Tim Montana - Mostly Stoned Lyrics

Some people chasing that almighty dollar
Some people drug through life by their blue collar
Some people searching never knowing who to be
While they run around this crazy town
I'll tell ya that ain't me

I'm mostly stoned
Holed up in this ol' house alone
Kick back and let my troubles go
Say what does that get ya
Well how does this hit ya
Ain't nothing weighing on my mind tonight
I'm mostly stoned

She called to tell me how everything's been going
Condo downtown finally got her big promotion
I'm kind of busy girl gonna have to call you back
What was that, how am I
Hey, I thought you'd never ask

I'm mostly stoned
Holed up in this ol' house alone
Kick back and let my troubles go
Say what does that get ya
Well how does this hit ya
Ain't nothing weighing on my mind tonight
I'm mostly stoned

Head up in a smoke cloud watching vinyl spin around
High up on a mountain now nothing gonna take me down
Head up in a smoke cloud watching vinyl spin around
High up on a mountain now nothing gonna take me down

I'm mostly stoned
Holed up in this ol' house alone
Kick back and let my troubles go
Say what does that get ya
Well how does this hit ya
Ain't nothing weighing on my mind tonight

I'm mostly stoned
Holed up in this ol' house alone
Kick back and let my troubles go
Say what does that get ya
Well how does this hit ya
Ain't nothing weighing on my mind tonight
I'm mostly stoned
I'm mostly stoned
I'm mostly stoned
I'm mostly stoned

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Tim Montana Mostly Stoned Comments
  1. Ryan Guzman

    Been jamming this a lot lately. 20+ years actually. Great song, Tim.

  2. Ashley Tirey

    love ❤️ this song.... The rawness, truths is what I related to the most ... real people, real music 🎶 always comes from a real place

  3. Anthony Haas

    This was my dads favorite song😪 died in a car crash today😭 hed listen to this shit on repeat

    faces goodam

    Anthony Haas if ur forreal I pray u find peace in ur life I lost my mother a year ago and it feels like yesterday buddy

    Tim Montana

    So sorry to hear!

    Peggy Good

    Praying peace over you during this difficult loss! May the Lord be near you and your family.

    Branden Woolf

    be strong man <3

  4. Brian Lawson

    Just want to say thank you to Tim Montana, Colter Wall, Billy Strings, and Benjamin Todd for introducing me to country

    Anthony Keniston

    That's one hell of a quarter! All amazing!

  5. Bobby Zaeske

    420th comment boi

  6. Jeremiah Pippin

    If Seether were country. I’m impressed.


    yes yes yesyes

  7. Luke Dogg Ent

    I love this song 🤟❤️

  8. J Malibu


  9. Tony Feijoo

    Hold up in this old house alone mostly stoned on Christmas eve


    Brilliant music been listening to one of his other albums on Amazon music.


    Mannn this is underrated. It must hit several million views

  12. Bridget Music

    My new favourite song!! ;) Have it on repeat

  13. Kevin Carter

    Btw, Hows He get the car to do that? Lol, is that just effects? Frfr. Shit Dope, Whole Song IS🤙🏼 Play it Back to Back Good🔥 Serious Props😈

  14. Kevin Carter

    :19 Your Welcome🔥

  15. penny heath


  16. Brennen Chester

    Keep this shit up man fuckin got my whole tree crew blasting ya! In the trucks 🤟🤟👍🍻🍻

  17. David Cornelius


  18. Ricky Gunner

    Anyone else see Charlie sheen in here

  19. Aaron Clark

    Song hits home from all the years of alcohol an drug abuse running hard on the road and a recent break up with a baby on the way this song explains my life the last few years an why I'm glad I've been cleaning my life up thank you Tim and Charlie for this song!!

  20. bobweiser42 USN

    Good video and song despite sex deviant Charlie Sheen's involvement.

  21. SandMan

    What a beautiful song. So sad. Never heard of you until now, can say: I AM A FAN!

    Tim Montana

    SandMan thanks!

    Brennen Chester

    @Tim Montana plx do a collab with overtime it will be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  22. rick hall

    Charlie Sheen knowingly exposed several women to HIV. Not someone I would want to associate with. He's a POS.

