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    I want to be 18 and drunk af, sitting at the outside of a party , smoking a cigarette, with a guy I just met, and we vibe and listen to this together and we just enjoy each other’s presence , while staring at the sky, our thoughts wandering free , and listening to this song play

  2. Amy Lemaster

    Amazing asf

    Amy Lemaster

    Love all the different little sounds especially the latter half

  3. Lulu Has Left The Chat

    Still one of the best songs ever

  4. K-town C

    Extremely underrated bando

  5. Misfortune Follows

    Rueben and the Dark Black Water video duration: 2:34

    Timber Timbre video duration: 4:32

  6. farm eddie

    Scary movie type shit.

  7. p. s.

    anyone else see bottom of the world?

  8. droan999

    Bartender here... sounds cliche..gorgeous girl comes in ten to close.. gets a Rona, 3.50 for the beer, puts seven down in singles, plays this song, which I’ve never heard, go to take a piss she’s sitting on the keg waiting to piss, want a bump.. we kiss in the bathroom, powder our noses, she spanks my butt opens the door and dances out to the beat of this song. When can I see, you? When it’s warmer babe... today is 12/12 and I live in Missoula Montana . Yo April if your reading this come say hi and we’ll go snowboard you bad ass ...

  9. Charles Smith

    It's probably safe to say most if not all fans of this song find cemetery's poetically romantic .

  10. AnonaMouse

    Botton of the World brought me

  11. James Allen

    This Is Fine Art

  12. gleerious

    Anyone here from 'Animal Kingdom'?

  13. Charles Smith

    I have rheuma..

  14. ingrid scheepers

    What is the last song that played at the end of the last episode? Where they having the parade?


    I searched a long time, it's called 'Alone again, or' by Love there is also a version by The Damned...enjoy!

  15. Ricardo Mendes de Oliveira

    He may mean marijuna by the "sunshine" all I need is some sunshine,

  16. Vikram Goel

    "Animal kingdom" brought me here !

  17. yesiah suprees

    This upload is completely missing a verse. Song is supposed to be 6 minutes long. I thought this was the whole song for like 5 years lol

  18. That Guy Behind the Glass

    I'm using this song as an inspiration (and possible theme song) for a television script I'm working on called "Mr. Sunshine". It's about Howard Phillips, the world's most positive-minded depressive, living in the fictional town of Black Water, Arizona during a murder investigation.

  19. Macaroni and Jesus

    why the thumbnail kind of look like noel miller

  20. Skylar Hadley

    Ive just been clicking through my suggested vids

    Im in a dark place

    A. Fortier

    Skylar Hadley What do you think of this one? I think it’s good stuff. The second half almost better than the first. I listen at 1.5 speed to mess with it and love it even more.

    Can remember when I first heard this song, some Netflix movie! It is special IMO

  21. hoibsh

    Art is not dead!

  22. Brūss Kalniņš

    Hello friends! Does anyone know where to find a live version of the song where he sits alone in a dark room and plays it solo on the piano?

    I’ve seen it on youtube and also on vimeo but i cannot find it anymore. I hope it is not lost forever. It was very extraordinary clip. Thanks in advance if someone is willing to share some info about it!

  23. Ann Anna

    Madafakaaaaaaa! suena bien

  24. Danica Zandoval

    This song on shrooms is crazy I can testify

  25. A. Fortier

    I love at 1.5 speed 😍😍😍

  26. Jags

    "Bottom of the World! - Netflix" got me here and still trippin'! 🚬

    Amal E

    Jags me too!

    A. Fortier

    Me Three

    A. Fortier

    Haha I totally forgot the movie but you can bet I remember this song 😂❤️ life is funny

  27. Kathleen McCraw

    I love this song!

  28. Daniel Vice

    Watching a black woman brought me here

  29. Joao RC

    how i miss this band :(

  30. Hilda Neri

    July 2019?

  31. Eric Wilson

    This is the best music video ever. I can stop watching them now.

  32. 윤형일

    russian doll

  33. Aude

    the soul is the sunshine of the mind

  34. 80% piss

    Holy shit this music video is a master piece, why is no one talking about this?!

  35. PavelZ

    🇷🇺 *_this is amazing!!!!!!_*

  36. Chaos Bearded Gaming and more

    Does anyone know the meaning of this song

  37. Zach Harvey

    An ill-spent 42nd year, a black sense of humor, 20 years work on the Northwest Atlantic, plenty narcotics, sex, and a consuming fascination with decay, brought me here.

    I straight-up love this song, and this band, and this starkly beautiful life.

  38. Ogle - TR-122b

    He needs some MiLk!

  39. pineapple pizzafan the pinappling

    Best Ghoulash cover ever

  40. Katharine Whalen


  41. Mathilda dr.

    Found this song and now I'm feeling fullfill

  42. Metin Beşiktaş

    Russian doll?

  43. Cindy O

    Jeez, I'm traumatized after watching this video

  44. Brett Everett Howell

    God damnit!!! The last 1:30 of this track is like audible crack....

  45. luvabean

    just choked on all that i needed,
    ...and water.

