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Timber Timbre Bad Ritual Comments
  1. p. s.

    i LOVE felling people about this band because they never know who they are, and i have such fun explaining just how insanely intoxicating their music is.

  2. Matt Wittmer

    So many messages about needles and heroin a poltergeist in the frame of the bed that feeling you get when your melting off that boy lmao

  3. Christian Steingruber

    nice dropsounds

  4. Katharine Whalen


  5. Blue

    This song is great

  6. on On

    This would be great for the opening scene of a horror movie

  7. Hisoka Amorou

    I always thought it's
    "I'll think of you with *thirst*
    I could not smother out that fire in my head"

  8. Leo Sudria

    I fell in love, it's my bad ritual buddy

  9. Kevin Thompson

    who else caught the drugstore cowboys reference

    Matt Wittmer

    Hat on the bed?

  10. Quinn

    Greetings! I'm your host Dr. Wolfula!

  11. grumpygoomba

    i enjoy the comments on this video, to each person there is a different meaning of this song. It's intriguing to see how others interpret music. I love this song and Timber Timbre. It's nice to see a comment section of people feeling the music for once.

  12. Tamara Pierce


  13. Kevin Thompson

    Anyone else catch the drugstore cowboys movie reference " there is a hat on the bed the clock starts ticking"

  14. Joey

    This song reminds me of when I quit smoking

    Pavel Makarov

    Listening to this, thinkin about quitting alcohol

  15. •Sophia 2012•

    Love it

  16. Janna Lynn

    It's about drugs

  17. Trent Boots

    Radio Nova oslo norway brought me here :)

  18. springfreesia

    There’s a hair on the bed
    The clock has stopped ticking
    And nothing remotely romantic has been said
    Let’s not pass on the steps
    Let’s take the season very easy
    Let’s take pills, salt water, let’s keep looking ahead
    Oh, it’s a bad, bad ritual
    Oh, but it calms me down
    Oh, it’s a bad, bad ritual
    Oh, but it calms me down
    There is a history in pictures
    There is evidence in boxes
    There is proof of your love for him, long after it's dead
    And every creak, a trigger
    I will think of you with others
    I could not smother out that fire in my head
    And I saw your levitating chair
    I found your long blond hairs
    I felt your poltergeist presence in the frame of the bed
    Every creak is a trigger
    I will think of you with others
    I found depravity convinced me I may no longer care
    Oh, it’s a bad, bad ritual
    Oh, but it calms me down
    Oh, it’s a bad, bad ritual
    Oh, but it calms me down
    Oh, it’s a bad, bad ritual
    Oh, but it calms me down
    Oh, it’s a bad, bad ritual
    Oh, but it calms me down

  19. kailee ashe

    I love timber timbre and their songs!

  20. Maria Konik

    This song is blank space. Everyone can full it with their experuences, for someone alchohol, for someone heroin, and for other one depression.

  21. rei*kultur

    Why can't I dislike and like this at the same time?

  22. кукушка

    what a great song!

  23. santino4561

    singer reminds me of roger waters, especially from the wall

  24. lonetruthseeker

    Timber Timbre just finds that part of my brain where it's darkest and makes it home.

  25. Fat Troll

    Hi I'm Doctor Wolfula. When I'm not putting super glue inside of your contact lenses, I'm here at the Wolfulair! Reviewing movies..

    Janis_Ian_ From_Mean_Gurlz

    Benny TheOwl lol same reason I'm here


    Janis_Ian_ From_Mean_Gurlz me too

    Will Rueb

    Savagebucs Dr wolfula has great taste in music. same with nyx

    [ Subday ]

    Ive heard about you in some other comment section. How small the internet is

  26. Matheus Neves Padilha

    muita lsd mas foda

  27. Burt Cabinaugh

    "I could not smother out that fire in my head"

  28. Kevan Bianco

    this songs about jerking off

  29. flapjack012

    "And I saw your levitating chair
    I found your long blond hairs
    I felt your poltergeist presence in the frame of the bed"
    gave me chills.

  30. Hennesg

    Is this Song only about trying to find evidence that your partner doesnt love you? Cause I love playing this song when Im on drugs. Or am I totally off?!!

    fckyour opinions

    pretty sure thats it bro, even though i think its more about him not letting go of a girl, wife whatever, cause he's so used to it.. very if not the most depressing feeling u can feel, first hand bro.

  31. amadeus999able

    what is it all about?

    Andrei Kalinin

    alcohol, cheating, painful partings, etc

  32. Ripley's Log

    every night with a blade in my hand I listen to this song. its a bad bad ritual, but it calms me down. only way I can get to sleep any more.

  33. Julia Marie

    this song is fucking amazing

  34. OneMinuteFixed

    my cat brought me here

  35. Roswell, NM 1947

    I thought this song was about killing people.

  36. Sneaky Tiki

    Yoshikage Kira.

  37. Chapter End

    My head is full of Timber

  38. Corey Niles

    My fingers brought me here.

    julien ravaux

    Corey Niles

    Respectée man

  39. Clara Morgan


  40. João Vitor

    Hemlock Grove brought me here.

  41. Sophia Herrmann

    where can i find bass or guitar TABs for this song?

    Sophia Herrmann

    or chords

  42. Loydh

    1:05 is that Cold Specks ? :O I'm sure it's her, because this theme/ mood would fits her well. Nice creation here btw. 

  43. Jade Roman

    This is such an awesome song. I've played it way to many times ahah

  44. Zefire01

    It's astounding that barely anybody listens to Timber Timbre.
    This song is absolutely beautiful.