  23. Nicole Carter

    I have never heard of this guy until tonight, I like! Totally reminds me of my boyfriend, will be sharing with him.

    Tim Montana

    Nicole Carter thanks!

  24. RayRay

    Dig This Jam \m/\m/

  25. lecia

    Wow Tim! Excellent!!!
    I'm sure we all know someone who this song relates to ;))) ⚘❤🍷

  26. InGlouRiouS BasTerDs Gaming

    3:12 hahahah carl sheen

    ankur singh


  27. Tami Wood

    Great song and making us in Montana proud!!!

  28. Tia Angel

    Loving it already!

  29. COCarDude

    Ain't nothin' weighin' on my mind tonight!

  30. S W

    Holy shit is that charlie sheen at 3:12 ... ? watched this so many times only noticing now


    Directed by Charlie sheen

  31. Raven Song

    New fan

  32. Brian Dixon

    Amazing video! Lyrics and production. Shout out to Charlie Sheen. Impressed.

  33. Michael White

    TIGER BLOOD!!!!! amazing song and video.

  34. Guy Deweese

    Welcome to the Illuminati Tim

  35. Guy Deweese


  36. a_f119

    Is anyone else stoned and holed up alone? Because I’ve become very content in this lifestyle. Seeking a man who will split firewood this winter in exchange for getting stoned and feeding a fireplace with me this winter in central New Mexico.

  37. Allnatural 1

    I believe he was mostly stoned when he came up with this song 😑

  38. Marty Beckman

    Love the song i wish it was legalized

  39. lebowski lives

    Ross is proud

  40. milk cookies

    Holed up in VIRGINIA

  41. SmallTown 13

    Hell yea this guys gonna explode!

  42. Savage Life79

    Hell of a guy met him and luke combs last year on easter at a local resturaunt in brookland texas they pulled out an acoustic guitar and tore it up they sound just as great in person as they do on radio

  43. WhoAmI

    Tapping into the stoner market is a highway to success lmao

  44. Justin


  45. Jamietv Donaldson

    Yep... on repeat for the next week,keep the goods comming!

  46. josh major

    I'm guessing nobody told ya you look alittle ridiculous trying to sing "Tough" like that haha I can't even finish the video I'm laughing so hard Lol OOoOooooooo, I see now! You had Charlie telling ya what facial expressions to make! Now it all makes sense haha Maybe get a director that isn't completely stoned directing your video? Might help on the next one

  47. SiNvegas 702

    How much did it cost for Sheen?

  48. countrygirl countrymusiclover

    For once a voice doesn't match looks. He's not much to look at but good fucking damn is it legal to sound as incredible as tim does?? I was right about shitpelton. He has looks. When I heard him open his mouth I immediately found something else to listen to. Same with ugly ass shitty voiced people like the dude from dan shay Tyler from florida Georgia line Cody jinks stergil sampson keith urban john partie to name a few. All of them have shitty voices to match their shitty looks

  49. Ash Night

    Straight fire! 🔥

  50. nowhere important

    Thank you for understanding.
    And letting this song out.
    My Birthday 12/24/1979.

    nowhere important

    Thank you so much for replying.

  51. Cynthia Jackson

    Yes... Thank you from all us out here... Mostly stoned ❤️

  52. Ryan Warchol

    Tim brings Sheen in. Not to long ⏰ Ryan fell in.

    countrygirl countrymusiclover

    Who's Ryan

  53. Keith Milcher

    Charlie shrank produced this video

    countrygirl countrymusiclover

    Who's Charlie shrank

  54. Rich Diana

    He be keeping that carbon footprint low low low while being high high high.

  55. Christopher Robertson

    I'm always stoned lol

  56. Paul Walbroehl

    Have been very angry lately, this song chills me out thank you

  57. Matt Jerikovsky

    Mostly stoned

  58. Lloyd Simmons

    I wanna hear a remix with Upchurch rolling stoned

  59. Carbonite Gamorrean

    so this means = no fucks given

  60. Tommy Preston

    Every where i go
    B!^#$ always know
    Charlie sheen produces green
    And tim is mostly stoned

  61. Jsweat 50

    I love how the car drives itself

    countrygirl countrymusiclover

    First off I wanna know how they got the car to drive itself. Second of all it's the original tesla

  62. Justin Mason

    I love this song but I don't understand the end of the video.

