. Triana Trower

    Devon Perri Brought me here :3

  32. Triana Trower

    220,183 to be correct :3

  33. Amber W

    Absolutely love when jt and timbo do songs together. Bring us some more guys!! Love the bonus tracks! SERIOUSLY. love this side of jt and dress on.

  34. solid snake2727

    I love this song but for some reason it scratches up on my iPod but when I play it In the car it doesn't. The cd doesn't even have any scratches and none of the other songs do that:(

  35. Vanessa Siqueiros

    Once I heard the guitar, it reminded me of the song Señorita by Justin Timberlake :)

  36. Kass McKenzie


  37. Carmela Ramos

    My new favorite workout song!!! Sweat on!


    i love you hustin timberlake

  39. Varyyus

    And if you own what I want, then you already know.... mmmmm Sign up, put your name down.... JT once again kills it, for those that can actually understand the lyrics.... dumb fucks

  40. Pedro Barbosa

    now to *
    sorry JT

  41. Akane Merlo

    Madonna - Spanish Lesson ft. Justin Timberlake - Body Count xD love you Justin! ❤

  42. BalkanibalX

    I thought this was the band BODY COUNT doing Justin Timberlake cover :)

    Body count body muthafuckin' count!

  43. Rushers Asylum

    the lyrics are not is not "sun up what you" its "sign up put your name down" you idiot lol
    the lyrics in description are soooo wrong

  44. Why Dub U Be

    "Hey JT, say that shit, as I cut the poe."...
    Really? lol.

  45. Gilmara Cruz


  46. Anthony T

    timbaland? oh snap

  47. HoneyBee Resting

    DAMN TIMBALAND! make a girl do tha body count drop (n shake)

  48. Scott Baldwin

    I'm giving my way like I get in a candy store LOLWTF

  49. Dragoncurry


  50. Little Shake

    Great song! :D

  51. mycro0n3

    honestly theres now way they have to be serious about those lyrics too fuckin funny. if they are serious, i feel so bad
    for them. like wtf is cut the poe??

  52. steveaustin1977

    Madonna´s "Spanish Lesson"

  53. Michael Ninian

    Hope he works with Neptunes on the next album. Timbaland production was on point though.

  54. phitdemon

    The lyrics in the description are so very, very wrong. It's hilarious.

  55. WCLM Radio

    Got to love Timberland love all the beats

  56. Wari

    "take my money cow" sounds better though LMAO

  57. Robert Stalidzan

    they are back.

  58. Sewayne Wilburn

    the music is insane...pure genius and refreshing.

  59. BornAgainNsyncFan

    The lyrics in the info makes me LOL!

  60. huntpaalex


  61. Ricksta103

    No it's "make my body count" not "take my money cow"

  62. huntpaalex

    1.13 - 1.20 "take my money cow"

  63. Ellie-Mae Larter

    Lyrics are wrong, But this song is amazing♥

    Sign up, Put your name down, Make my body count*

  64. Anais Hilator

    This song is the spiritual successor to "Like I love you" and both of them sound like outtakes from Off the Wall by Micheal Jackson.

  65. 배수현


  66. delmoleque

    B-BOY SONG :3

  67. Corey Fravel

    this song is fucking awesome

  68. MicaelRises

    It look like in why you wanna trip on me of Michael Jackson

  69. Kataria Brown

    You have your opinion and I have mine. I think Usher is a fantastic artist, I absolutely love everything he makes.

  70. Kenzie Sheldon

    Awesome song ----it's got everything.....fresh JT style....Yay....best song...agree...classic JT doing what he does......

  71. Chatty Caty

    This song is SICK

  72. amine minoo

    my fav song on the album

  73. LittleFairySparkles

    Looove this song3 And actually this song is on the album but only on the deluxe version. (Just like with dress on)

  74. Raven Evans

    This is dat shit!

  75. Kataria Brown

    Him and Usher are the only people who produce albums worth going to the store and buying multiple copies! Every time I'm like "shut up and take my money!!!"

  76. Destinee H

    Its on the Deluxe version @kyubi18

  77. kyubi18

    Why isn't this on the album?!????? The fuck ?!

  78. cjb23cool

    I want this song but it's on on the cd

  79. Holly Roxy

    yea it is the same kind of feel as like i love you, that's what JT said he was inspired by w/ this track. it's JT playing the guitar

  80. Sasha Weiss

    Yay, JT is back!

  81. Melissa Vassell

    the under beat so reminds of something that Pharrell would produce..the beat in general reminds me of Like, I Love You

    F. Lashby

    Melissa Vassell Yeah it kinda follows the same drum formula. Fast hitting like Like I love you. It def. sounds like old Neptunes sound.

  82. Nick Corjay

    The two songs are very different as Body Count is much faster, but for some reason the song reminds me of Summer Love.

  83. David Kenniston

    The fact that the part at 0:48 totally reminds me of "Me Against the Music" is just one of the many reasons this is my new favorite song

  84. KomplexiveMind

    I was thinkin that same thing they would mash up well together

  85. Holly Roxy

    also i don't think this should've been a bonus track, it should've been a single!

  86. Holly Roxy

    the bass line at the end of this song is sick

  87. やまなみいろはー

    I love it

  88. Holly Roxy

    it's funny cuz this song is shorter than all the other songs on the album & i find myself wanting it to go on longer. i love how every song is like 2 in 1. we need to hear him for longer! ;)

  89. Holly Roxy

    no, tim had a hand in EVERY song. justin also co-produced songs along w/ other co-producers

  90. TheHypersonic55

    This is my favourite song from the album, proper makes ou wanna bounce! JT and Timbaland are an awesome combo on this track! :D

  91. Dani Aditama

    Best track on this album!

  92. Marleelee G

    Wow, Justin Wow, I can't believe how great this album is and I can't wait til November when part 2 of The 20/20 Experience comes out! If this album is this spectacular I can only imagine how the other half of it must sound!

  93. Takalani Tshivhidzo

    The vocals = Timbo, The beats sounds like Timbo production (100%) but wiki credit Knox.. (I think wiki its wrong)

  94. Leonard Evans

    Shoutout to James Fauntleroy for co-writing. ;-)

  95. Omer From

    so unrated song !


    same tune like "like i love you" :P