    I just found them and I'm surprised how much I like them. I've never found a band where I've enjoyed almost all of their songs.

  45. Britt Sivate

    favoritefavoritefavorite!...Well at least one of my faves from Timber Timbre.

  46. Hipochacco

    to me it is about heroin

    Sophie Halton

    That's what I thought it was about. The act of shooting up is so very ritualistic....and SO very bad. But it calms one down.

  47. James Rothwell

    anyone know what kind of car that is????

    alexander lee Malm

    Looks like a Ford Falcon

  48. ikeikel

    no my dear, he's masturbating.

  49. max mccafferty

    songs def about setting bums on fire..

  50. jimberkt

    Pretty sure its about biting your nails. That or picking your nose and eating it.

  51. momburac

    kick ass video

  52. Katrine IceCreamHime

    Really thankful for Allison Harvard's tumblr.

  53. John Smith

    Thank you Timber Timbre listeners for actually talking about what you like about the song and what it means rather than bitching about music these days...

  54. Craig Avery

    got the pleasure of listening to this band live while they practised for a gig, i must say even better in person. Look forward to catching a show in the future cause these guys(and gal) are the real deal;)

  55. bibiez

    Was gonna comment...until you did!

  56. Jaime Lannister

    I like this :)

  57. penalcrack

    haha this played on hemlock grove was so cool to see.

  58. InuyashaMiles

    Its not drugs he is talking about but his experience in his situation is like that of a drug perhaps.

  59. Johnny H

    I eat cheese and cry sometimes. this band sounds like satan

  60. jglas

    This is pretty easy and poplike stuff compared to REAL experimental.
    It's good, I really like Timbre Timbre, but stop throwing around with random stuff,

    Owen Haibach

    What’s real experimental??

  61. Lukav

    Sucks to hear. How are things now, 7 months later?

  62. Ashleigh Addison

    Those shoes are to die for!

  63. Chad Hartley

    I think she died.

  64. Lukav

    Nah, there's only one possible reference to drugs with the lyric "...let's take pills...", and it's still pretty ambiguous. It's clearly about the individual experiences themselves, and how they bring back the memories of the 'good days'. He either re-lives them through re-doing them, or just by remembering the experiences, and hence it all becomes a "bad ritual". It's not healthy, but it keeps him going.

    Matt Wittmer

    What are you talking about must of never done boy that's not a bad thing but js maybe thats nit what this song is about but its very promising to me

  65. alexisplcr

    either that or drugs

  66. Brownhog

    I was thinking it was smoking. Occam's Razor states CLEARLY I'M RIGHT.
    I'm just kiddin' man, that's a pretty cool take on it!

  67. faselblaDer3te

    My body is ready

  68. Celestialbodies101

    Get to see these guys live tonight, so excited!

  69. brosephine dylan-white

    Its about a guy who fantasizes about murdering his wife, its his bad ritual.

  70. Bujorock

    Wow! Dès les premières secondes j'ai trippé sur cette toune... et alors le band!

  71. bigfatbiffta

    Tin eared.

  72. Galacticize

    If you are here is because you like great music.

  73. mimz

    hauntingly delightful

  74. standing here

    Does the car interior remind anyone else of Radiohead's video for Karma Police?

  75. Robby Jordan

    @mrblackshores what music isnt novelty music? your always only paying for what image a band produces anyway. this is such a unique image though

  76. Kevin Rogers

    I dislike 3 people...

  77. Conner Harter

    theres a reason this video has zero dislikes

  78. Daniel Ramirez

    @cheriesaysdrop I'm always ready for bands like this. I'm someone.

  79. TheSuperRunner

    Love this song.

  80. ximpaledheartx

    @Mineav ding ding ding we have a winner!

  81. Auston Smith

    @PowerQuebecois fucking with cherie... she's been ignoring me and my bro... smoking meth... listening to hipster music lol

  82. PowerQuebecois

    @MrBlackshores What ?

  83. Auston Smith


    Cherie Lopez, you're RETARDED! This is NOVELTY MUSIC!!! Can you not HEAR IT? Or are you 20 yrs old or something?????!?!?!?!

  84. GloriaC333

    @KWIfilms I heard it was about how a man thinks after he gets dumped ...

  85. Lukav

    @KWIfilms I think it's about about a guy who's a bit obsessed and can't move on from a previous relationship, so he relives the little things about her that becomes a 'bad ritual', but it keeps him sane ('calms him down'). Something like that.

  86. Nunya Bizness

    This album is amazing...I celebrate bands like Timber Timbre, who are restoring my faith in music. Love this video too.

  87. hustache yannick

    Twin peaks'smood

  88. debsf57

    @SuperTiptop001, the car is a white 1964 ford galaxie and is owned by my brother in law..you may see it at some shows if you are in the london area as it is used as a show vehicle.

  89. capbubba

    These guys are for real, very unique, only wish I would've caught there concert two months back..

  90. Barry Nice

    Utterly impressed.

    No one's ready for this band yet,
    I can tell. Either that, or they're
    completely frightened.


  91. Dustin Drury

    Always chilling.

  92. MyonTangClan

    Singer reminds me of Roger waters o_O

  93. dbldwndrew

    This is a great SONG and VID

  94. Nomatterwhat

    Nice voice and song

  95. kozes

    nice song, i enjoy

  96. Brenn V.

    padrisima rola!

  97. Teona

    Wonderful ! Thanks !