    Tim Montana

    Justin Mason blowing up the house of horrors... Or did I?

    Justin Mason

    I listen to this song at work like 5 or 6 times a day. Awesome song.

    Tim Montana

    Justin Mason thanks!!!

  63. Wayne Crank

    Dam good song makes me think about life

  64. Evan Me

    Who else is drunk

    Tim Montana

    Evan Me mostly stoned 😂😂

    Evan Me

    Tim Montana lol

  65. bullfrog 768

    This song is real

  66. Joe Sanchez

    I can relate so much I really like the video

  67. Joe Sanchez

    I can relate so much I really like the video

  68. Greg Mohr

    This is too true. Love it

  69. Daniel McQuillan

    Really a great use of words. I like his concept of using “stoned” as a state of mind where he is numb to anything going on in his life. We all know what “stoned” is related to, yet no reference to marijuana in the song or video, but listening to the song you know what state of mind the he is relating to. We’ve all had that “fuck it” in our system before. Just came across it but I’m digging the song.

    Mitchell Head

    Damn man u put that perfect I'm going thru that now


    You did watch the video, right? What do you think the chemical compounds were on the chalk board? Marijuana dude 🤣

    Steven Trejo

    “Head up in a smoke cloud” yea you’re right it’s definitely nothing to do with marijuana

    lucky luke

    You might be stoned

  70. Ricky Carlson

    This is such a good song, literally catch myself singing it through the day, good job tim and keep up the good song man!

  71. mason morris

    I see he has the Robertson beard, he's about 8 years late for that, but what do I know I'm mostly stoned


    mason morris id say it’s more authentic and in line with Billy Gibbons and ZZ Top!

    mason morris

    True, however the newer generations don't know about zz top 😂 so Robertson beard it is

  72. Zachary Lawrence

    Why is this song not main stream yet? This song is amazing on so many levels. Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing you live!

  73. Marcus Sullivan

    Tiger Blood

  74. Will Bennett

    This video hit me right in the feels! Great video and even better song Tim Montana! Keep it up!

  75. WhiteTrashOdyssey

    This is Awesome!!

  76. ELF MAN 24

    Hello from Ireland, this guy is brilliant ,I dont know how he has such low views

  77. Robert Bollman

    I sing this song to myself all day at lol

  78. COCarDude

    Damn, this song is awesome

  79. Shotgun Shane

    Brother you deserve to be huge!!! Congrats!! Would love to collaborate

    Chris Huge

    Thatd be awesome seeing you two get together

  80. Cal the Fan

    🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 you

  81. ハッスル

    im actually shocked that this video was directed by Charlie Sheen

  82. George D


  83. Marilee Woods

    Love it lol Marilee Happy Thanksgiving

  84. ᴅᴏɴᴛ sᴍɪʟᴇ ᴀᴛ ᴍᴇ

    My mom heard this for the first time on her birthday isnt that something-

  85. Doug Wenz

    Kick ass song and video! Cheers boys!

  86. P4NTH44

    I thought this was a tom segura parody
    Tom segura mostly storys

  87. Sleazy 615

    @jellyroll yall should colab i bet yall would make a great song.

  88. Sleazy 615

    Seen the title and straight subscribed nice 🔥🔥🔥

  89. Betty Veronica

    Wow our Charlie Sheen !! ❤ ❤

  90. Timothy Banas

    My old house is my mind.

  91. Timothy Banas

    Hell yea brother

  92. Becky Russell

    Wow I was scrolling through u tube and I clicked on this. You are freaking 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  93. Treasures shipped

    Great song to find on my birthday this f'n rocks

  94. Andy man

    House is haunted I'm stoned and.....

  95. William Allman

    Good phuckin job buddy. 👍👍🤟🤟

  96. Mattias Jacobsson

    That's best song I heard for long time!!