Timber Timbre - Too Old To Die Young Lyrics

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Timber Timbre Too Old To Die Young Comments
  1. David Vallejo Sustaita

    how this can just have 27 comments, this pure art <3

  2. Ryan Cunard

    Our garden would not grow by flashlight, I kept so quiet I went deaf

  3. Duda Monteiro

    Timber Timbre, I'm under your spell.

  4. Gabrielle C.-T.

    this animation gives orgasms to my eyes

  5. Martina Walter

    So weird. I love it.

  6. Lovely Owlie

    Absolutely mesmerizing <3

  7. Sam Davey

    This was absolutely beautiful. Amazing job.

  8. benjamin jordan

    Jeezus. Holy hell. i requir a drink after that.

    them man

    I am an alcoholic for the past 7 years and i listen to this every day

  9. Chapter End

    This one is a mix between some of the album

  10. Su-Fi

    this is one of the weirdest and greatest thing I ever watched

  11. János Sándor

    Fantastic videó

  12. Derek LeStrange

    I would have enjoyed this animation more but it was a tad sloppy. Other than that it was nice.

  13. Jessie Vamp

    *thumbs up*

  14. T.L.M.

    Love his voice!

  15. Carolina Herrera

    Weirdly mindfucking but awesome non the less..

  16. omariusmaximus


  17. Morgan Morrison

    This must have taken so long.

  18. Javan Smith

    I listened to just 1 song.. 1! I can officially say I'm hooked, this music is sooo damn good.

  19. Albert Guenther

    So amazing live!!! Come back to Winnipeg!!!

  20. Yiannis Karvelis

    έχω πάθει την πλάκα μου με το κομμάτι, για να μην πω κάτι για το animation!!!

  21. David Matyas


  22. Daniel Pecotic

    @machsliderz Yeah man I remember, that was a sick show. What are the odds of meeting in a youtube comments section?

  23. David Matyas

    @Danielpeccotic hey daniel its david matts friend, we saw arcade fire together!

  24. Daniel Pecotic

    There's something seriously wrong with the world when something this good only has 1 comment, over a month after it was posted.