  46. Gilbert Aguilar

    "Deliverance from malaise" - this should be on the soundtrack for Zach Braff's next movie

  47. Sir Nas Johnson III

    j'ai senti ma vie défilé à travers cette chanson, tout mes.souvenirs, les meilleurs comme les pires, j'étais devant mon miroir, j'ai failli pleurer, puis je me suis retenu ! ... mon respect pour les gens qui ont fait cette musique.

  48. EdgarMersh 96

    Is there someone here by Russian Doll?

  49. Spongebob Squarepants

    All i need is for my wife to let me see my kids again.

  50. Nicholas Patton

    The spirit of leonard cohen rests well in timbertimbre

  51. Rocklyn Xa

    Anyone here from Russian doll ?

  52. Caleb Lee

    I love this song. The vid is too painful to watch.

  53. contactkeithstack

    Was this used in true detective?

  54. TheSkoobey

    Russian Doll... YOLO

  55. margoorite

    is this old music or new music i cant even tell anymore

  56. G Gon

    This is so fuckin dope.

  57. CooleMaus03


  58. Lofihop

    I think it's time to go take some pills and a coffee listening to this song

  59. ImaSaaD1

    The ending is absolutely beautiful. Lovely sax❤️❤️❤️❤️

  60. Casey

    Sweet birthday babyyyy!

  61. daniel miller

    Where’s scarlet

  62. Mellow Yellow Hippie

    So hypnotic I love it

  63. Paul Kettle

    I just woke up to this and I feel like I’m shrooming.

  64. David Renó

    Russian doll brought me here

  65. horse 16

    merci Nova en France

  66. KiiDMarZ GameZ

    Seen this on bottom of the world, that shit makes you feel like youre on an acid trip, I love it

  67. Mud Kipith

    Everyones posting lyrics with two of the verses not in the song.. were they cut out? Where can i find the full version of this song?

  68. Baked Beans

    People that listen to this and genuinely fucking love it are the kind of people I need to surround myself by.

  69. Dina H.

    russian doll brought me here

  70. Kristen Angel

    Russian Doll Was Amazing 🙌🏼

  71. Fatma Nur

    I am here because of Russian Doll TV series..

  72. Taryn Q

    russian doll was sum real good stuff

  73. Miss Lemon

    dude, Jerry Paper, were you inspired by this? I am anyway :)

  74. Brandon Shoemaker

    quite invokeing

  75. decapitate state

    Reminds me of pulp, especially 'this is hardcore' def my favorite pulp album.

  76. Johnny Jinx

    There is a death in the middle of the B-52’s Rock Lobster:

    “Motion in the ocean
    His air hose broke
    Lots of trouble
    Lots of bubble
    He was in a jam
    S'in a giant clam”

    The song goes on in an up beat fashion and the victim is forgotten about while everyone on the beach enjoys the sun in their tanning butter. I like to think this video is a rescue mission for the forgotten diver’s remains in Rock Lobster.

    Rest In Peace

  77. Phil Hudson

    I am adiccted to this song.

  78. I like cheesecake

    “Greetings! I’m your host Dr Wolfula and when I’m not craving jack-o-lanterns with the heads of children, I’m here at the Wolfu-Lair reviewing movies!”

  79. Madison Crockett

    Where is the video from?

    Johnny Jinx

    Madison Crockett from the ocean floor.

  80. Brett Cook

    This is revamped and added instrumental “Morphine”... look them up. They were magnificent.

  81. Leandro Escobar

    This video and song is still haunting in 2018!!

  82. Lucille Tavy

    I just put a film on Netflix, and after five minutes from the beginning play this song and I burst into tears. it does not come out of my head, I really need some sun shining

  83. Chaos Bearded Gaming and more

    The visuals are so terrifying and artistic

  84. Old Gregg

    I get the video I get the chorus, but I don't get the lyrics
    And maybe I'm not suppose to
    and I'm cool with that 😎

  85. morgan c

    simply beuatiful

  86. Julo Le Bulot

    The only way to listen to that song is x2.0 speed

  87. Garfuck

    So good, always listen to their songs when Im on the way to my next hit. Yes, Im a cleaner and I love soft music, sue me!

  88. Mangoandmay's Channel

    all I need, is some sunny D

  89. aware

    taste of sin :(

  90. dega723

    all I need is some smaaaack

  91. Makkhabb

    It's not fair, all he needs is a sunshine, while others got sunshine in their bags...

  92. mirandas0123

    Great song! STOP F**KING WITH OUR SKIES!

  93. Hairy Susan

    the one good video on this retarded site

    Hairy Susan

    but honestly its an incredible vibe, nothing like it

  94. lostcrusader11

    That's what I call optimism.

  95. BrotherlyLove12

    this song is really fuckin intense

  96. Kadmon

    they sound like crime and the city solution

  97. November

    When I was a child I had an incredibly vivid nightmare that looked *exactly* like this video


    November maybe that corpse is you in the future


    I think you are natural artistical

    J E S ú S S á M A N O

    Like a Deja Vu?:0


    In Dreams your Soul timetravels/travels in paralell universes...